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Airforce And Tank Unit Refused To Back Paul Malong

Gen. Malong Awan, the former COGS, posing for a photo in Yirol after he escaped Juba (Photo/extracted)
Gen. Malong Awan, the former COGS, posing for a photo in Yirol after he escaped Juba (Photo/extracted)

May 11, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— After being axed by his boss, the aging polygamist, who was once considered as the most powerful man in the tribal regime of Salva Kiir, left Juba and went back to the kraal with some of his loyal unpaid tribal recruits, raising tension in juba to its limit. The malnourished pencil-thin tribal fighters of the primitive President, Kiir are also all over the streets of the capital Juba, ready to deal with the unforeseen.

Speculations are that the 55 years old viagra addict [Paul Malong] is unhappy with his sacking and he wants to organise himself for a come-back, but this time, with a show of fist to his arch rival, Salva Kiir. Such conjecture has brought businesses to stand still as residents have been forced to keep indoors in anticipation for the worse, some have even contacted our desks for clues.

Although Paul Malong has always enjoyed the reputation of being the most powerful man in Kiir’s government, there are no indications that his reputations would translate into any threat to Kiir’s government. Intelligence report intimated to our desk indicates that Paul Malong tried to convince some of his loyalists in the air force and tank units to stage a rebellion against Kiir’s regime after the republican decree that kicked his useless butt from J1 and Bilpam, unfortunately, he didn’t get any positive response.

Analysts believe Malong’s reputation was tribally motivated. His supporters were worshipping him because he was Dinka’s goliath against the non-Dinkas but now that he wants to fight his fellow Dinkas, his supporters are reluctant to sacrifice for his cause as they don’t see any rewards that come with Paul Malong’s presidency. Most of them still hold Paul Malong responsible for their unpaid salaries. For them to support Malong against Kiir, they would need a far bigger motivation than just leadership spill.

If Paul Malong risks with his few loyalists to stage any rebellion, chances are that he may end up being crashed like a cockroach, and yet if he remains quiet he will also forfeit his reputation as the most powerful man in Aweil. Being a grade three drop out he will not have any paid job again in his life and must survive on the looted funds.

We took to the streets of Juba to find out the views of the public about Malong’s sacking. Here are some of the feedbacks we got:

“Let him go and buy more cows with the looted funds. We don’t need him here in Juba” said a restaurant owner.

Another respondent believes if the Dinkas are still in the top office, there’ll be no peace irrespective of who comes in and leaves.

“You can put clothes on cows but that won’t change their behaviors,” says the young street vendor.

Some group of men looking physically fit, educated who claimed they are in Juba for a special mission said that the Kiir-Malong’s situation is making their job easy.

“We are watching their moves closely. They have simplified our job honestly!”, they bragged.

Since they asked for anonymity, we are not disclosing who they are, but obviously, we wish them best of luck in their mission since they look civilized and dependable.

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