Gaguang Community In Australia Appeals for The Release Of Seven Detainees

Press Statement

To: H.E. Dr. Riek Macher Teny-Dhurgon

Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/A IO

May 18, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— Gaguang Community Worldwide have learned with great dismayed the illegal arrested and imprisoned of 7 Innocents Civilians by new Thorow County Commissioner Gatluak Kual Luak with the full knowledge of Sobat State Governor Chuol Lam Puoch on the 22nd  April 2017.

We are urgently requesting your noble authority to order the immediate release of below individuals who are now held in prison facing vile living conditions, blanted cruel tortured and horrible maltreatment in jail, simply because they are related or supporters to former Thorow County Commissioner.

S/N Name In full Payams
1 Deng Dojiok Jiokthiang Maker
2 Gatdet Reat Bang Maker
3 Duop Duoth Kueth Maker
4 Nyak Reath Jiokthiang Maker
5 Chuol Nyak Reath Jiokthiang Maker
6 Hoth Kang Reat Wechnyot
7 Changkuoth Pur Jock Mading

Your Excellency, those innocents civilians deserved to live freely as other communities members, they were amongst those who stood up in defense of the Territorial of our great Sate.

Your prompt positive and urgent consideration would highly be appreciated.



Peter Pal Koang Banak


Gaguang Community Association In Australia Inc.

Cc, Governor Chuol Lam Puoch,

Cc, Commissioner Gatluak Kual

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