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By Sisto Olur,

Kenyan escaping Westgate Mall Terror attack(Photo/abcnews)
Kenyan escaping Westgate Mall Terror attack(Photo/abcnews)

Oct 29, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– In recent weeks it has been reported in the various media that Kenyan MPs tabled a motion in the Parliament campaigning to ban the SPLM-IO, Chairman Dr. Riek Machar from entering Kenya and living there. The report even suggest that they want part of his family evicted, because according to them and based on The Sentry Report Dr. Riek Machar has property worth million of Dollars and they want that confiscated because the money belong to the people of the South Sudan.

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Hon. Asman Kamana, MP representing Taity Constituency should note that The Sentry Report did not only mentioned the name of Dr. Riek Machar alone. The name of Salva Kiir and several Army Generals were cited in the same report, but they have chosen to ignore that and only concentrate on pursuing one individual whom in their opinion deserve to be persecuted. However, reacting to The Sentry Report, Dr. Riek Machar responded by saying that it is true that his family live in Kenya, but in a rented property.

It is also important for the MPs to note that it is risky to write off a politician, for you never know politics is a very dirty game and one day that person whom you try to persecute may ascend to power. On yet another serious note their move is considered as being selective and one sided interference in the internal affairs of a neighbouring country. They may have the notion to think that they are doing this in the name of Democracy to protect the interest of their constituents. It is not true because all the names that feathered in The Sentry Report are not being mentioned any where.

While the former Kenyan Vice President, Mr. Musyoka has a point to make when it come to the issue of sanction that “No individual country has the prerogative to impose a ban on any any body without the involvement of the rest of the countries in the region in this case IGAD”. Kenya as a country no doubt is a friend to the people of South Sudan, and a  large number of refugees from South Sudan have made Kenya their second home. Kenyan leadership under President Uhuru Kenyatta should not allow this kind of selective witch-hunting to continue unabetted.

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Whortti Bor Maanza October 29, 2016 at 11:36 am

Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda are looting south sudan enmass. So they have to protect Kiir at any cost as it is of great benefits to keep Kiir in power. There is nothing new here.

Babu papai October 30, 2016 at 2:09 am

All IGA countries, my question how many tribes are in south Sudan! Only you know dinka think wise enough if you need Peace in south Sudan.


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