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Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA Official Press Release

Greater Twic East Youth-USA response to “The death of the Greater Bor vision” By Jangdit Dengajok, Australia.(photo: via twiceastcommunity.org)
Greater Twic East Youth-USA response to “The death of the Greater Bor vision” By Jangdit Dengajok, Australia.(photo: via twiceastcommunity.org)

April 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– First of all, we would to greeting you our citizens back home and around the world in the name of our humble, hospitable, fair, just, co-existence, mutual respects of other people belongings, and so forth. We are wishing all of you good and safety wherever life has situated you, our citizens.

That was that, and now we would like to go directly to our press thesis, our short and brief press is going to concentrate mostly on two important issues, namely:

  1. Support: Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA is absolutely supporting the people of Greater Duk Community. We really appreciate your strong stand for your rights against injustice from our neighbor as your article of has demonstrated on Gurtong website. To readers, click here for link: We would like to reiterate, Nyarweng and Hol Dinkas of Duk County, we stand with you. Your right is your right, and nobody should claim your right as an subordinary to his/her belongings.
  1. Recent meeting: Our  second point is about the recently convened controversial meeting of the three counties of Twic East, Duk and Bor paramount Chiefs and Sub-chiefs in Mading Town. They were summoned to Mading Town for what was announced in first place as Workshop for Jonglei Dinkas/Jieng e Jonglei Traditional Customary Law review and many things related to Eastern Twi Dinka, Duk Dinkas [Nyarweng and Hol] and Bor Dinka. But in reality, when VIPS start appearing in venue, the title becomes relevant about what was really behind Event. The agenda behind event was discovered, it becomes visible that the event was coined to promote Greater Bor name of Bor County over other two communities of Greater Twic East and Greater Duk Communities as “Greater Dinka Bor Communities.” People were chocked and dismayed because they were not aware that what did happen in our President Kiir Mayardit signature copy would come soon to our Jnglei Dinkas/Jieng e Jonglei/Jieng de Jonglei whatsoever.

Upon that controversial event last week, we did understand your sad feelings our citizens around the globe and back home in our area when some of information or photo start appearing on website like Gurtong. It was kind of shock and awe to us all. But in our side, the reason why we didn’t write anything sooner as we can our people. We were doing some sort of our own preliminary investigations. As write this paper of ours now, it is after we have had done our own preliminary investigations. Our main question was to find out who were really the organizers of controversial event in Mading Ngeth Angok. Thank God, when we did our preliminary investigation through people who were actually present that time at the controversial event venue. We were told, “there were two individuals” and those individuals are here with their names:

(A) Mr. Arol/Aru Maan

(B) Mr. Diing Akol

After we got those two individuals’ names who were the organizers of controversial event, we didn’t preceed with the rests of our investigations. We leave most of our questions for later time more investigations. Some of questions are below:

We would like to know who were the designer of that title?

  1. Who did contact UNMISS and him/them give permission to use UNMISS Logo, and at the same time who have come to contact with UNMISS Officials?
  2. Is three Paramount Chiefs or Sub-Chiefs of three Counties of Twic East, Duk and Bor did understand correctly what they were signing according to that paper on PaanLuel Wel website? If our Paramount Chiefs or Sub-Chiefs were manipulated, who cheat them? Or where their names and signatures were being copy by hidden individuals without their knowledge as another way to deceiving public that, the Eastern Twic Dinka and Duk Dinkas [Nyarweng and Hol] have abandoned their historical names for Bor County people name? We would like to know this too in our investigations.
  3. Was Gov. Philip Aguer, three Counties Commissioners, three Counties seniors/elders and many other intellectuals were having knowledge about this or not?
  4. Also, we would like to investigate gurtong website and PaanLuel Wel website reporters too who did post press or photo?
  5. Furthermore, Mr. Arol Maan, Mr. Diing Akol and whoever was part of the controversial event would be interrogated too.
  6. Another question, was UNMISS responsible for Event or Jonglei State leadership were responsible for a controversial Event? We would like to find out as well?
  1. And many others interrogations themes to avoid anything like this to happen again in near future.

N/B: Our message to leaders who did organize a controversial event, please change that title ASAP otherwise you guys would be responsible for any out come of your controversial ideal. This is not old days people where few individuals just go and name any community or sub-tribe without their consents. It is different generations fellows if you two were really behind title. If not you two, it is good to let three Counties’ citizens know who were responsible for a controversial event title?

“I’m so excited about ‘Identity Thief’. It’s such a good comedy, and I’m excited for people to go out and see it!” By Genesis Rodriguez

Finally, we would like to call our nation peace loving citizens or communities across our nation to stand for peace of our nation.

God bless our community and our nation who need PEACE!!!

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Twic East in USA Paramount Chiefs Office

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DinkaTwic Panda April 11, 2016 at 10:05 am

Somebody in NyamilePedia did missout this part, would you insert this part correctly on Press, thanks, “People were chocked and dismayed because they were not aware that what did happen in our President Kiir Mayardit signature copy would come soon to our Jnglei Dinkas/Jieng e Jonglei/Jieng de Jonglei whatsoever.”

. April 11, 2016 at 11:16 am

Ok, done.

It was not missed, just that we struggled to understand what it means. If what it is is what you intended, then we are happy with it!

David April 11, 2016 at 10:39 pm

Empty barrel make noise, let me tell you this secret you stupid people, you’re disowned by your parents because of your behaviors. some of you keep talking about out Twic Dinka and yet you don’t even know where home is. You will end up there without seeing the beauty of that area you’re claiming. And I am sure you will not succeed with your life over there. Anyway good luck with your wishes of investigation, I know if some of you come home they will end up in jail.


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