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His Excellency Barak Obama

President, United States of America

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama,

Simon Deng on hunger hunger strike for South Sudan at White House, Washington-DC, USA(Photo: Simon Deng)
Simon Deng on hunger hunger strike for South Sudan at White House, Washington-DC, USA(Photo: Simon Deng)

Oct 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The purpose of this open letter is to urgently appeal to you as the leader of the government of the United States to rescue and transform South Sudan. This is the very country that the United States helped to create and subsequently has abandoned. I am appealing to your leadership to intervene in hope of restraining South Sudan from descending into a full scaled genocide and anarchy.

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The South Sudanese government beginning in December 2013 continues to impose gross catastrophe on the people and commit widespread human rights violations. The government perpetuates wars against humanity despite the signing of the ARCISS (Peace Agreement) and uses rape, torture, castration, and starvation as weapons of war against women and children. This has been documented and condemned by the United Nations, African Union and humanitarian organizations.

This Peace Agreement which was strongly pressed by the IGAD+ and signed in August 2015 collapsed in July 2016. The Transitional Government of National Unity was stillborn. Now the hope for peace and stability in Southern Sudan has drowned in the Nile River. The ethnic based mass murder is evidence of genocide which continues to unfold. Based on the United Nations report, the July conflict was initiated and directed personally by President Kiir and his armed forces Chief of Staff, General Paul Malong. The hope for a political settlement has been abandoned and groups are now forming to overthrow the totalitarian, corrupt and ethnocentric regime in Juba by force.

Almost four million Southern Sudanese are refugees or displaced and hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in oppressive situation in the United Nations so called “protection of civilians” camps. For good reason, they, as well as many other South Sudanese, feel abandoned and hopeless. The situation recently was described by the Catholic Bishop of Juba, Santo Laku as “being dead is better than being alive in South Sudan”. If this will not lead us to tears, then nothing with lead us to joy.

President Kiir continues to destabilize the country by abusing his authority and power to steal land from other communities in favor of his own tribe. His barbaric army generals continuously perpetuate mass murder. In addition the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer people in the capital, the government continues to commit more crimes regularly against other ethnic group of people with impunity. President Salva Kiir strategically targets multiple ethnic groups, including normally peaceful communities such as the, Chollo (Shilluk) and draws up political boundaries to steal the lands from communities which they have inhabited for centuries.

Nor have Americans been been spared. In 2013 TEN American citizens were killed!Among them was Lam Chuol, United States Marine who served in Iraq. In July 2016, U.S. Embassy vehicles were attacked by President Kiir’s army and the residence of American and foreign NGOs was attacked resulting in rape, torture and beatings of foreigners including Americans. At the same time the United States government is assisting brutal regime with the military support knowing that it is killing American citizens.

President Kiir repetitively conducts war crimes, and crimes against humanity for which he must be held completely accountable. As the end of your term of leadership is approaching I strongly urge you to take firm, rapid action to prevent the continuing slaughter of the people of South Sudan, the balkanization of the nation, and the spread of violence into neighboring nations. South Sudan rapidly is descending into a full anarchy, extraction from which will take generations.

President Obama, you stated that you will directly hold responsibity for the leaders who obstruct peace in South Sudan. Please honor your promise with action.

On behalf of all people in South Sudan I sincerely thank you for your time and attention at this critical moment in the history of South Sudan and your administration.


Simon Deng                                                                                               Former Sudanese Slave and Human Rights Activists                                                                                                 2011 UN Watch Freedom Award

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