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Dress For Success Or Failure

By Ter Manyang Gatwech,



Mabior Garang Mabior in his famous bow tie(Photo: file)
Mabior Garang Mabior in his famous bow tie(Photo: file)

May 6th, 2016(Nyamiledia) -It comes for my intention for the first time, in the first of 2016 since I stop writing in 2015. I read the news today when i saw the newly-appointed Minister of Irrigation and Water Resource Mr. Mabior Garang was thrown out in the country’s first cabinet meeting since the formation of Transitional Goverenment of National Unity(TGoUN) on 29th April, 2016 in Juba,South Sudan. The question is; Mr. Mabior Garang is disoriented in the cabinet meeting?

As Public Administrator dressing means a lot to the general public. ”We act the way we dress. Neglected and untidy clothes reflect a neglected and untidy mind” Anon.

Garang’’said the expulsion order came from President Salva Kiir over his “inappropriate” dressing.The youthful minister said he was in shock “after being kicked out by Salva Kiir from the first sitting of the council of ministers for being inappropriately dressed.”

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Garang had appeared the meeting, held weekly, in a black suit, white shirt and black bow tie, a day after ministers undertook an induction workshop where they were informed of protocol for meetings, including dress codes, which were not specified.

Garang, however, insisted that focusing on one’s clothing was a distraction from real issues the young nation faces.

Since clothes are the first thing we observer when we see people and they define our image even more than hair or faces, it is essential to be aware of the image we are projecting through our clothes. Whatever we wear; the clothes must be in good order, especially shoes. Shoes can say a lot about a man or a woman. If they are slightly scruffy when you go for a job interview, for instance, the employer’s subconscious thought might be that, if can’t look after yourself, you can’t look after the job. The same goes for your hair, nails and skin, which all go into forming your image, but do you know what it is? The big question remain, is Mabior ready for the big job as young Minister?

Take a long, hard look at yourself and try to decide how you come across to the world, and then asked a couple of friends how they see you; it’s often a shock to discover that others see our image as quite different from what we think we are projecting.

Whether we like it or not, women are judged more by their clothes than, and I for one like to make a fashion statement wherever I go! Because run my own organization, I can choose to a certain extent what I wear and image I project, but that image must be based on reality. You cannot be confidence if you are not happy in your own skin and if your image is not founded on fact. I think President Salva Kiir is right on this matter.

Dress for work-men

Despite the fact in many work environments today you may have more choice about what to wear to the office. Suits originated in the ”seventeenth century in Britain, but it was not unit the nineteenth century” that the suit developed into something we can recognize today. It was Beau Brummell who revolutionized the suit, working with tailors in London to create clothes that followed the line of the body and fitted snugly-something never seen before in men’s tailoring. He was concerned with silhouettes and single colours, shunning fancy materials and rich fibres and what we know now as the lounge suit was born.

In my own quotation, I say ”to bring somebody from village is easy than to make his or her civilized”

Suits should be grey or navy; although black has become popular, it can look a bit” funeral” It is also worth remembering the old adage never brown in town’. The choice of fabric design for your suit is up to you. Stripes come in pinstripe or chalk stripe: the former stripe. Dress for Success or to Fail.

By Ter Manyang Gatwech, former chairman of Gawaar-Nuer Community and current Executive Director of International Youth for Africa(IYA). His main interests include; the nature of the study Public Administration, Public Values, Human Rights, Rule of Law, Federal system, Women’s Rights, Girl’s Rights and the Globalization in Public Administration. Reachable via: termanyang24@gmail.com . Twitter;@TerManyag1 and Skype Ter Manyang.

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Beek May 8, 2016 at 10:02 pm

Men In Black and he is a damn right because he was living in movies,never worked,never suffered and never care like his extreme and very bad stepfather John’s Garang.

Beek May 8, 2016 at 10:17 pm

Actually who care if Riek is dying and it is not very important to dress like that if Dr.Riek Machar is dying. Dies away boy in peace.

Beek May 8, 2016 at 10:38 pm

Boring Boring. I got non DVD’s of Men In Black,James Bond or other movies and i am still alive. Those who kill innocents in US are those who spend lot of time watching movies and Television. Watching less movies and Television are good,but not throughout. Will Smith himself never win Academy Awards Nomination or win Oscars.


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