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Machar Ordered Immediate Closure Of A Controversial Website!

The banner of the controversial website that Machar ordered to be shut down. (Photo: SPLM/A (opposition))

July 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the chairman and the commander in chief of SPLM/SPLA(in Opposition) forces, has ordered the moderators of the domain, splminppposition.org, to deactivate the url with immediate effect.

“If the above mentioned website is operated by supporters of SPLM/SPLA, I hereby order its closure until further notice. For your immediate action.” a report signed by Dr. Machar reads.

The command is directed through Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, the military spokesperson for SPLA, who overreacts in response to Mabior Garang de Mabior’s press release, published by Nyamilepedia.

Capt. Mabior, the newly appointed chairman of the national committee for information and public relations, advises the public to ignore any publications from this controversial website, arguing that it is not officially owns by the armed opposition, the SPLM/A.

“The public is advised to ignore any website that claims to officially speak on behalf of the SPLM/SPLA. The Movement shall inform the general public through its official communications when the official site is ready for public viewing.” Capt. Mabior reiterated.

Lul, who quoted the first sentence of our article, the SPLM/SPLA website has not yet been launched, attempts to justify the legitimacy of the partially launched site, saying:

“The website had been the official website of the armed resistance movement for the last four months and that its being hosted in Calgary Canada under able leadership of Comrade Charles Piones as its co-founder and founding Chief Editor. “Lul said.

Despite that the website has published just a dozen of articles, Gen. Lul believes that it is “this very website” that sensitizes the whole world on SPLM/A achievements.

“It had been this very website he[Mabior] is denying and disowning today that kept the whole world informed about PLM/SPLA’s remarkable achievements.” Lul Ruai Kong alleged.

The spokesman did not leave a room for doubts in his untimely response. Lul did not only address the current affairs or his differences with Mabior but ancient myths that relate to establishment of SPLM/A.

“The days when one man, his wife and two young sons would come, kill, hijack, own, deny disregard, work tirelessly to distort or try to burry part of history made by fighters before him are long gone and consigned to history books” Lul claims.

Mabior, who has remained calm, while responding to Nyamilepedia, has quoted the above statement saying “this is very serious, as he used official letter heads of the movement”.

Although the website will be shut down, Mabior believes that the matter will be addressed by the chairman of the opposition, Dr. Riek Machar.

“This is beyond the closure of the site which was counterproductive to our objectives. This is an attack on Dr. John Garang, not just me. I have talked to the Chairman about it and it is being handled at that level.” Mabior told Nyamilepedia.

Addressing the readers of the mentioned website, Lul states that the website will “go offline shortly”, although it remains active at the time of this publication.

“This is to inform our Galllant SPLA Forces and members of SPLM, people of South Sudan, our supporters and dear readers/users of People’s Resistance Website swww.splminopposition.org, that the website will go offline shortly” Lul on Sunday.

Unlike Capt. Mabior, our attempts to reach Brigadier Lul, for the last three days, have failed.

James Gatdet Dak, however, responded to the incident saying that it is a small matter, which should have been solved administratively.

“I want to inform you that it was a minor misunderstanding between the two officials. It should have been handled administratively. It is unfortunate that it went public. The Office of the Chairman has ordered for immediate closure of the website,” Machar’s spokesperson, James Gatdet Dak said on Thursday.

Although Dak regrets the negative publicity created by the young officials, he believes that the matter has been solved.

“I also want to clarify that the two officials have no personal problem between them. They have now sorted out the matter,” Dak further added.

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