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Letter from late Gen. Tito Biel’s Family

Tribute By Dak Buoth & family,

Nairobi, Kenya.

Late Brig. Gen. Tito Biel Chuor (Photo: file)
Late Brig. Gen. Tito Biel Chuor (Photo: file)

30th Nov, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — On behave of our extended family and that of my own, I write to express our deep gratitude to all Friends, colleagues and compatriots who have sent us their heartfelt condolences via phone calls, emails and messages in social media platform all around the world. Many other brethren have paid a special visit to the children and relatives to grants their condoling messages in person.

Over the last few days, a dark cloud hung over our heads as we plunged into the mourning following the passing on of our Father, General Tito Biel Chuor. He died heroically last Tuesday 24th November 2015 in line of his duty in Mundri county Western Equatoria. I say it was a hard-blow and a tragic lost to the family and largely to the entire struggling Nation of South Sudan.

Through your words, we have found a solace and guiding lights during this time of grief. We further extend our congratulations to all distinguished Opinion writers, Editors and Bloggers who have authored touching Articles eulogizing Gen. Tito Biel as a consistent national Hero with a ‘revolutionary mission’ to free south Sudanese from bondage of misrule.

On the other hand, when we peruse and internalize your statements word by word and paragraph by paragraph, we could also see your tears pouring in pain. Please take it easy for life is temporal gift that come and go without informing neither the life bearer nor the dependents of decease. Apparently, those who robbed him of his life would continue bragging that they had inflict a grievous bodily and psychological harm to us all, but the indisputable fact remain that his time to leave the earth has just arrived. We thank you all for your support and for being his other family.

It is indeed true that we have lost a strong character and beloved personality in our family, who for many years served as sole unifying figure, protector, provider and a rich source of all our inspirations.The gap that he leaves in our midst will be difficult to fill, and the fond memories we have of him will be difficult to erase. His good deeds and discipline life will continue to remind and inspire us.

Those who were privileged to work closely with him know how much he dedicated his entire life to this country. He continues to spearhead the liberation struggle even when his limbs got shot and broken in the battle of Kuok, Bentiu. He believed no price was too big for people to pay, not even with their own lives.He was relentless defender of national goods. He accorded equal love to his family and the country. At his tender age, General Tito Biel abandoned his early education in early 1950s and join south Sudanese Armed struggle for independent from Arabs’ monolithic rule. With his personal commitment and charisma in leadership, he rose to the top military echelons and became a General. He spends better part of his life struggling for the same cause. He wanted all citizens enjoy equal rights; equal opportunities; better services delivery, social justice and to have their inherent freedom of conscience.

Relatively, after the attainment of independent,when some of the aforementioned principles were compromised or given to the citizens at the whims of the current imposed rulers, he continue advocating for the same until his last breath when the cabals’ Gunships rained a Bomb that killed him and many others on this 24th day November 2015. He believed political emancipation does not always come on a silver platter; and that citizenry must never forget or compromise that. He commits his life to the process of guarding jealously that Independence, so that our country will forever be politically and economically free.

General Tito detests complacency, his DNA opposed violently to sycophancy. He was not a passive observer of society. Those who knew him would tell that he was Patriot and a person of all times; a man who speak his mind openly without fear of reprisal. To us in the family, he was known as generous, courtesies and humble elder; he does not distinguished people on the basis of their social status, age or gender. He keeps no grudges; he could always chat, eat and laugh with young and old anytime anywhere.

Social vices which riddle societal progress such greed, discrimination of persons and prejudices, scapegoating were unbeknown to him. He was a man of integrity who refused to be used for personal glory and cheap politicks by power mongers, opportunists and imposters before and after independence. Several attempts were made to break his conscious and to humiliate him, such tricks include reducing his ranks and denying him deployment within the military realm. The aim of that ploy was to make him became pauper who could later run to them for assistance and to be used for political mileage. But because of his unbreakable integrity and liberal nature, he falls out with some of his peers who misconstrued his behavior as abnormality, a judgment we rubbishes as lunacy, and like Robert once pronounced, ‘’we dismissed them as vile ones whose moral turpitude we must mourn’’

When civil war erupted onDecember 15th 2013, he decided to take side and firm stance, he went and became an opposition Army Commander fighting to dethrone the current regime. As a Family we welcome his decision because we knew he was never going to remains neutral in this mess that has brought our country into disrepute. As an astute soldier, he died courageously in line of his preferred duty. Whether his decision was right or wrong, the balance is history; His life is our gift to our martyrs, heroes and heroines who once wished this country to develop economically and for us to be free and peaceful national governs by the rule of law and constitutionalism.

Nonetheless, it would be understatement for us to say all people were his Friends and comrades; he might have his weakness and faults. Particularly, those whom he fought against consider him as rebel who disturb their peace and who seek to destabilize their favorable system. As we cope with his demise, we urge everyone to take time and think positively in view to find meaningful solution that will restore sustainable peace and harmony in our country.

In conclusion allow me to say to Comrade Tito Biel, well done, Son of the Soil. You played your part during the days of your life on earth. You have left a legacy for everybody to follow and emulate, the legacy of principles, discipline and unwavering revolutionary spirit. These principles we endeavor to embrace and commit ourselves to and carry on with the task of safeguarding the political gains we have made. We shall remain mindful that the interests of the country and that of our fellow countrymen and women come first before our own.This, we must always do, because we are a unique people governed by a unique culture, discipline and political environment, characterized by an unforgettable history.

Uncle you’re gone for good but your race will be continued. Far in Mozambique, they say aluta continue and in Kenya it’s dubbed ‘‘Mapambano, Mapambano’’ Rest in peace son of the soil.

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lokiden November 30, 2015 at 6:29 pm

I pay gratitude condolence to Late’s family. His name is among those who realy want peace, equality in South Sudan. God rest his soul in peace.
Long live the SPLA IO
The struggle contentious.

KOCH GATKUOTH KIKUEY December 1, 2015 at 5:43 am

Let his soul rest in peace, he was awell patriot citizen of south sudanese who will not be forgeted.

Loberito December 1, 2015 at 10:24 am

Condolences to Gen:Tito’s family. May God rest his soul peace!

Loberito December 1, 2015 at 10:27 am

Dear Dak and the family of Tito,

Thank you for sharing the life story of Gen: Tito. Your uncle will always be remembered as a hero who died on his duty. He sacrificed his blood and precious life for the betterment of tomorrow for a generation to come in South Sudan. Remember your uncle did not die in vain. His precious blood cemented a pathway to our federalism system, freedom of expression, good governance, better Human Rights, and true democracy in South Sudan in the near future.

Accept my delayed condolences. My prayers and moral supports are with Gen: Tito’s family. May God rest his soul internal life! Tito’s precious blood will not go in vain. God bless South Sudan.

Toney Toney Matot December 1, 2015 at 7:06 pm

what legacy he has left behind. rebellion without objective does not earn any stooge legacy.he died because of his own madness.what prompted him to escaped from civilian protection and ran to join rebellion so that he is awarded a position in the army.some of Nuer individuals never thinks well and they can just run their amok.


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