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Has South Sudan Sovereignty Been Compromised?

By Dr Lako Jada Kwajok,
Salva Kiir bowing to Ugandan army as he access the UPDF before their military intervention in South Sudan's man-made crisis. fter 70% of South Sudan army defected Salva Kiir's leadership depends on Ugandan army and other foreign factors from the region (Photo: supplied)
Salva Kiir bowing to Ugandan army as he access the UPDF before their military intervention in South Sudan’s man-made crisis. fter 70% of South Sudan army defected Salva Kiir’s leadership depends on Ugandan army and other foreign factors from the region (Photo: supplied)
Dec 08, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The downing of the Russian SU-24 bomber by the Turkish F-16s on 24/11/2015 brought to the forefront the issue of sovereignty and inviolability of a country’s territory. Some reports stated that the Russian warplane was only 17 seconds in the Turkish airspace when it was downed. To many it may appear that the Turks were quite overzealous in defending their airspace but it’s a matter of principle that any encroachment needs to be dealt with straight away. Those who shot down the warplane must have been under strict orders to do so without hesitation. Here is Turkey that possesses the fourth largest army in the world and though in itself not a superpower; still will not be cowed by a superpower violating its territory. It was a dangerous encounter that led some pessimists and exaggerators to quickly point out that this could be the triggering event for the would be third world war.

Obviously they have been looking at a single incident on 28/06/1914 that led to the first world war. It was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist ( Gavrilo Princip ). But things were quite different then and there was no nuclear powers or the concept of mutual destruction. Furthermore the world was less democratic and more dictatorial allowing some rogue leaders to plunge countries into avoidable wars. Turkey is an important NATO member guarding its southern front. Technically , it’s not a nuclear power but has been given nuclear bombs by NATO only to be used with NATO approval. In theory, the situation could spiral out of control leading to a nuclear confrontation and the inevitable total destruction of planet Earth. As one would expect, the NATO Secretary General came out in support of the Turkish position. The ball is now in Russia’s court, if it chooses to escalate the situation by military retaliation, then the world would draw closer to a third world war than it ever has been. The central point though remains that, Turkey has exercised its right as a sovereign state in accordance with the international law.

Back home, Dr Luka Biong was dismissed from his lecturing post at Juba university and reportedly expelled from the country. This was the result of direct instructions from president Kiir himself. The cause was a public lecture organised by Biong’s Centre for peace and development studies at Juba University. The subject of debate was the constitutionality and legality of the presidential decree 36/2015 expanding the current 10 states to 28 states. The views expressed by several participants were against the unilateral creation of more administrative units by the president.

The debaters demonstrated the unconstitutionality of president Kiir’s decree and that it has no legal basis. It was also reported that Ambrose Riing Thiik, the head of the Jieng Council of Elders ( JCE ) stormed out of the venue after being cornered by Dr Lam Akol in the debate. Apparently, he went straight to the president and requested dismissal of Dr Luka Biong from Juba university. President Kiir later said I quote, ” Whoever is undermining our sovereignty and the demand of our people will have to answer. Those who have been made who they are today by this country and then turn around to turn their backs against the very country can be dealt with, if proven they are playing a negative role.”

It appears Dr Luka Biong has been accused of compromising the state’s sovereignty by organising that debate hence prompting reprisal from the president. To understand the whole matter it’s worthwhile knowing how the term ” sovereign state ” originated. Westphalian sovereignty is the principle of international Law which states, each nation has sovereignty over its territory and domestic affairs to the exclusion of all external powers, on the principle of non-interference in another country’s domestic affairs, and that each state ( no matter how large or small ) is equal in international law.

The doctrine is named after the peace of Westphalia was signed in 1648 which ended the 30 years war in Europe. One fundamental aspect of sovereignty is that it’s not enough for a particular state to declare it, it has to be recognised by its neighbours and the international community. Sovereignty can be lost when the state loses certain criteria and regained when they are re-instated. Contemporary political thinking has challenged the doctrine and rendered it a non-absolute right of the state. This can be exemplified by the fact that no sovereignty exists in failed states and international intervention is justified on humanitarian grounds and by the threats posed by failed states to neighbouring countries and the world as a whole.  The global impact of refugees fleeing conflict areas is undeniable. For example the Syrian refugee crisis has affected countries up to several thousand miles away from the Syrian borders.

The debate organised by Biong, if anything, has provided the authorities with the result of a mini opinion poll in regard to the presidential decree 36/2015. It was also a sort of a snapshot into the minds of an elite group in the republic of South Sudan and served as a means among others to gauge public opinion. Those people are among the groups that form the vibrant part of our society and their opinions can not be regarded as alien to the general trend in the country. While in other parts of the world, leaders pay much attention to public opinions as it’s in their best interests to be in people’s good books, in our part of the world, those who express opposing opinions get harassed, tortured, imprisoned or even liquidated.

Biong’s effort was a honest attempt by a concerned citizen to give the rulers the opportunity of knowing what is in people’s minds. Unfortunately instead of being commended for his effort to bring people together and fend off divisive actions, he ended up one step away from being charged with treason. People could argue that what Biong did was indeed an effort to safeguard our sovereignty as the consequences of the decree would ultimately lead to disintegration of South Sudan. The question is; has the president done his duty in the way of preserving our sovereignty and national pride? In chronological order the following events would show to the readers how our sovereignty has been consistently undermined since the inception of the government of South Sudan.

  1. The presence of the Ugandan People’s Defence Force ( UPDF ) on South Sudanese soil: The UPDF has been stationed within our borders before declaration of independence. We were made to believe that a deal has been struck between the South Sudanese government and the Ugandan counterpart that paved the way for the UPDF to enter South Sudan in the quest to defeat the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA ). Whatever they have agreed upon, makes our sovereignty questionable. The mere presence of the UPDF in South Sudan is an insult to our sovereignty. The two countries could have coordinated their efforts to combat the LRA without the UPDF crossing the borders into South Sudan. The Ugandans have been talking of a sort of a buffer zone within South Sudan to keep the LRA out of Uganda. It’s an unusual situation; probably unheard of where a country moves forces across the borders into a neighbouring country to block attacks on its citizens from its own rebels. People must realise that the LRA is Uganda’s internal problem and allowing the UPDF to operate on South Sudanese soil, means that our government has agreed on turning our country into a battlefield for settling Uganda’s internal conflict. No sovereign state would do such a thing. The implications are many, for instance, it’s belittling as it shows the world that we are unable to defend our territory against intruders. Also it implies that the safety of Ugandan citizens is more important than ours by making our land a buffer zone to seal off attacks on Uganda. The regime hasn’t spared a thought to the fact that war brings unwelcome consequences wherever it’s fought.  Collateral damages, effects on local economy and the impression on the international community that the country is a war zone, are just few to mention. The irony is that, Uganda is now considered by the international community a war-free country while South Sudan continues to bear the consequences of the Uganda’s civil war. It led to a boost in Uganda’s economy by encouraging foreign investments, promoting trade and attracting tourism. It’s the Ugandan interests that are being served here.
  2. The Sudan Air Force ( SAF ) aggression: The bombing raids carried out by SAF’s Antonov’s in Northern Bahr El Gazal state and other states, have been largely downplayed by the regime in Juba. There has never been or will ever be retaliations for these raids under this government. This stands in stark contrast to what the Turks did to the Russians. Less than 20 seconds violation of their airspace led to the shooting down of the Russian warplane. Our response to SAF aggression was and still remains a joke. The Chief of General Staff, Paul Malong, even had the audacity of saying that the Sudan is trying to drag us into war. It means the regime will continue to avoid responding to any future bombings by SAF for fear of triggering a war with Sudan! It’s a disgraceful attitude that is unbecoming of proud people. This has embolden  the SAF and on few occasions it carried bombing raids deeper into South Sudan as far as Bentiu in Unity state. The SAF incursions into South Sudan have turned into picnic trips or training exercises for its pilots. It’s clear that our northern neighbour does not recognise our sovereignty and our government on the other hand did little to make it take notice of it.
  3. UPDF intervention in the recent conflict: We were told that the basis for intervention was an agreement between the two governments. Well, what sort of an agreement is it?! Around the world, countries do enter into defence pacts, most notable is the NATO alliance mentioned above. The purpose is mutual defence against foreign aggression. This may entail stationing of forces or particular weapons within each other borders. Examples are the American Trident nuclear missiles in Scotland, American bases in Germany and NATO nuclear bombs in Turkey. However, the world has never heard of a defence pact against an internal insurgency or a rebellion. There is also issues about the constitutionality and legality of the UPDF invitation by the government as the National Legislative Assembly was not consulted. Again inviting a foreign force to intervene in an internal conflict is a breach of sovereignty and a recipe for division of the country. After all the opposition is not a foreign force, they are South Sudanese opposing a failed regime. Uganda is not immune from the same ills plaguing South Sudan. It is not impossible for a similar conflict to happen in Uganda. Would it be prudent for South Sudan or any of the Uganda’s neighbours to intervene on the side of the government against the opposition?
  4. Justice and Equality Movement( JEM ) mercenaries: There is an abundance of evidence that JEM forces were used by the government to shore up its war effort against the opposition. Again this kind of policy undermines our sovereignty as no sovereign state would allow a rebel group to work freely within its borders. The usual practice is to support foreign rebels in order to attack the country’s own rebels outside the borders.
  5. The UN Drones: The UN security council has approved the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles ( Drones ) in South Sudan against government opposition. It’s a confirmation that the international community now sees South Sudan as a country that lacks sovereignty. A sovereign country would not allow let alone be forced to harbour foreign Drones on its soil or airspace.

So what sovereignty is president Kiir talking about ?! The track record of his administration has greatly contributed to the erosion of our sovereignty and what is left is partial at best. There is a window of opportunity coming up with the formation of the transitional government of national unity ( TGoNU ) and it should be used to fully restore our sovereignty.

Firstly, the UPDF should go home for good. Now that the LRA has disintegrated and ceased to be a threat, UPDF presence in South Sudan has become more unjustifiable than ever. Even if there are still some small pockets of LRA in the depths of the jungle, their level of activities will not be beyond common banditry and local security forces should be able to tackle it.

Secondly, SAF bombing raids should not be allowed to continue with impunity. The helicopter gunships that were shamefully used against civilians in Wonduruba , Mundri and Maridi areas, could now rightly be used to retaliate against SAF aggression.

Thirdly, JEM and other rebel movements should be booted out of South Sudan. The regime has forged an unholy alliance with the most unlikely partner. Some of you know that the deceased leader and founder of JEM, Dr Khalil Ibrahim, was the [ Amir (prince) ] of the so-called ” Dabbabeen ” in South Sudan before his rebellion against Bashir’s regime. He and some of his colleagues who are currently the leaders of JEM, were responsible of killing many South Sudanese

Fourthly, freedom of speech should be observed and respected by the government.  We ought to realise that sovereignty also relates to how the government treats its people. A rogue state attracts the interference of the international community into its domestic affairs. This is because misrule and mishandling of its internal affairs leads to spilling over of its problems into neighbouring countries and countries beyond its borders.

An opinion expressed publicly by a citizen or by a group of citizens does not constitute a” threat ” to sovereignty for the following reasons. If the said opinion is shared only by a small portion of our population, then it will remain a minority opinion which poses no threat to the government and the country as a whole. On the other hand if that opinion is supported by the majority of the population, then it means it stands for the common good and will be a threat to the government if it does not reverse course but never a threat to the country. Governments do fall, and new ones get formed – People don’t!

The author, Dr Lako Jada Kwajok, is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at lako.jada@hotmail.com

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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 8, 2015 at 12:48 am

Dr. Kwajok,

to be honest, every citizen of this country knows that our government does not know the meaning of the word “THE SOVEREIGNTY THE NATION”. It is good that you have now expained it in details bringing many examples and we hope the jenge council of elders could understand.

Our government favours foreigners more that us the citizens. Every citizen knows this and no denial at all. I am afraid the government will start giving away our land to foreigners as it gives away Abiyei. We must stand up, join together to bring in a government which puts it citizen on top of any fereigner. We will not want to Eritreans, Ethiopians, Kenyans, Ugandans, Rwandans, Congolese, Sudanese taking up every job in our country. Yes, they can take those jobs which no any of us is not qualified to but the common ones.

To do this, this triblism government of the jenge has to think twice, this land grabbing government has to respect the other tribes by favouring them than the foreigners. We know that things are not going to be the same as the OP is coming to Juba very soon. We also know that the money is going to be controlled and monitered by the government, OP and and internation independant body. This is good NEWS. This will at least bring changes.

The jenge in Juba are still trying not to like the peace by saying that the number of the OPOSITION coming to Juba is too big. Hahahahahaha…………………….This country does not belong to jenge alone, it belongs to all of us and if the areian jenge really need peace then they should accept Lado Gore to come to Juba or they will be kicked by force.

There is no any way out, either the jenge accept the OP come to Juba or the jenges leaves Juba

Beek December 8, 2015 at 5:28 am

President Erdogan of Turkey is very crazy like Omar Al Bashir of Sudan.
Many products Made in Turkey including vegetables are sale in Russian markets today even throat and vomited Doner Kebab restaurants are from Turkey. Agriculture machines in Turkey are from Russia.
Why president Erdogan has apologized because he is aware that what his country have done is no good for Turkey economy. His enemies have done that against Erdogan himself because he has allow Asylum Seekers and Immigrant to Western Europe.

Tolio December 8, 2015 at 5:55 am

President Kiir is like every other South Sudanese citizen. His only difference from any of his fellow country’s citizens is the power that he holds. This power alone is not a solution which can solve indifferences of other nations in the sovereignty of South Sudan. Making the president as scapegoat of such failures is impartial and subjective.

Tolio December 8, 2015 at 7:25 am

To the dismissal of Dr Luka Biong from his post at Juba University, the writer seems to have put the words in the mouth of the president. President kiir didn’t say those who undermine the sovereignity and demand of South Sudanese people will be dealt with as a consequence of turning their back against this country which has done them good in reference to Dr Luka Biong. The person who fired Dr Luka and the reason for, remained unclear to this day.

In many news reports around the country including this website,it was alleged that the president dismissed Dr Luka because of organizing and hosting public disscusions on the constitutionality or unlawfulness of the presidential decree,demanding the increase of ten current states to twenty eight. JCE leader Ambrose Riding was said to have walked out in anger from these discussions and as a way to take his anger of out on Dr Luka Biong,he simply requested the president to dismiss Dr Biong which the president instantly did.

Presidential Spokesman,Ateny Awek Ateny, whom the South Sudan’s Eye Radio later interviewed to clarify the allegation that the president was responsible for the firing of Dr Luka had denied this claim,calling it a concocted assertion. The president ,as well had distant himself from that controversy,saying dismissal of that nature falls under Vice chancellery or university’s advisory board.

The other known allegations against Dr Luka Biong before his dismissal were the claims that he attempted to bribe Arrow Boys and urge them to revolt against the government. Even with such claims,the government has never labelled it, as an undermining of South Sudan’soveignity. The other words such as adversary or rebel could do if this was true or there was a need for the government to call Dr Luka based on the evidence.

There may be a time in the future when Dr Luka will say why he abandoned his job. The worst people can do is to live on speculations like this to exemplify their opinions.

Tolio December 8, 2015 at 9:01 am

Alliances between countries don’t compromise sovereignties. People have friends and so, do countries. Alliances are that forms of friendships between countries. They are good for building reciprocal relations in military defenses, mutual economic benefits and so forth.

The military pact between the government of South Sudan and the Ugandan Government took placed before we have this civil war.

The LRA was killing both Ugandans and South Sudanese people. The government of Sudan supplies the LRA soldiers with weapons who then use them to kill both Ugandans and South Sudanese.The government of Sudan was killing our people in Bahr El Ghazal and Upper Nile. Instead of fighting Sudan which would be unwise, president kiir and Mseveni established the military cooperation aimed at ending the LRA attacks that was making lives difficult in the two countries. Defeating of the LRA means security to citizens of both nations and economic routes. It was also a peaceful way Uganda can indirectly reduce tensions with Khartoum. War is never a solution to end outstanding issues between South Sudan and Sudan. The borders between these two countries are not demarcated and a war between Juba and Khartoum could appear similar to that between Israel and Palestine which has been dragging on for years without an end to it. Since,South Sudan has no good air force, it is Sudan that has less to lose in retaliatory attacks on South Sudan’s soil than the home defenders.

This military pact between South Sudan and Uganda shouldn’t be seen as a way President Kiir has comprised South Sudan’s sovereignty to Uganda. The good relationship between South Sudanese and Ugandans goes to back to time when Uganda was the only closest country that has kept its borders opened for businessess and refugee camps to people of South during the South- North civil war.

The person that has undermined South sudan’s sovereignty is the Sudanese President Bashir and he did this before South Sudan became a country to even talk about sovereignty today because his alliance with Joseph Konyi of LRA whom South Sudanese inherited in the area after moving to their new city as a nation. The LRA became a problem to South Sudanese because of an attempt to kick them out of sovereignty and Kiir is not to blame for this. The refusal LRA to leave and their direct military threats on South Sudanese is what warranted the pact between the militaries of Uganda and South Sudan to sign a pact that exists today.

Tolio December 8, 2015 at 12:17 pm

Proxy wars are what are comprising the sovereignty of South Sudan. These proxy wars have always there between Sudan and Uganda before South Sudan became independent and before Salva Kiir became its president. They proxy wars were in South Sudan before this current civil war between Kiir of the govenment and Dr Riek of the rebels started.

Sudan starts to support LRA rebels with firearms against Uganda a long time go when Sudanese forces were in Juba and many other towns in Equatoria. This was a time when the SPLM/A was in the bush,fighting into urban towns in the South. The result of Sudan’s support to the LRA prompted Uganda in the 90s to accept its soil being used to supply the SPLA with weapons bought from overseas. The SPLA then use those weapons and munitions to fight Sudan.

Ugandan president and Sudanese Presiden became enemies indirectly because of their alliances and supports to each other’s enemies.

Before South Sudan voted for separation,Sudan was already supplying militias in Upper Nile with brand new weapons. Some of them were threating to disrupt voting centers with violence aimed at making an apparent chance for separation a failure because of their bitterness against those in Juba.

When the LRA was weakened as a result of cooperation between South Sudan,Uganda and other countries where the LRA were terrorizing citizens, Sudan was already intensifying its bombing campaigns within South Sudan,killing civilians and denying it. The peaceful negotiations between South Sudan and Khartoum in Ethiopia were not going anywhere. Khartoum at the same time was accusing South Sudan of supporting SPLM-North, when in fact,it was dropping weapons by air to those whom the president were giving various amnesties. The president at the time was lenient on those who were using guns against the country.

The unprovoked Sudanese Air Force bombing raids which undermined the South Sudan’s sovereignty unleashed the SPLA to attack Heglig or Panthou which the Sudanese used as a launch pad for such attacks and captured it.

The UN and the whole world quickly condemned President Kiir for it and urged him to withdraw his troops at once,which he did. The entire world failed to condemn President Bashiir’s breaches of South Sudanese sovereignty.

President Bashiir started to call Juba names;threatened that it would attack and crush Juba. The Ugandan military took those threats seriously and promised not to stand idle when Khartoum forces attack its friends. After Khartoum saw there would be no way out of that,it capitalizes on proxy wars with South Sudan. When the civil war broke out between Kiir and Machar, Sudan was quick to support SPLM-IO on assumption that Juba supports the SPLA-North and JEM. South Sudan depends on the weapons and munitions it buys overseas,while Khartoum produces its own. It is therefore implausible for South Sudan to support Sudanese rebels this expensive way but easy for Sudan to do so because it doesn’t worry about the costs of weapons and munitions it gives South Sudanese rebels,since it has own arsenal.

The JEM and SPLM-North might occasionally hide undetected in South Sudan just like LRA rebels and that doesn’t mean President Kiir has accommodated them in breach of his country’s sovereignty. The war in Sudan would have been over if the SPLA-North and JEM have left their military bases in Sudan for South Sudan. Such claims that these forces are in South Sudan and supported by Juba is merely a matter of politicization that Khartoum uses as excuse to distablise South Sudan through military support it gives South Sudanese rebels to fight the government.

Gat.darwich December 8, 2015 at 3:43 pm

Dr. Lako,

Great and a must read article !

The power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous, Killer NyanKiir and the Jiengs Council of Evils, have evidently illegally-leased the South Sudan’s national sovereignty to the foreigners(Uganda, JEM, SPLA-North) as you indisputably and vividly stated in this article. It is without a shadow of a doubt that the form of government we have in South Sudan is a pure mixture of Ethnocracy and Kakistocracy period. As it is observable in South Sudan, the Duo forms of government care more about the security of a particular ethnic group and its leaderships’ survival, and grossly inconsiderate about the general wellbeing of all the citizens and protection of the nation’ sovereignty. What a nation !

Beek December 9, 2015 at 12:53 am

Why you make yourself so weak like that,why don’t go to Kiir and show your uncut Gnundeng foreskin to him if that what you like.Dinka men can swim naked in any river with out any problem at all. Your Gnundeng was a mad Philander like your Dr. Riek Machar.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 8, 2015 at 3:50 pm


try to reason……………..the present war in the RSS is not longer against any foreign country. It is against jenge by most of the tribes of this country. Your long explanation can not justify in any other way that kiir favours foreigners that his own people of the other tribes rather the one of his own. To be honest you are wasting your time if you still think things are going to be the same as before. This country is going to change wether you and cows like it or not.

When some one tells you that you have missed your head, please to check by touching your head. You have missed your reasoning when depending this dinka autocracy rule just for the sake that you are a dinka. Please, I repeat that every tribe hates you and the best thing to do is find out why rather than trying to reason. We are living in the modern world where history is jugded by its time deeds. The short history and the evil jenge government in this country has been calculated by time and its land grabbing, triblism, nepotism, autocracy though others call it dinkacracy.

Your long explanation will never mend your relation with the majority of the tribes of the RSS specially we Equatorians. And we insist to have FEDERAL RULE not for a very special reason but just to make you leave our ancestral land. You still pretend that these many small and scattered rebelions are nothing to you. But we who know any history of any struggle for freedom know very well that you are much disturbed than us.

You do kill yourselves in many of your cattling raiding, some of you die in Yambio and around Torit, you have the same problems in Wau. Please accept the fact. pretending will never solve your case……………

Tolio December 9, 2015 at 8:46 am


My explanations are logical in relation to the topic of sovereignty that is posted above.

I used the facts,not a personal opinion filled with adjectives.

I cheerish my work to put things right and I don’t see it as a waste of time.

Just because Dr Jada has written about it doesn’t mean what he has written about is 100% undebatable. Otherwise he wouldn’t have put it online for readers.

I strongly disagree that every tribe hates Jiengs. That is just your delusion.

The government has all 64 tribes on its side. Not all Nuers,Nyinyaam,and Chollos are with the oppositions. Some are with the government as well.

As for the change you talk about, Nobody including the government is opposed to it as long as the change is not being made through a coup or other illegitimate means such as negative propaganda and deliberate attempts to fake a genocide as pertext of regime change.Armenians have tried those tricks against Turks but the whole world proofed them wrong and the same thing is happening here. The AUICOSS has thrown out the case of genocide against the government of South Sudan.

If you favour federalism as a way to be anti-Dinkas, then it won’t work. It will be torn down like Berlin’s Wall that was one erected as a symbol of division and hatred in Germany.

In Wau,Bahr El Ghazal,all tribes are with government. Only few criminal incidents happen and that is normal.There is no single nation in the world without few crooks. The rebels try to polish those crimes and claim them as legitimate attacks carried by their forces on government troops but the truth prevails,attributing such attacks as actions of criminal gangs not affiliated with the rebels. The same happens in Equatoria where minor criminal incidents are inflated up by the rebels as their biggest attacks on the national army.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 9, 2015 at 7:28 am

beeek/baaaak/black crow,

so you want to see a different way of going to kiir? you really do not understand that the 64 tribes are going to kiir by means of rebellions, battling him every corner and by frustrating him in Juba like what you are seeing right now. These are the ways that ALL SOUTH SUDANESE HAVE UNITED TO KICK YOUR DIRTY ASS HARD. WHICH WAYS ARE YOU LOOKING FOR, really you do not understand.

Or you want us not to generalise the whole tribe of jenge or dinka. then you must not support kiir at all and him fight his own war alone

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 12, 2015 at 11:16 am


your explanation of full dinkasm and no body is going to listen to you. when you follow every comment have you come across to any body who is a non dinka supporting you? pioint out please. Just take the logic that all these comments come from different people of different tribes……………….I do not know what are you trying to be, are you trying to practice polotics? If yes, first put your cows to stay in one place before trying to be a polotician. It is not easy to lead people who do underestand more than you the cow. Just take the present example of your father

Tolio December 14, 2015 at 1:27 pm


My discourses are about the topical subject called the sovereignty of South Sudan which the author has brought up in this public forum for reading and for him to get some reactions from his fellow South Sudanese like you and me.

You say that my explanations are full of Dinkaism and that no body would listen to them,however I entirely disagree with your statements.These discussions focus on the issue being remarked upon. It has nothing to do with Dinkaism that you brought up here from nowhere. Your assertion that no one would listen to my explanations is nothing significant to me and the topic of deliberations but falls under what intellectuals like myself don’t do. It is called logical fallacy of hasty generalisation which doesn’t validate your argument or makes other people agree with what you said as true. Hasty generalisation is never based on facts but on false assumptions. So,when you say that no one is going to listen to me or what I gave as the good explanations,your point of view goes into that trash bin of generalization because what you think is quite dissimilar to the views of other people whom you don’t represent or speak for, since they have not delegated you as their leader to act on making your point of views on their behalves.

You asked me whether a none Dinka agrees with my views or not in all my comments. Well,my aim is not to run opinion polls on what other people think of my views in terms of yes or no in the first place. Though the audience on this forum are diverse,my goal has never been to appeal a case to any specific tribe,including members of Dinka I belong. These discussions are much different from political campaign trails for seeking voters to support the party so it runs the country,in which case the strategies and messages would have been very different. I simply participate in such discussions to make people like you learn and understand what is right as opposed to wrong conceptions they have because they lack some proper insights into the matters of national importance due to their tribal bias,being not well informed,being mentally challenged or being too ignorant. Though my explanations have power to persuade some one to except my points,they do it so on their own rights,not because I have simply attempted or designed those views to score a point. It is the truth that persuades them to change their negative thinking and just because no body says he or she agrees with what I say doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t support anything I wrote about. I take the silence of people as their agreement with what I say,even though you say no one from other tribe agrees with me and by the way I don’t participate in these discussions because it is other tribes versus Dinka tribe. This is where your little chimp’s head has misled your whole soul to believe.

As for politics, I don’t practice it but a zealous professional who has been doing it for decades and decades, starting off as a soldier in South Sudan. Politics is not just the thing I do but what I live everyday.

I know you don’t like cows but in a democratic society, they are citizens of South Sudan and parts of its identity. They have rights in civilized countries such as the United Kingdom, North American countries to mention but a few. In Canada or Britain, they have a peak authority called RSPCA that oversees this. I will one day act in my full capacity as a politician to establish an authority similar to this with popular support from many stakeholders and people like you will made to cope with this reality,even though it is against your will. I have a lot of cows and they have always been kept on my coast in my hometown. They are no commercial ones that are reared for meat but kept for prestige,customary uses and cultural pride.

Gat.darwich December 12, 2015 at 7:36 pm

Killer NyanKiir, a slave-hearted Jenge, bowing and kneeling to his husband, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda.

What a traitorous, Jenge !


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