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Information:  Marcher’s Soldiers Dissension and Disenchantment and Commanders

By Dr. David de Chand.

In Alliance,

Ambassador/Professor David de Chand Ruai speaks to media in Khartoum, Sudan(Photo: file)
Ambassador/Professor David de Chand Ruai speaks to media in Khartoum, Sudan(Photo: file)

Oct 24th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — The past few days, there has been a  growing dissension and disenchantment within Dr. Riek Marcher’s SPLM-IO which resulted into the following chaos(s):

  1. Dr. Riek  Machar’s Generals gave him an ultimatum, either with his wealth funded by the Chinese to issue SPLM-IO with weapons , otherwise they will not follow instruction to go to Juba armless to be genocide by Machar’s master minded plan.
  2. By way of their dissension, they assured me that they are with CMA -IO along with 64 tribes united with CMA-IO.
  3. With such dissension, gives legitimacy and de jure confirmation that now I, David de Chand am the President of South Sudan in exile as the only legitimate force to be reckoned with.
  4. Growing dissatisfactions to overthrow Marcher’s SPLM-IO leadership that he has failed to lead during t last five years of warfare.
  5. Commanders and soldiers alike have already told marcher’s up to the end of this October starting on 21, 2018 to provide the necessary weapons, food, medicine and ammunitions for resistance in case the other side breaks the rule of the peace process.
  6. Should that happens, Marcher’s would not go to Juba, and instead he will flee to South Africa to seek protection by way of self imposed incarceration way to avoid ICC. With 11 billion Chinese bribed funds, how can he go wrong?
  7. Resulting from continued genocide as we speak, majority of soldiers from all fronts have contacted me and confirmed their allegiance united with other not mentioned movements in union with Citizens Militia Army- In Opposition (CMA-IO).
  8. CMA-IO is South Sudan’s united tribes constituting the majority willing to shed blood for freedom, economic growth, and among other humanitarian needs.
  9. Of most import, that the belief in God preordained us the right to protect ourselves from harm by and through self defense weapons to make that possible.
  10. At present there are other countries involved to genocide us by order of Salva Kiir’s office of command. In effort to coerce and subjugated CMA-IO to his will without resistance. Freedom is not free, and same felt in American and French Revolution, Déjà vu  history in the making, oui c’est la vie.           
  11. As said to herein above, the Peace Conference signed by three will known criminals is unlawful and non-existence. Therefor for that reason(s), Kiir and Machar will never unite in trust as peaceful political body. That should be self evident their existence to be apprehended to ICC. I have no clue as to where can they go to seek protection from ICC, but from me.
  12. No one from the opposition will go to Juba, unless CMA-IO is going there to oust the cause of genocide as to remove the cancer cell and to fulfill to all said herein. We will prevail and I say no more!  

The Tribal People of South Sudan know of my qualifications, who experience same in hunger, no money to sustain life in North Sudan, because employment discriminately is outlawed to South Sudanese. Their hope in me to bring about change is predicated upon U.N., U.S. French, and other NATO alliance to aid South Sudan via me. We all can make this transformation into fruition. My dire need is imminent while genocide continues as uncontested depopulation.

More evidence from around the world news that “JUBA, South Sudan — President Salva Kiir has presided over the world’s youngest nation as it descended into civil war, famine and a historic refugee crisis. The United Nations says his military is responsible for ethnic cleansing. The United States has imposed sanctions on some of his closest associates.”

By Duop Chak Wuol January 13, 2018 (SSNA) — The Republic of South Sudan is being run by a man with a reputation for having a ruthless heart and tyrannical brain. Salva Kiir’s presidency, which promotes tribal divisions and glorifies the killing of South Sudanese, has committed atrocities that are serious enough to win him a new title: vicious tyrant. “Kiir’s use of tribal militia in his December 2013 bloody campaign against the Nuer ethnic group was a colossal political blunder — a blunder that I believe no reasonable South Sudanese leader would wish to repeat. Kiir killed a lot of people in Juba using different dictatorial techniques he borrowed from his Ugandan counterpart and regional ally, Yoweri Museveni. Kiir thought that he could easily use the same killing methods Museveni once used against the Acholi and Langi people.” “It would be a mistake for any thinking South Sudanese to burn helpless women and children alive and use military vehicles to obliterate the houses of civilians who have nothing to do with the failure of South Sudan’s political leadership.” CMA-IO need immediate help for the sound reasons said herein.

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