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By Simon Changkuoth,
Hussen Maar Nyuot, former rebels official who defected to Salva Kiir-Taban government showcased in a Lou-Nuer youth meeting in Nairobi, Kenya(Photo: file)
Hussen Maar Nyuot, former rebels official who defected to Salva Kiir-Taban government showcased in a Lou-Nuer youth meeting in Nairobi, Kenya(Photo: file)

Dec 02, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Our unity is so paramount and fundamental to our ENTIRE NUER COMMUNITY as well as our future victory against the brutal genocidal and dictatorship regime in Juba. Any genuine efforts to unify ourselves, ranks and files by Lou nuer leaders inside S. Sudan or any country for that matter should be wholeheartedly received and enshrined deep down our hearts. On the other hand, anyone with ideas to cause differences and disunity amongst ourselves should be cast out with an immediate effects.

SO DISTURBING:  I/WE have come to realized that some gluttonous few leaders had allowed themselves to be flawed and have accepted bribes from the top corrupted elites in order for them to infiltrates our Lou as well as our entire nuer community with mixed confusing messages. Their goal here is to create mistrust, misunderstanding and mixed emotions and a possible severe rift among ourselves, but we will not let them succeed.

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The event which took place at P.C.E.A CHURCH, ZIMMERMAN, NAIROBI, KENYA yesterday’s Thursday the 1st of December 2016 was originally initiated to had been a prayer service for our Lou nuer sons and daughters who completed KCPE and KCSE this year. Unfortunately, this original idea was hijacked in the last minute by suspects of a political bribery which then bended the proceedings to serve the calculated interest of the Gen Taban Deng Gai followers.

The good news to date is that the Lou nuer members in Nairobi, Kenya and those around the world have uncovered this failed political move by those Lou nuer leaders in Nairobi who have been brainwashed by those Lou nuer sons and daughters within the Juba’s regime together or under the illegal FVP TABAN DENG GAI’S crown hotel’s group.

We have also unearthed some facts with details that majority of Lou nuer members never attended the event because they felt that there were undisclosed fraudulent case against their leader Mr Nyoat Jock, some of those who attend had to vacate the event as soon as they realized the change of the topic. The program on the day revealed a big shift from the original theme which was the “Prayers service for KCPE and KCSE school leavers” into an advertisement for Taban Deng Gai and his few elites. Some members had to leave the party way early as they were disappointed with the proceedings of the day, some of the initial MCs were replaced without their knowledge as they were feared to opposed the changes, those who welcomed and carried the slogans were blackmailed into that, the speakers were chosen with interest only to preach the crown hotel’s agendas. Those invited Musicians/artists as well as the speakers like the likes of the Lou nuer of Victoria’s former Chairman Mr Musa Abraham Gatluak and Lou nuer of Uganda Chairman Mr Khor Diew Ruot plus some few others NEVER KNEW ANYTHING about the hidden Agendas by the top organisers. Therefore, their messages were purely based on the original theme of the event but found themselves in uncomfortable situation where they were getting constant reminder of the time they were taking to speak.

PRECISELY: In my opinion, the whole event has now ended up in shame, thanks to the failed ambitious move calculated to get support for Taban and Salva Kiir’s regime by those organisers/leadership .

Let those TABANEEN know that, Lou nuer people in Nairobi Kenya, South Sudan and the whole world have from day one of this conflict stood with their nuer brothers and sisters against the brutal genocidal and dictatorship regime in Juba and are still standing firm on the very same cause to date.

NOTE: Lou nuer people shall never betrayed their own brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who were mercilessly massacred in Juba and across the country from 2013 to current simply to serve the interest of the bought few. We are still united with our nuer brothers and our fellow citizens under the able leadership of our one and only C in C Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon as the only hope for a peaceful stable and democratic State.

LASTLY, Let’s all stay focused and well alerted at all times as one people with one goal so that a mistake of this kind never repeat itself. Let this be a heads up to all of us that you must make it a priority to know first of the event or function before attending and be part of. Let our unquestionable commitment and our enduring spirit continue on from here with our unwavering hope that our victory is around the corner despite all these negatives around us.


Viva Lou Nuer Boorchaar!


Viva Dr Riek Machar!

Viva South Sudan!

Simon Changkuoth is an SPLM-IO activist, a Lou nuer son and and advocate for a regime change for peaceful South Sudan. He can be reached via email: changkuothnyatuong@yahoo.com 

Facebook : Changkuothnyatungong Gatnyamiraan .

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