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Contradicting Prophet: What did Prophet T. B Joshua really prophesied?


By Elbow Chuol,

T.B Joshua 2014-03-08 at 9.50.16 AM
TV preacher, prophet T. B Joshua of Nigeria Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN)

Sept 05, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — “The rebels have prophet Ngundeng on their side, now we have T. B Joshua on ours – James Wanni Igga the current south Sudanese Vice President ascending into power through famous SPLM doctrine of pecking order.

Perhaps the most dramatic scenario transpired lately December last year (2013) was the poorly directed comedy movie acted by real life comedians such as south Sudanese Vice President James Wanni Igga and his boss Salva Kiir Mayardit when they bandwagon on a broken ship going to the island of Patmos claiming that, the whisper revelation received from God through materialistic rich TV preacher prophet T. B Joshua of Nigeria Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) prognosticate about them.  Now the most shameful fixation was the fact that, they branded the entire message and disfigures it in different thinking painting it inside their assert story of coup in the world market through powerful preacher and famous man of God. One would only look down mortify by the men who their previous thinking tries catching up with the latest epoch jumping into serious issues before they deeply look into reality and misleading along the way thousands assume educated which surmise to have went through historical events of our world learned through books and myths.

President Kiir and his horde of hodge-podge weren’t left out either in the historical book of illusion. They believed with full hearts of gratitude the recent prophesy tried by T.B Joshua to test his own merit of faith was a direct message from God sent to them through the man that preach the words from the Holy Book. For your information, up to the date few actually didn’t realize the message was not the way Vice President James Wanni Igga and his associates took it. According to several news outlets’ confirmation concerning the adverse untimely predication that attracted the attention of Salva Kiir Mayardit and his government. The message was unusual and now let us takes it from a real source within Naija (Nigeria) and not any other country. www.nigeriafilms.com

In early October or late November (2013) last year the vigorous preacher and famous rich evangelist commonly known as Prophet T. B Joshua blazed his multi-racial auditorium on Emmanuel TV with a message that Africans scramble to make use of it describing the significance upon their circumstances. Kenya went into details trying hard to dismiss this presage. Usually Nigeria and Kenya have internet war and their young people made fun of anything both countries misunderstood among each other.  For few weeks the interpretation of the divination was left on Kenya and Nigeria. Uganda also tried hard to fasten itself between the giant prophecies but later evacuated for no particular reason. But perhaps the most interesting part of the story came back to live when one man in the newest nation on earth does what many could not afford and en-suite himself into the prophecy. And that man was none other than President of south Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit.  His claim was very simple. He was almost captured.

Just to introduced to you the opus. The first week of October saw the Synagogues Church of all Nations in Nigeria full of all pilgrimages coming from far and wide across the globe to seek blessing from the man of God who preach only water and not the wine. The church which is always full of thousands of believers seeking the same whiff went on as usual. That very day unfamiliar guests appeared in the midst of the congregation. Joyce Benda and her husband were the said guests. In what sound pretty surprising. The entire church stood in praise and worships blessing the name of God and putting more efforts learning to trust their sent prophet, the only man that love attracting attention, Prophet T.B Joshua. As if it’s a new eve, Pastor Joshua removed a letter and swift it in the air through powerful conviction he recently gained. Joyce and Her Husband looked astonish as the man of God moves from the forth and pro more closer to them. The long awaited letter finally came into light. It was well written with much thanks and appreciation profusely with promises. The letter was from the president of south Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit with the heading “THANK YOU MAN OF GOD, perhaphs ” exclusively discussing how they misinterpreted one of the prophecies and took it upon themselves. T. B Joshua, who now from nowhere gained unbelievable audacity for the hour of his salvation to preach the good news to other part of the Africa came, particularly the lost sheep of south Sudan. Without thinking he didn’t reject the letter but accepted and went on asking people to glorify the name of the living God that he worships.

That was December last year (2013) days before the team was dispatched to seek his Holiness and blessing. Here read part of that secretive letter from the presumed forever and democratically elected president of south Sudan, Kiir Mayardit. “Exactly what you saw in your prophesy is what exactly has happened to me. We continues to tell the world it is a coup, and even you, a man of God, know it was an attempt to captured me by force but they refused to believe” (and now we came to ask your blessing if need be you can write hundreds of letters to world and may be one day preach to thousands of your members that, it was a coup and I saw president Kiir almost captured now let us condemn this act). Let us go into details of what exactly prophet T.B Joshua predicted.

This is the problem of having completely nobody truly to advise you. I commenced to believe that, Kiir Mayardit has no advisers or perhaps they are not functional like any other sensitive advisors on earth. Why such an embarrassment would allow to be displayed into the public? The prophecy wasn’t about a coup. It was about; “this is an official message from Prophet T.B Joshua and the SCOAN. There are distorted rumors spreading on the internet concerning T.B Joshua’s prophecy this past Sunday. Rumors are saying that the man of God said that an east Africanleader will soon be kidnapped by terrorists and a night club would be blow up. Do not listen to the father of lies”. The report above was from the spokesperson of T.B Joshua responding to lies being spread and painted on some people to make it look contacting the prophet.  And the good news is, “Do not listen to the father of lies” let us stop listening to the father of lies please.

In real sense the secretary in the office of the president is supposed to take the responsibility of what his boss should utter in the media. Kiir should be shortest or directed on what to say to gossipers. There are some disturbing testimonial and actions he keeps displaying unto the Medias and they don’t make any sense but thwarting. Where on earth a Lawyer by profession acts as a media secretary?  Contradicting profession with favoritism, the team was to research carefully what was going on and recommend a report concerning the issue. But instead each act parallel to the duty and they expect a different result. Stupidity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different result.  Here we go, “These are not the words used by prophet T.B Joshua specifically asked journalists not to misquote his prophecy. “He said that he saw a leader being captured. The prophet instructed the people of God to fast and prays on Wednesday and Thursday had nothing to do with what was going to happen, but the people of God should fast and prays on those days. He also told the congregation he will stays in an attitude of prayer for that country concern, so that God might subdue this coming evil to a mere sign.  Source www.nigeriafilms.com 

Now what amazed me and the rest is that, according to (Kiiriria SDA Secondary School – in northeastern Kenya, Tharaka district of Meru) that I went and my English teacher in particular, pastor John Wakabira currently in Nairobi. The tense, being is future present tense while captured is past present tense.

So, when the spokesman declared that, the prophet (he) saw a leader being captured. I intent to believe that, the incident still in process beyond the setting allege by Kiir and his government. Kiir in his letter maintained (being)-he was almost confining through cheap claims oust he tried to sell in London and Nigeria. Well, Prophet T.B Joshua said the opposite “He said that the country concern is not Kenya, but a country close to it in which the people are drinking and dancing”. The above statement tried to explicate hardly to people who take the issues into their own be fitting. He mentioned that it is the same country in which a similar event took place while they were drinking and dancing. The truth is, Kiir indeed may be the one prophesied by the man of God being captured and in process thousands of thousands killed while the men pursues to incarcerate him. But the reason why he made it into a part of coup version with a lot of passion is what marvel so many.

Beyond the border of Kenya there are countries that I am interested to reveal to the coup d’état singers. Among these lost sheep guided by lion is an Ambassador of south Sudan to Uganda at a halt in darkness.  I heard him recently reminded south Sudanese in the students meeting about the song left to mad people. Kenya is bordered with Uganda in the west, Somalia in the east, Ethiopia and south Sudan in the north and south you can find Tanzania and Rwanda.

Then, why would Kiir jumped in and wrangle he is being the one almost incarcerate by the people he said wanted to take his seat by force. Befitting an illusion into reality is not acceptable. If the prophesy amount to anything and indeed from the God of nature. Kiir will be captured alive by the freedom fighters like Libya dictator. Then, I will personally go to SCOAN and sends my secret letter asking prophet T.B to pray for the family of Salva-crisis and south Sudanese at large.

Promptly, in a Presidential decree read in Self Services TV (SSTV), Kiir as a reward of powerful prayer bestowed upon the nation by the man of God, T. B Joshua was appointed as presidential specialist on religious affairs. Though he is not an active as many know, T. B Joshua recently turned down the offer may be on low payment or what he prophesied was not the coup version resulting. I am not here denying the prophecy but not on a coup description. It sounds sardonic and pointless made to publicize the coup aver in another package written “prophesy”.

The man of God also went ahead to revealed that, on process to capture this leader, thousands will die along the way and displaced. Being, represent something that will happen in the future and captured characterize the event that is going to take place and come to past. If the grammer is correct, this leader will actually be captured according to the statement, “he saw a leader being captured”. What actually took place in Juba was not a coup but ethnic cleansing or can we say it was Riek because he was almost capture and being trail by Kiir until he escaped to the bush?. After he fled thousands displaces and killing continue. Who between the two was the one being prophesied? – In the same country in which the people or her leaders were drinking and dancing.

Freedom fighters in south Sudan vowed to capture Kiir alive. Who knows? The truth is, if the foresight was about Kiir then, Kiir will definitely be impound as the statement goes, “He said that he saw a leader being captured”. In this statement there is a lot to it then we can imagine. Prophet T. B Joshua saw a leader being captured. That is, he saw it exactly being captured and not almost being captured as Kiir supporters claims. That leader was captured in the vision. If Kiir put himself into this, he will definitely be captured.

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