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South Sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, wiping his face(Photo: file)
South Sudan president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, wiping his face(Photo: file)

Jan 12, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — This cunningly seems to be the issue by the SPLM/A elite in Arusha, Tanzania. But as the member of the Nuer tribe in the Country we dearly love, this is beyond the SPLM/A party in my view. If you cogitate it as a rational individual, you will find it as a pure business that is being done on our lives as the tribe. I think We truly saw that and nobody would be able to delude us in order to feel prey to the SPLM/A party again. We have seen the true colors of Dinka elite against us. Many things prove that to be the intentions of the regime as well as its kin and kith to annihilate us.

In this matter, if it was the party issue as I read Deng Alor’s presentation, what would be the  justification for government to kill only Nuers while the political dissent who thwarted the regime were the mixture of all tribes in South Sudan? Can Mr. ALor answer that question prudently? In my view Mr. Alor, this is out of the SPLM/A that you are talking about because the very party you are addressing does not differentiate the cow dung and the human waste then. If that was so, what would make you to believe it this time around to bring peace into South Sudan? None!

As the matter of fact, when I dissect this presentation of Mr.Alor in Arusha, I found out what prevented him to join opposition and retains his status as detainee in his presentation. The one I found is this, Mr.Alor is in fact, does not feel the agony being imposed on Nuer as tribe.He does not consider the pain feel by Nuers as  important rather than the party that victimize them. When I first read it, I was angered, saddened and my heart was broken because the elite still call the very problem that only target one tribe in the first place as the leadership issue.  This is ridiculous and I call it sellout to the Nuer lives that  being lost in this war. I thought Mr. Deng has an instinct to dissect things as the leader not as the rustic dweller of his own village. I also thought he would follow the footstep of the Central Equatoria governor who finally divulged the reality in brought day light. That was the real meaning of the war in the first place and more will be coming. The time for smear tactics is gone and veracious individual as konga will emerge in days if not months to come.

Furthermore, if this was the leadership issue initially, now it is obsolete. The reason is simple. Nuers were purposely targeted by your cousin who supposed to be the leader of the country. Presenting these days as such while the known victims of this man made catastrophe were only us is not only absurd but also an affront to the dead Nuer’s soul. To assure you my friend, expectorating on the very people who have intentionally fought very hard to release you as such is not only an insult it is also regrettable. Most people thought that you and your colleagues were political detainees not a folks whose aim is to lead behind the line. But now, your true colors are being seen as clear as you may  have thought. But we will control our intel and will never be compunction due to what you and your group did to us. We will remain vigilance as much as we can in order to not let power hunger sneak into the peoples’ struggle deludingly.

Nonetheless, in my view, you should have not touched this topic because you know for certain that Nuers were the only victims of the leadership that you are talking about. If that is so,  how are you going to convince the Nuer members of your caucuses to agree on the leadership principles while the cousins of yours killed only his/her relatives without touching yours as fellow cousin? Do you still think there is a trust in that leadership?

Mr. Deng, if that was not because Nuers are honest to everyone in south Sudan including yourself, you should not have talked as such today, you did so because freedom fighter fought for your release in the Jail last year. They did not know you as such. They were thinking that you were political dissent with everybody else. But now, you show us your true colors without any doubt in my gut. But white man says “what goes around comes around” you may have an intention on what you want politically now in which I doubt.But the reality is, being veracious is paramount to anything in life. You may dodge whatever you think is bad for your political view. But this is not a joke as some of you may be playing the unwindable game. This leadership will not be taken by people who do not stand up for the people of south Sudanese rather than their positions. Hyena in sheep clothing will not be allowed in this country of ours ever again. This will never be the case in the future government of south Sudan.

Nevertheless, Mr. Alor, you and your group are the threat of the whole Nation. Thinking this time as such to the problem of  this magnitude is deserving a serious consideration in my view if not a views of many.This worth mentioning because your silence is a problem if not indeed the dangerous once for the well-being of our Country. Believing it or not, your muteness in this crises as neutral is a problem by itself. Nobody is neutral in his/her country’s affair. Not only that, none of you will not be sincere in this crises either. The people of whom you are thinking as bad one today  will in long run be good.  This will be so because they are on the side of the people as Desmond tutu said “if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”  As the quote alluded to, If you and your group are neutral as it has been the case, do you guys not thinking that you are the worse than the regime itself? Believe it for certain, you will never be appreciated by either side because you are indecisive for the purpose of making yourselves unspoiled in the situation in which I call “a match without return.” What you may be hoping for will only remain as a day dream that will never materialize in South Sudan.

However, frankly speaking, you cannot play game with the lives of Nuers. This business of yours is not worth it.We are not properties of anyone in south Sudan bear that in mind. This time around, Nuers will never return to anything that in turn ending up killing more of them ever. This time will not be the case as a cousins of yours persistently defaming us since the inception of the SPLM/A. This time make no mistakes, Nuers will not let this go without tangible solution. Now, we worriless because we have got south Sudan as the nation. That is what we need.Therefore, now everyone will put his/her daughter’s clitorise in his neck because kiir feigned the coup to all of us.Therefore, we will not allow ourselves being treated like refugee in our own country.Enough is enough and We need everyone to be treated equally and fairly as the God created us equal. Neutrality will not be hide out. Whether one is believing in it or not.

As a matter of fact, nobody should be considered as neutral in his own home.you should pick aside that you think has every right in the altercation. That is what a man/woman that thinks rationally about the family problem does. Being neutral while your siblings are suffering is not only politics but also a disease .There is no reason for one to let his siblings finishing themselves up while that individual has whatever it takes to quell the problem. Never!If one does not do that now, when is s/he going to do it?

Finally, anyone who still thinking erroneously as Alor and his group about this problem as the issue of leadership between the party loyalists, may need a medical attention to  check his/her mental capacity sooner than later for that evil thinking. Otherwise, the mental problem will take a toll on him/her because This leadership problem is obsolete since an incompetent President took the tribal line to kill only the members of The Nuer ethnic group during his feigned coup.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese as well as the maverick that can be reached at lam981@hotmail.com

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AGUMUT January 13, 2015 at 11:10 am

Sack many big South Aliens and don’t mind them,let them sort it out.

AGUMUT January 14, 2015 at 1:50 pm

Kiir and his Towels that’s how he cheated together with his DAUGHTER.


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