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Ware crimes being committed by General Taban Deng Gai and his notorious associate, General Dor Manjur Gatluak

To all:

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By David L. Top

Your excellences,

June 9, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Please be informed that the current South Sudan 1st Vice President Taban Deng Gai and his killing machine group in the person of General Dor Manjur Gatluak are committing serious war crimes against innocent citizens of Guit, Rubkona, Koch, Leer and Mayiandit counties of Unity State.

Innocent International NGos and CBOs’ local staff members have now been abducted and are being tortured to death by General Dor Manjur Gatluak as an order from the First Vice President Taban Deng Gai. The abducted individuals have been falsely accused of being sympathizers of the SPLM/SPLA-IO under Dr. Riek Machar for not joining their group.
The primary reason revealed by the local communities in the area is that the group loyal to General Taban Deng led by General Dor Manjur is demanding that all local NGOs and CBOs operating in the area surrender all food and non-food items meant for the locals to them or risk being arrested and tortured to death. This is part of the overall Government‘s strategy to use “FOOD AS A WEAPON OF WAR” against the local populations all over South Sudan. Names of some of the innocent individuals under torture are as follows:

  1. Mr. Madieng Kech (work with World Relief )
  2. Mr. Tot Keah (work with World Relief)
  3. Gatkuoth Mut Nyuel (work with Concern worldwide)
  4. Joahjoah Tunguar (working for Care International)
  5. Malual Wiyual ( work with MSF Holland)
  6. Eight unnamed Primary and Secondary school teachers (Working with CHADO a local CBO)
  7. And many more that are yet to be identified.

The First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai have since defecting to the Government ordered General Dor Manjur Gatluak to forcefully conscript child soldiers from the age of 10 to 16 into their camp to prove that he has an army of supporters to legitimize his status. In that process, hundreds of under age children in those counties have been beaten to death by General Dor Manjur Gatluak for their inability to carry guns or moving quicker.

The world needs to know that General Taban and his small group are using these torturous and other degrading tactics to force individuals to pledge allegiance to his leadership. Such desperate and ill-intended actions will never bring peace to South Sudan, but more suffering and anguish to innocent citizens.

We are calling upon the world leaders and Human Rights advocates to use their collective leverages to bring these callous actions to an end and stop listening to lies coming from Juba, pretending to be for the people while killing the innocent local populations in any way they can.

Respectfully yours,

David L. Top
Human Rights Defender Group, Unity State
On behalf of Unity State Voiceless citizens
Email: unitystatehumanrightsdefender@gmail.com

CC: Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch

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