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Dr. Riak Machar’s Return to Juba is the First Time Coming of Jesus Christ in South Sudan.

As we keep on with our lives to save the lives of majority innocent civilians; in our daily lives, we often attempt to understand other people and to explain their actions in order to gain insight political momentum into their tribal motives and beliefs. A great nation destroys with interest of fulfilling community pedestal achievements as they ceaselessly denied the hopes of majority for a solely public astray, everlasting corruption, public funds embezzlement, injected insecurity, total disaster of citizens’ stands, human rights violations, misdirection of spiritual leaders, destruction of peace implementation driven by anti peace troupe without nationalized ideology. The anguish civilians, who suffered in different ways; starvation has displaced south Sudanese people from NBG-State to northern Sudan, lack of education, no preventive methods of controlling minor diseases.”

By David Lony Majak Makuei.                                                                                

South Sudanese daispora community welcomes Dr. Riek Machar Teny to Omah Nebraska in Oct 2015(Photo credits: Komach Deng Dey)
South Sudanese daispora community welcomes Dr. Riek Machar Teny to Omah Nebraska in Oct 2015(Photo credits: Komach Deng Dey)

April 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The returns of Dr. Machar to Juba is scrutinize as the first time coming of Jesus Christ in South Sudan, we must celebrate it countrywide. The apparent realities behind these are the discriminative tyrannical leadership, the economical deformed, control-less inflation downfalls, foreign marginalization by foreigners entering in our own state Affairs, continuous never-ending death of our blameless civilians, the long time suffered IDPS in their own country must be rescue, bewildering gunmen and enduring insecurity in all parts of South Sudan.

The revoking of divisive one man’s exclusive established 28 states, the unconstitutional one, is believe as the instantaneous future obstacle to South Sudanese stability, hence it is amid the prioritized national outstanding issues to be address by the two administrations beneath one government, as in-depth in the agreement of compromised peace agreement signed in 2015.

Economically, currency devaluation; as the dollars’ rate in black market is very high, many citizens has been affected by the high prices of no quality products and expired commodities in the market, exploration of new preventive methods of controlling prices once Dr. Machar land in Juba be required of changes as the nation is heading to no future.

The astray economical trepidation and lack of trust amongst South Sudanese people should be put into contemplation as the national political road map, and the last thought of rebuilding our forth Unity is indefinitely uncertain.

Resilient of Anti-peace groups; consequently the marginal anti peace clicks should not be given more opportunity to hamper peace deal as it was formally signed by the two main parties, the leading national opposition SPLM/A-IO and her counterpart SPLM/A-Juba.

Reunification of the most pretentious political parties and their political players behind bars under the leadership of SPLM-Juba, their trust and political hope must be reinstate by the coming of popular political leader.

Unpredictable security situation; it has been circulated in a distinct media houses, both online websites and national printed newspapers that; the coming of the designated first vice president perhaps assemblage by intended parallel insecurity initiated with the interest of devastating the peace implementation.

According to the press statement issued in the office of the president, the Presidential spokesperson Ateny Wek Ateny said they have not yet made a decision to hold a public reception for Riek Machar who is scheduled to return to South Sudan’s capital Juba on 18 April. He said it will only defend on security measures and no decision yet on public rally for machar in juba, (quoted on radio Tamazuj/Sudanese news crossing border). They said, there are planning a joint internal suicide once Dr. Riak arrives the capital city of South Sudan, the headquarters of peace implementation, with regards to this irresponsive naughty of one sided regime, international, regional communities and South Sudanese people must be aware of this ongoing plans by Juba government.

Chief of general staff of SPLA-Juba, Gen: Paul Malong Awan has apparently unconfined astonishing tribal and military statement in his own small village called Malualkon in NGBS adage that; Dr. Riak Machar will never be a president of south Sudan unless in his absence. Yes Gen: Malong may die or joins ICC before the general elections of South Sudan; but what superiority, aptitude, competence and power to dissonances the eligibility of the current designated first vice president of the Republic of South Sudan. Malong’s decisions should be seen as of that destroying the temporal initiated two years Dinka kingdom in South Sudan, a small Kingdom of great opportunists.

pessimistic conservative physiological perceptions by the so called Jieng Council of Elders over state affairs is about to come to an end as their tribal tenure is completed after destroying the unity of South Sudanese people.

As we, nationally recognized the participants eager to receive his excellence the designated first vice president of the Republic of South Sudan. All nationals are paramount to the reception of Dr. Machar which may later lead to the last agreeable peace in South Sudan.

It is time to celebrate interminable fruits of peace and we ought to continuously lament for our beloved mothers, sisters, fathers, professional and unprofessional army who lost their lives during the anticipated difficult time imposed on us by him and his leadership.

Centering all these pains onto ourselves, it is politically defined as prospect political achievements to salvage the lives of our anguish populations. Majority are crying day and night for the reason that South Sudanese lacks peace, stability whilst our lord’s messengers have prayed for peace, unity and last sorting chapter of national healing and reconciliation at all levels.

May his imminent will be the end of the endless situation in South Sudan; our political stand is the only mechanism to develop South Sudan as a Nation.

Your coming back in South Sudan is nationwide welcomed and accepted as the first time coming of Jesus Christ in South Sudan; they are so eager and dancing. Come help them out from poverty line, death caused by the simple diseases because of your absence, adjustment of internal policies and general administration, improvement of insecurity, rejoining schools by our innocent orphans and the entirely citizens.

The guest writer can be reached at delonymajak@gmail.com.

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chol y April 11, 2016 at 10:51 am

We are going crossified that idiot called Riek Machar and send him to hell for good. Just to make sure he die a slow death.
Chol Agut-Nuer.

Tolio April 11, 2016 at 3:14 pm

Jesus Christ is a beloved son of God. He is a Holy prophet. He is a savior. He never hates anyone, not even the devil. He never recruit the apostles or disciples with false propagandas and so are his Christian fellowers. He never wants people to worship him, even though he has powers which his fathers and guardian Angeles have given to him. The son of God has never bear no weapons against sinners or killed them with weapons. Jesus Christ is the Messiah, a great saint full of glory, lightness, blessing, love and hope. Christian don’t worship Jesus or celebrate him. They celebrate the xmass which is his birthday like everyone else with friends does.They hold his easter memorial and his arising from the dead. He is a universal christian martyr. His mission was: not to gain power, fame, profit or to be worshipped. He does it for the sake of Christians. It his sacrifices that people love and celebrate, not Jesus.

In contrast, Dr Riek Machar is neither messiah nor a holy prophet. He simply is no saint. He is an all-time brutal warlord incriminated in the death of civilians, human rights violations,destruction of infrastructure,economy and the axis of hatred between Dinkas and Nuers which affect their social fabrics. Dr Machar is a power hungry shark. Jesus doesn’t fight the devil to get the power from it. He prays to his father,God to give him powers to overcome the devil’s influences and temptations in a peaceful way. Jesus accepted to be flogged, speared in ribcage and nailed to the wooden cross for crimes of others, not his own but he love those christians unconditionally to the point that he gave his own life in a sacrifice. Jesus never runs away or hides in the bunkers or armed his apostles with weapons to fight those who wanted to harm him. By comparison, Riek Machar ran away, hid and armed his apostles with weapons to kill the innocent and preach hatred, using false propaganda in illegal quest for power.

The analogy in the headline above is off the wall and out of taste. What is going to be celebrated if any, is peace,not the return of Dr Machar. Peace is a credit of not only one man like Dr Machar but every South Sudanese who embraces it. His return is no quick fix for infrastructure’s development, improving economic growth and elimination of armed or poverty related sufferings. Global falls in oil prices and fee that Khartoum charges are beyond Dr Machar’s or anybody’s problem solving ability. We may get loans from the world’s Banks but we will struggle repaying it with interest rates. Few foreign aide and financial donations are only occasional and never come free without strings attached to them. Continuous peace and our own work efforts are the only widows open to build this country and enjoy life. Never expect or rely on assistances beyond our soil.

Khot Malieth April 12, 2016 at 12:33 am

Why most of you Dinkas full of hatred toward Nuers and Dr Riek Machar when in fact it should have been us, the Nuer, who will hate you the most because you had just murdered thousands of people in cold blood in 2013? I thought most of the people who always write on internet should preach peace will come to our country and educate some of our illiterate brothers and sisters about what it means to have country and our own identity as citizens of our country not base on tribal identity

Bol Gatjang April 11, 2016 at 7:32 pm

Oh yes, Mr.David Lony, I think your exaggeration is far beyond human expectations. In actual fact, Dr.Riek, is not enough to be Jesus Christ neither God but he’s a man. God is supreme and holy, unique person who doesn’t need human assistance but independent. This seem more perceived but unrealistic message to be conceivable in picture.

David Wadajebel. April 17, 2016 at 3:21 am

Thanks to you all my brothers who commented.


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