Opinion: South Sudan is rich and can provide for every generation

By Chiok Guek

SPLA soldiers seen at an undisclosed location in South Sudan (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

September 23rd (Nyamilepedia) – My dear fellow countrymen and women in military uniforms please fight for the liberty and the Unity of our people, Soldiers don’t allow dictators to free themselves and enslaved you.

Let’s fight for a better Nation that can unite us and accommodates us all, we need a government that will secure job opportunities to all people, give hope to the future Youth and shall provide permanent security to all citizens in every corner of the country wide.

Please this is the right time to value the country than anything else because with it stability we shall have industrialization, agricultural, education, healthcare and Economics space to work with Joy and happiness at home, whereby this great country South Sudan will cater all our needs and deliver the quality services to everyone.

Stop the killing, hate and enmity among ourselves because you follow Mr. X and Mr. Y, it is very important to know that every regime come and go… but the country and its citizens remain unchanged.  Unite for sake of this great Nation South Sudan and Unite for the true freedom, justice, and democracy.

Our citizens have suffered enough, therefore it’s our collective responsibility to end their suffering and bring back the stolen freedom.

The author, Chiok Guek, is a concerned South Sudanese citizen and can be reached via: gueknuer@gmail.com

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