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Living With The Demons

By T.T.Shaka, Juba | ROSS,

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Nov 30th, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Nobody wants to live in a pit. Demons too don’t want to live in a pit. Therefore for them to live in people, they must first read the minds of the people, what they want and give them accordingly so that they can be accepted. Once in the people of course they would not like to go back to the pit. They have to fight to defend the promise new home to live.

Kiir and the JCD with their Army known as the Suppressive Primitive Lawless Army [SPLA] or their Party the Suppressive Primitive Lawless Movement [SPLM] is just like the Demons. I am not surprised to hear some people in Greater Equatoria [Central, Western and East] are supporting the demonic idea of Kiir and the JCD of partitioning or fragmenting the south to suit their interest. Is our problem as to how many pieces of land south should be divided? Is it how every family should have a party of its own?

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Equatoria and those who love the south, our problems are not who gets what and how much portion of the land a tribe should have. We could live with the past geographical division of the south as Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahar el Ghazal and still be happy, develop, have land and food for everyone. Kiir and JCD and now you don’t seem to understand what a nation is based on. Greed and ignorance is our biggest war now. Of course Kiir and the JCD will always introduce new things when they are defeted on one to sustain or elongate their stay in the government. Once they are able to pull along with those lost like you, they feel contented and successful. Hence, the reactions such as yours to claim a state of your own are helping them.

We need a System that sees the values of human beings that will be a receipt for jobs, food, clean drinking water, peace and everything a man needs on this earth. I remember I wrote to the nation that the riches of a country depend on PEACE, PEOPLE and LAND [PPL]. Peace becomes the controlling factor to achieve the rest too. Where are we here? Does Kiir or the JCD or you understand this? If we can’t all see this, nobody should fight anybody. Let us all go to the grave with the South. Why do many of us pretend to be educated but can’t think? You can steel billions to day but will it be yours tomorrow? Know that you can’t use the wealth you acquire as your carpet when you die tomorrow. Where have you learned that wealth can be created by cutting a piece or pieces of land for yourself? Why does poverty exist with people who have abundant land? Read my article on poverty in the attached document.

Please JCD don’t confuse Kiir who is about to leave whatever he got from this earth. You too will follow but the south will remain. Do the right thing. Let us stop this war. Inviting Museveni who considers himself the Super Power of East Africa to kill our people without any regard whiles the world and IGAG watch means we don’t have value for anyone or don’t exist for that matter.

Today Brothers and Sisters, if we alone can’t see our values for each other, let’s us meet with Kiir and his group on the way before they finish the rest of us. Why do we allow Kiir to terrorize the south day –in and day-out nonstop? Like in Somalia, get Museveni’s army in coffin too. Of course Kiir’s ill trained and indiscipline army is not a problem that is why Kiir ran to Museveni. We must face the reality if diplomacy fails. After being primitive, we can them go to school together so that no one is left behind by our standards. Bravo Arrow Boys. Defend yourself and our people with what you have. You have not gone to someone’s land to look for troubles but trouble is troubling you in your own home. God will fight your war too even if you have nothing to use against the enemy. One day, Museveni’s bombers will cheese to bomb you.

Good luck Southerners. Learn to mature in your thinking for the nation not for your tribe, family or region. Make a package for great and proud nation of tomorrow.

The authors is a concern South Sudanese living in Juba. For more information send a shout out to gabriel.daniel@aol.com

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Beek November 30, 2015 at 1:48 pm

We are not the Demons,but we have been treated like the demons by non existed SPLM.

GatNor November 30, 2015 at 6:44 pm

Coward Beek, stop bugging a ghost writer and go answer my question. Apparently your a Christian right?! False preachers and middle men. Keep Nyandeng out of your vocabulary if your a true Christian and you have nothing good to say about her.


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