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Opinion: The Last Conflict in South Sudan

Kiir, Machar meeting in J1 (Photo: /Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Kiir, Machar meeting in J1 (Photo: /Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

March 01, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The conflict in South Sudan will end after twenty years to come, in view of the fact that we had never be acquainted with to be independence since 1955 and as in 1972 after Addis Ababa Agreement, which was followed by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005, which was delivered by the Founder of the Ruling Party SPLM late Dr.John Garang.

Although, President Salva Kiir actually had made good achievements and as the Founder of the Republic of South Sudan. He has also delivered the Compromise Peace agreement again signed in 2018. Citizens have a lot of hope on President Salva Kiir for them to have a peaceful country so that youth get employ in different sectors in the country but all killing of ourselves has ended.

The last conflict will also turn out in ten years time between our neighbors who are working in UN Agencies, INGOs, NNGOs and International Companies in South Sudan. The conflict will be cause by three tribes in South Sudan; 1. Shilluk, 2. Nuer, 3. Dinka respectively.

In all these agencies, they above tribes have been beleaguered by our brothers from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda,Tanzania,Zambia,etc,not to be employ in the key positions in the organizations and level of their employment keep very low in the years. The report of subjecting these three tribes is believed to be from their brothers from greater Equatoria who had joint their hands with foreign to silence line them and that’s what causes the misunderstanding in Maban some time back. Dinka, Shilluk and Nuer are now trying to be aware of what is been done to them by these foreign and their brothers from Equatoria. In the future will origin the cleaning of these foreign and Equatoria will be having problem with the three tribes.

Believe me or not, verify most of the agencies in their head offices in Juba have no single Nuer, Dinka and Shilluk who are employed but from managers to cleaners are from Equatoria, does it mean Dinka, Nuer and Shilluk have no qualification?

Most Kenyan has been oriented by Equatoria that, Dinka, Nuer and Shilluk are not good but who is good?

In conclusion, in ten years to come all foreign in the agencies will leave South Sudan in a week, because of their made by torturing these tribes at this instant and Equatoria will never do anything to save from harm them at all,Maban case study, set ablaze by local residents on July 23, 2018 over allegations of discrimination in employment 

After this, South Sudan will have good opportunities in short time, with high population get employment and remain peaceful country with equal employment.

The writer is an Economist at the Upper Nile University, South Sudan. He can be reach at E-mail: kuelalbino@gmail.com

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