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Opinion: No pretend, we must fight Coronavirus in Africa

By Dr Isaac Ayii Ayii (PhD),

May 16, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Most of our African Countries are fighting coronaVirus with lootocrats, using rules of lock down only on the weak and the poor while COVID-19 suspects or patients and big fishes break rules of social or Physical distancing as they mingled with the population at their will, two things will happen our coronavirus will become endemic like malaria and our lockdown will be forever.

Outcome of this endemic coronavirus shall be constant deaths reported year in year out to eternity, but now we should be the first to manufacture the drugs by ourselves from our own resources or from that free unaccountable money poured in from the western and Eastern World who were Suppose, to be receiving donation from our African countries given the level and magnitude the corona virus have impacted on their lives and that of their economic resulting from lockdown, not the other way round God knows why, we are receiving the money from those countries only for the pocket of lootocrats while Technocrats are sidelined in an effort to fight against COVID-19 Pandemic 

Outcome of lock down forever, schools will remain closed for ever as illiteracy takes upper hands, churches will remain closed forever as devil conquer the society, Shops will remain closed forever as shopkeepers are drown in abject poverty, Homicide and Suicide shall be the order of the day, Families will breakup as breadwinners fails to provide daily bread, Street children and orphans shall build up in every city, town and  village, small and major businesses shall be bankrupt , borders shall remain closed forever as Governments collapse at a break neck speed and state of anarchy and lawlessness take over, and here, only Darwin theory will apply, survival for the fittest as the weak wither away in the face of the earth, in other words the world will end to those who will mishandle this pandemic.

To safe ourselves from these worst scenarios above let us mean the real  business no pretend to fight Coronavirus we either fight it or live it for herd Immunity to protect us  and living every business to operate by lifting the lockdown, let us not make the coronavirus as lucrative business for Lootocrats, there should be no cook figures or false positives for the sake of attracting the donation  from the Western and Eastern World, or should we use Coronavirus for political scores or for achievement of some individual selfish interest , we need unity of all  ranks, opposition or incumbent, Pagans or believers, Blacks or whites, poor or rich all are the same and heading to the world of spirit either caused by Coronavirus or lockdown negative consequences or their associates, it is a matter of life or death no more silence we need to speak up and act in order to speedily curbed the virus and lift the lockdown which is killing more people indirectly in Africa compared to deaths caused by Coronavirus.

The author is an associate professor at College of Physicians and Surgeons of South Sudan, Entrepreneur, Medical Educationist, Public Policy analyst, Executive Director and Founder of Juba Institute of health Sciences.

He is a PhD candidate- University of Juba, He holds a Master of Public Policy-University of Juba, He holds a PhD and Master of Public Health(MPH)- Atlantic International University-USA, He holds a Bachelor of Medical Education-Makerere University, a higher Diploma in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery –Mulago/Makerere University and Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Public Health Maridi Health Sciences Institute-South Sudan. He is reachable on email : ayiiisaac728@gmail.com.

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