Supporting The Wrong Cause With The Wrong Purpose Is An Irreversible Sin.

By Panoum Kor Chagai,


 A man carrying his belongings stands amongst the remains of buildings destroyed by the fighting in South Sudan earlier this month. (Photo: Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin)

A man carrying his belongings stands amongst the remains of buildings destroyed by the fighting in South Sudan earlier this month. (Photo: Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin)

July 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — There is a saying ‘what can’t kill you can only make you stronger’. My dear combatants, patriots, peace lovers, children of God and those with a ‘just’ vision for an overall United South Sudanese, I want to take this moment, this time with the purpose of not pleading for war among ourselves, I am not pleading to strengthen the already rift driving South Sudan apart, I am not pleading to anyone regarding your ethnicity or ideology spirit, and I am not pleading to anyone to join a cause by coerce or intimidation, I am pleading for you all to join and render your utmost support to SPLM/A in-opposition the party and military wing fighting to overthrow Juba government militarily or peacefully which ever happen to be the decider and appropriate simply because the government has failed to take care of their citizens inclusively and to improve economy status.

The current government of South Sudan can be describe in a simple term in this case, I see a government with no idea of what they want as a political party and what they can do to their country as a political party. The world at large had witness atrocities committed by the government of South Sudan and in return, the rebel movement was also accused for committing atrocities in relation to the current rift between the government and SPLM in-opposition. Every citizen in South Sudan, the UNMISS camps or those lucky enough to survive but still wandering around having been displaced by the internal conflict had at least lost a person which is very difficult for many to bear.

The major problem still lays ahead hence the killing is still going on day and night as I write this. The initial peace negotiation in Addis Ababa under IGAD was received by many positively because it was the window of fresh air, the window that can give all citizen opportunity not to butcher one another. In return, IGAD since than had supportively worked very hard for peaceful resolution into this 6 months+ crisis that had killed many and displace over 800000 people. This is really bad for us as a country and not to mention that it is a direct insult to the countries like US, the world body UN, Norway and many more. The international community and the world body had come to rescue South Sudan from collapsing and totally becoming another Somalia in history but with friction among ourselves as citizens home and abroad, they the international community can only do as much until we all unite and voice our concerns with ‘no confidence’ in Juba Administration under Salva Kirr Mayardit.

I want to conclude this short and brief call out to my dear fellows and patriots of South Sudan the number 192nd country in the world as per UN declaration, that we must all join hands to force Juba government out from leading South Sudan in a dictatorial rule by violating transitional constitution and setting wrong precedents for the generation to come. I am calling upon everyone to think about the reason behind the current government of South Sudan to pursue one group and fight with because they did not except to be treated like a second class citizen. And lastly, I am calling upon all patriots of South Sudanese home and abroad to stand by the initiative of Federalising South Sudan states in order to have a peaceful nation for all.

Panoum Kor Chagai is a concern citizen of South Sudan residing in Perth WA, can be reach via panoumkor@yahoo.com

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