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By Compatriot Bramatali Wani lo-Lipo lo-Lisi,
South Sudan Independence Day celebrations in Juba 9th July 2011 (Photo: file)
South Sudan Independence Day celebrations in Juba 9th July 2011 (Photo: file)South Sudan Independence Day celebrations in Juba 9th July 2011 (Photo: file)

Oct 23, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Probe psychology, which is double-pronged: “mental processes” (unseen) and “behavioural processes” (observable). Human in his/her artificiality not more so nature love the easiest in life. This elucidates scarcity of “big minds” evidenced by mental myopia experienced in our habitual behaviors as in the case here. Thus psychology is at most underutilized.

Most may have passed through Western educational factories, either fully mature or  awkwardly immature, dependent on the school, learning, other factors may exist too. Some George  BN Ayittey called the latter group as the “functionally illiterate elites”, which category are you?

Irrespective, all may have heard, known, or learned of these stages and psychological cycle [ideation] hypotheses, theory and law. For many individual reasons chiefly premised on each artificial reality, socialization/resocialization – acculturation apart – we hardly conclusively exhaust each stage hence the cycle or Psychological Logic. Perhaps, that may be the reason why South Sudan is still condemned to perpetual transitions since 2005 hitherto. Yes, most choose to gyrate on hypotheses thus we customarily create mammoth heat yet devoid of the corresponding light.

In my previous rejoinder herein above, I posed a question intended to incite not only wild and wierd thoughts around the issue under consideration but also ensure we appreciate the essence of decisively exhausting a level and the cycle all together. This seemed to have evaded the many eyes here but for the original provocateur Mursale Lewi who remarked ” I like your comments”. God forbid, because some of us fear the Jesus’ Scriptural ” Woe to you teachers of  …”, we normally struggle on and on imbued with the spirit and intent of enlightenment.

Yes, we vividly learned that accomplishing coherence through persuasion at one stage before daring to claim being in the next, theory, let alone escaping to the last crucial level – law, which the layperson knows as generalization as conclusion. The emphasis: don’t jump the gun! However, I may know that most South Sudanese probably due to their heights taller than my own might have successfully done long jump; so, why would they squander time in one stage (say hypothesis)? Make a long jump to conclusion stage so complete the cycle; oh my, yet it’s only in step one!

Who is Bari? I am cocksure armed with the above posture and disposition, answers may pour in jostling as the waters of the Nile just as if we were to ask who speak Bari Language? All for the weakness not strength of our personality disingenuousness! After all, don’t we customarily say I speak Kuku, Kakwa, Mundari, Pajulu, etcetera? I achieved some modest education of some monster called Anthropology once upon a time. It was deliberately designed to achieve predetermined goals or objects of the colonizers so that they could easily and successfully deal with the colonized natives. They indeed attained this through their cleverly selected compradores from the midst of our own natives. Isn’t such a system still at large untill then? Mimicry a venerated methodology for education is yet here at full regalia – “monkey de do; monkey de copy” – caricatures are not rare in Mama Africa including my own Graceland South Sudan so far. That tremendously explains why the perpetual rot and underdevelopment we are fated in hitherto.

Whatever, a Bari is a Society covering a monumental real area in South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda so far. This by international standards could be equated to the Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq, isn’t it? Now, could Yoweri K. Museveni deleterious involvement plus possible landgrabs in the DRC and South Sudan be explained and understood from this prism – the unity of the Bari is a threat to M7? Of course, signs abound that Gen. Idi Amin Dada once a fearless and truly successful president of Uganda remained a tough puzzle and thorn in the neck of Museveni even at his death? Can Museveni be accused of irredentist posture?

Similarly, Bari is a nation/community/ethnic-group/tribe in those respective Territories and have taken sundry variants; for example, Kuku, Kakwa, Nyogbora, Mundari, Nyepo, Pajulu and Bari. That naming has been and will never be a source of violent conflict unless some harebrained contrived reasons for ferocity or homicide as we saw between Mundari and Bari less than a decade ago; first ever sad history! The respective classes are satisfied and happy with the respective nomenclature. There is no perceived harm whatsoever and indeed they have had peaceful coexistence for centuries.

Further, the Bari have clans that are smaller units that enrich cultural elements therein. Besides, Bari have families, others claim, the smallest unit of society; I argue otherwise as I will hereunder name the smallest unit. Finally, Bari are persons or individuals as the smallest entity of social group. As such, they are, inter alia: Konyi, Kiden, Garjuk, Poni, Loduu, Lo’du, Loburyang, ‘Demai, Tukwaje, Lukare, Amule, Marju, Lubari, Lo’buri, Yopee, Lomu’ding, Wurunyang, Yuggusuk, Remo, Rume, Lopungot, Dumo, Woroo, Yakidyang, Morbe, Muki, Loki’do, Kujang, Loyo, Mu’ding, Logborong, Sirilo, Lowiya, Jokwat, Lokolo, Lokolong, Liyong, and on and on.

Therefore, what is the prominence of “big brains” stated herein above? The concept is a demand when considering macro-societal issues as politics and economics. Big brains engage in phenomenological discourses of noble ideas of far encompassing scope and/or latitude as the South Sudan Problem now. Ideas – reputable ideas – are the building blocks of person, family, clan, nation, State, Region or Continent and the World. I hope this now may make sense when we talk of “big brains”.

The other brains, those that discuss events and persons or names exist side by side. These two groups summed constitute a staggering figure. That numeral should be able to better illustrate the steep ascend demanded to surmount South Sudan Problem as it was with the Sudan Problem. Thus, it’s indisputably correct to state that South Sudan demands Big-Brains given the exponential glitches caused yet in chaotic quagmire we are thrust into hitherto. Do You agree with me? Please, I with humility worthy persuade you to buy in and perfect accordingly. Perhaps, good to ask how? Simple: learn and unlearn repeatedly! If done and well done, you will actually notice your personal transformation from where you are into the realm of “big brains” and realize that you will be a darling “issue-focused” human who will always enjoy bigger pictures of things – that is expanded perspective or worldview!

In this aorta, the narrative will fundamentally change – no longer “blame-game” or “defense-game” but be on spot on the actual issue(s) and/or problem and apropos solution that will benefit all without regard thereof. As long as South Sudan exists with its current diversity and reality, if there are successes or failures or mistakes or crimes; it will no longer be business as usual: not Bari but Konyi, Lubari, Kiden, Woro, Garjuk, Warun, …; not Jieng (Dinka) but Kiir, Nyibol, Akol, Panchol, Nyankiir, Nyandeng, Madut, …; not Nuer but Wijiel, Riak, Nyarieka, Wagaak, Nyuon, Pal, …; not Nyikar but Longolio, Nakwaar, Loweisiyo, Narem, Echom, Lomunia, Naputo, Nachin …; not Luwo but Kon, Nyagoi, Nyipoch, Uyul, …; the list goes on! How about organizations that are human made such as SPLM, SPLM-IO, NAS, name them; whee does praise or blame lie? A good guess is better than my answer that I choose to postpone!

We may not penalize anybody for fiasco in maximum, just in case optimum utilization of psychology to make meaning of the world around us. Someone might jump in and prattle: why not blame or congratulate; isn’t it our South Sudanese celebrated heritage to blame and praise even where undue? It’s distinctive this time round … Compatriots!

“Men [women] make their own history, but do not make it just as they please; they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered, given and transmitted from the past.” Was this the eulogized historical materialist Karl Marx? I hope his words have a particular relevance especially in relation to the paragraph immediately before this. Marx endeavored his level best to make meaning of his advent modern society then – capitalism, from which he concluded plunged the world to perpetual struggle – we are in the heat of strife; are we not?

Last but not least, let us be fully cognizant that we are a product of creolization or condominiums colonizations – the Turco-Egyptian, the Anglo-Egyptian, Madhya Revolt, Anglo-Egyptian Reconquesta (1820 – 1956) punctuated by Anyanya One and the SPLA/M and yet another South Sudan Problem till now. Will there be another and in what savagery given the on going barbarism?

All in all, Thank you Mursale Lewi by provoking our mental abilities. We hope it is intended to true pooling of our faculties and synergies for our mutual benefit and common noble cause for a just State at positive peace and happiness with herself. As we try to reform ourselves as persons the fountain of rights thus transit into discourses of ideas, as we convert truly into big brains who will in a spectacular beauty optimally utilize our individual psychologies, we bring to vibrant recall two lessons hereunder:

The heart of studying history is not just memorization of individual deeds or actions, “bakhraa”, but objective proactive comprehending of the accurately embryonic structures of things; and

A certain Bayo Awokoya writing in African News Weekly (26 Aug. – 1 Sept. 1993) stated thus: “It is a sad commentary to call Nigerians ‘the most unintelligent intellectuals on the face of this planet’. Although Nigerians are an academically brilliant group of people, according to the US State Department, applying the ‘books’ to real life issues and dilemmas  has been a big problem for Africans in general and Nigerians [South Sudanese] in particular.”

Inkosi Sikelel’iAfrika!

Compatriot Bramatali Wani lo-Lipo lo-Lisi is a concern South Sudan.. He can be reached at ruleoflawforbasichumanrightsbw@gmail.com

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