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Appeal to Nuer – Call for Nuer Unity

Dear Nuer nationals in Salva Kiir Dinka Domination mission;

By Kuajien Lual Wechtuor,

A Nuer man squatted in leather Shield demonstrating the warriors technique to prevent himself from getting hurt from his enemies (Photo/ Deng Nhial)
A Nuer man squatted in leather Shield demonstrating the warriors technique to prevent himself from getting hurt from his enemies (Photo/ Deng Nhial)

Oct 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——There is time for confusion, time to wake up, time to re-think; there is time for a family to fight, and time a family can easily forget and forgive one another than do with the enemy; there is time for everything, including time of grieving our relatives killed in 50,000 (since 2013-2016 by Salva Kiir) as one blood.

The step Bapiny Muinytuel taken is better than sitting on your Nuer people mass graves and wanting to add more mass graves. All Nuer must now look for common ground, to come together because all Nuer share blames, on what divided the Nuer; forcing some to pursue money, some to give in to JCE slavery because they think they have no other option to go, and majority continue to shoulder the Nuer self-defense alongside other South Sudanese against genocide carried out by our brothers Dinka under foreign backing (e.g. Uganda).

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Nuer are Nuer and will remain the Nuer nation – our mothers, fathers, children, relatives, brothers and sisters are in the villages they always burns through your efforts to show loyalties or to have big offices and cashes:

It’s time now to forge a cool-shoulder confrontation between Nuer, Nuer against Nuer, like do our counterpart and archaic enemy of peace in South Sudan the Dinka. Let “the Nuer setting up by Dinka” not overtake you to portray the Nuer as a society that lack common ground, who have no unity, love to Nuer name and not proud of Nuer identity.

Take example to Dau Aturjuong & Dhiew Mathok who rebelled in the last two years had returned back to where they came without killing a single Jieng man, neither burn a Jieng village nor attack even a single Jieng Malitia barrack. Those who still opposed Jieng Domination and anti-peace behaviour are doing it through media and in exile – they’re not taking arms against their love one, though salva Kiir and Dinka Elders killing beating them to death if are caught.

Why can you not learn from them the Jieng, among other communities who are not fighting one another? They are in Salva Kiir Dinka Militia, they have their own, are in IO – none of them are attacking one another but you whole heartily shoots us in the village in persons.

My appeal to Nuer: South Sudan is Nuer made, Nuer take and built – no
any reason Nuer should remain indefinitely divided for you are
promoting Dinka Domination. Nuer nation we all own can dominate the
world when we are in one; Please take Bapiny Minytuel pass, or keep
quite, or exile and silent therein.

The author, is a concern Nuer national. He can be reached at nyatuachlual@gmail.com

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