Re-Installation Of The Juba Day Base Regime

By Eng.choldit kiir Ngor,

Voters queue in Juba to register for the long awaited South Sudan's independence referendum. (Photograph: Phillip Dhil/EPA)
Voters queue in Juba to register for the long awaited South Sudan’s independence referendum. (Photograph: Phillip Dhil/EPA)

Sept 05, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — First and foremost I would like to put it into reference that, south Sudan had never been in democratic elected government since its inception. South Sudanese had a constitutional government only not democratically elected by the people but the ruling elites had been shamefully publicizing it that they were elected. yes we south Sudanese we are indeed a constitutionally society , we held very shameful election in 2010 under united Sudan but unfortunately south Sudan broke away and got her independent on 9th July 2011 when our entire population voted for separation .

However, they ruling elites who were thirsty of power assume the leadership of the new nation without consulting our masses   in order to install them into new nation leadership , thereafter , our masses as being the combination of constitutionally societies did not react to such a steps taken by the regime and began to cooperate with the regime amicably but the regime itself as being a combination and coalition of unnecessary people start again to dismay our masses by creating chaos in the country and killed our innocent civilians and put our country into unpredictably future , as the regime continue to proceed with tactic of installation and imposition of themselves into country leadership ,

The kangaroo cabinet had recently directed the National Election Commission to prepare for 2015 election when our country is still in question, however, this symptom show that the regime need to steal and assume the leadership again by rushing into election matters while country is still crisis. So, I would urge Mr president and his parliament to make that self installation and controversially election is worse than military coup so should they attempt to make a rub election this country will always be in coma. Let the parliament extend the period of current government for one to two years in order to reconcile ourselves and moves next stage

The writer is concern south Sudanese citizen

Choldit Kiir, a student at Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology, who can be reached at cholditkngordau24@gmail.com

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abulon September 5, 2014 at 12:20 am

That might be interested but what you may think to the democratically elections were supposed to be next year 2015 but people run away from it. Who is to be blamed for!!!!!!!.


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