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Salva Kiir sandwiched between violent demise and safe exit as all possibilities will knock over this oppressor

 By Mak Banguot Gok,


President Salva Kiir Mayardit photo (Via Wikipedia)
President Salva Kiir Mayardit photo (Via Wikipedia)

August 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — If the Hutu of Rwanda after annihilated Tutsi minority in 1994 kept on power by the United Nation, how would Rwanda be today? And now, if Dinka, after massacred thousands innocent Nuer civilians in Juba, and, their Salva Kiir insist to stick on power, how would South Sudan be? Reconciliation is always brought about by the victims not the perpetrators!!

The Embattled President of the futile government of Juba is now caught in midst of either to fight the mighty Nuer up to end and,  die violently like other countries’ former dictators,  or except that, the very Dinka kingdom which he is trying to keep alive is  coming to an end with only few strictures countdown . There will never be again the same groups of Dinka tribesmen pivotal to the fate of this nation because, the ongoing conflict in South Sudan will be and for all maximize an endeavor for fundamental changes to those cultures of tribalism, ineffectiveness of the national institutions due to the rampant corruption, nepotism and poor leadership by corrupt tribes who, every single human amongst the family of Salva Kiir put hand in mismanagements of the national resources and says to the people of South Sudan that, this genocidal government deserves recognition.

People of South Sudan will taste the real changes that would definitely met at least significant expectation when Salva Kiir go and Dinka comes to realize that, South Sudan is for all the sixty four ethnic communities and not one tribe enthusiastic to dough and rune like an extraterrestrial with resources belonging by all the people of South Sudan. It is now than ever that, Salva Kiir and his tribesmen realized Nuer-lead  revolution versus Dinka-led government cannot be contains by using mercenaries. Tribal army collected from Dinka Bhar-El-Ghazel have exhausted for these eight months conflict in Upper Nile region. JEM, SPLM/N in Unity State paralyzed by the mighty Nuer who killed thousands of their fighters ( Torboros) trained for Khartoum during the 15th, May recapturing of Bantiu.

A head of the anticipated nosedive of the peace talks in Addis, Salva Kiir knew very well that, once the talks fails, Nuer will continues fighting until the last stock of the dictator. During September, Malong Awan, the Chief of the faltered Salva Kiir’s Army has put it right when recently briefed his boss of what is happening whilst talks overly involved in Addis Ababa. Very discouraging to them and, the fighting this time will devastated not Upper Nile region as it has been for these nine months, but, most part of the country, including Warrap and Awiel. We cannot be kept out of this country like Acholi of Joseph Kony because, we never believe in defeats. If peace fails by any way, we’ll fight to the last.

To safe this country from losing again over twenty thousand human lives like what happened to Nuer during December, there are only very few chances for Dinka to at least reduces the impulse of retaliation that would follows if solution comes through military mean.  Meanwhile, for Nuer, am sure forgiveness is always part of our culture as we knew very well that, we have an absolute freedom and ability to tear and reunite this nation. But, if fighting going on, it mean, people will dies in big number and, the most death this time around will be witness in Bhar-EL-Ghazel.

Salva Kiir should now rethinks his strategies of how to encountering the Nuer-Lead revolution that need careful undertaking of the likelihood of his violent death anytime soon. Otherwise, let him stand down and give the victims a chance to decide what to do next. Take example of Rwanda and see if Hutu kept on power after killing Tutsi in 1994, how would Rwanda have been?

When Salva Kiir returned back on 10th of August from Washington DC where, almost all the heads of African States bade for two days submits on African future economic enablement further down the auspice of the United States’ Government, if you were in Juba,  it was like a fraternization of euphoria and expression of grief by the Dinka in Juba that, their chief might have brought hope to their chiefdom from west. They are wrongly extorted that, Salva Kiir may regains his legitimacy to continue leading a country which he killed its citizens with foreign armies. Despite, thousands of South Sudanese be vested in a foreign country unproven his presence in Washington DC that educated the world beyond doubt that, whoever mesmerizing genocidal president who, in the same time, an embryonic brutal dictator, who killed over twenty thousand an acquitted citizens of   his own country by, a stimulus of other country’s leader is, not only an abuse to the victims of Juba massacre, but also. It aggregated misapplication of the norm that prevents use of power against tribe or groups.

Anyway, Salva Kiir was in US and John Kerry hosted him in midst of multiple criticism from within the US government.  And, lately, he declared that, inviting him (Salva) amongst the African leaders was not that big in spites of the real cause and what US and others western governments stood for and, still toiling to make sure that,  the dictator regime in South Sudan brought to an end.

His meeting with John Kerry was, according to the Dinka of Juba, mean a political victory to Salva Kiir whose foreign policy extinct its entire trend whatsoever. For him (Salva) to reach America as president after all the genocide and ethnic cleansing his tribal army carried out on to the innocent Nuer people in Juba, it was  just to enticing him of how he missed the honors privileges which all head of the nations do enjoys. It was not because the reality of the current bloodiest conflict in South Sudan is overturned by the US government which still standing firms on the principles of never ever stand behind a genocidal government which pitilessly homicide its own citizens on tribal affiliations in whatever its form reached the proportion of the South Sudanese deadliest conflicts.

With significant thwarting and loss of hope on his arrival at Juba International Airport, Salva Kiir addressed hundreds of mostly Dinka who were forcefully battle-ready to receive him at arrival. He as typically, criticized Dr. Machar of not uncomplaining him as an elected president to lingers leading the country which he break apart.

The entire alternative in his (Salva) mind to bring to an end this conflicts are insincere with only the brand of ‘’ I’m elected president’’ with no proper excuse of how a president who massacred more than 20,000 innocent civilians who he fantasizes to be elected him can leads.

Rejecting all the IGAD proposals on how to bring to an immediate end the sufferings of the people of South Sudan, Salva Kiir was bitter to the world leaders who advocated his standing aside and let people of South Sudan decide on what governance and the leader they want to see in this country after all the anguish inflicted onto the innocent people of by Kiir himself with aid of the brutal dictator- Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.  Very clear that, Dr. Machar is not yearning for only fortifying his position in that faltered genocidal government of Salva Kiir and his tribesmen, but, to bring real reforms in the Republic as the case of various strategic institutions which are now paralyzed with rampant venalities and one-sidedness. Transformation in security sectors, public services, army, the judicial system, legislature, executive and most importantly, introduction of a solid federal system of governance that will help creating more administrative States throughout the country is only that, if IGAD or whoever thinking of resolving the new nation’s bloodiest conflicts .  In pretext of the IGAD negotiating modalities, Salva Kiir has to stand-down or except to be kept for a while as a symbol of the State ( the president)  and Dr. Machar the head of the government ( the Prime Minister)  with full ceremonial enablement

After all the massacres of innocents’ civilian in Juba and others States of the Greater Upper Nile region, Salva Kiir is categorically battling either of the two proposals by the IGAD in consultation with various stakeholders. I.e. Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNU) without him and his rival Dr. Riek and, TGNU with him as the president (Head of the State) and Dr. Riek the Prime Minister (Head of the government) with full executive powers. Besides, the consultative series of meetings he had with various keys players in the current bloodiest conflicts including John Kerry in his capacity as the US Secretary of State, Salva Kiir thought the world turn a side his grave abuse of presidency which is not necessarily the case that make him (Salva) took part amongst the African Head of the States to the recently conducted African submits in Washington DC.  He claimed to be defending constitution as like he knows about the importance of an agreed written document. Dr. Machar made it clear to the world and the people of South Sudan that, any transitional government in South Sudan should never include Salva Kiir who his poor leadership has slithered the young nation into this alarming proportion

Salva Kiir threatened the revolutionaries and claimed that, ‘’ when I decide to fights Riek Machar, he will regret’’.

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