Abduction of School Kids in Wau Shulluk is Mistreatment of Minority Group in the Country.

President Salva Kiir is an exploiter.

By Gariay Yual,


Hundreds of children are believed to have been kidnapped by forces of Johnson Olony to be used at the frontline to defense the government installations in Malakal and other parts of Upper Nile(Photo: Guardian)
Hundreds of children are believed to have been kidnapped by forces of Johnson Olony to be used at the frontline to defense the government installations in Malakal and other parts of Upper Nile(Photo: Guardian)

March 6, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Think like a father/mother of a child. Imagine; if I went collecting your children and take them away, what would your reaction be? How would you feel? It’s an evil game, little known leaders need to made south Sudan be a country without future generation. In the past, Abduction was assumed as habits of ‘terrorise’Rebel movements but nowadays become tendency of government.

A person with human sense, outraged, and horrified by the rampant child abduction campaign in the territories under government control, such as towns of Wau Shulluk, Malakal, Bor, Juba, Aweil and Bentiu town. Prearranged; government has turned the land into a place ‘’where no child will exists.’’

I join the shulluk people in expressing my concern to the families and friends of the school kids abducted weeks ago, and express outrage at such an objectionable wildness committed at the eyes of UNCEF. It’s very disturbing crimes. The government continues to use unkind of discord and distrust directly contradicting its proclaimed commitment to observe child rights.

Well, there is no different between the activities of Boko Haram Rebel in Nigeria and activities of South Sudan government and its associates Militias; among them is General Johnson Olony faction in shulluk kingdom of Upper Nile State. Abduction of school Kids in Shulluk Kingdom is mistreatment of Minority group. President Salva Kiir is an exploiter.

It is so hollow when someone tries to humiliate defenseless in order to boost his/her shameless personal celebrity as so cheap like that. Those abducted kids have right to live, to education and to be somebody that this country and international community can benefit from. God is a highest shepherd.

Some Generals and leaders are used by someone safe there, to do brutal acts against his/her community. They work like they are not going to come back home one day. Johnson Olony is a treachery of Chollo people. Please free the school children. Collo community acquainted in a time Olony let them killed by government during his fruitless rebellion, but later rejoined government unwillingly in 2013.it have to be recalled that, it maybe intending to devastate offspring of Collo.

Given the hurtful arena, school kids of Shulluk goaded and forceful abducted today, are the orphanages of loosely Olony’ movement, back in 2012. He jeopardized the lifes of their fathers’ years ago; he made them orphans, and now he decides to send them after their martyred dads –Oh Nyikango!

As history taught us many, some people never make history, because of that they were not popular. Not known by many. There is no song composed on their name as honor for man hood among the statemen,that’s why some are trying to be wordily narrated and sing as a ‘’war lord’’? Why not dreaming about the future of those kids. Are you South Sudan BOKO HARAM? Oh bring back the children!

Those children have future ahead. Nation is waiting them for their future function. I am thinking on how they will suffer in war frontline facing themselves with adult trained soldiers. They are in Danger because of individuals benefits. This war will end; south Sudanese community will be one-united. Why degrading your community upcoming members on tribal hatre war of Salva Kiir? Unequivocally I censure this dastardly act and demand that the children are released unconditionally by their abductors so that responsible individuals are found and brought to justice.

Gariay is a south Sudanese, living in Upper Nile State.

Hit him via ggyual@gmail.com

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Our-Shores March 6, 2015 at 10:25 pm

Sad! we all have to do what we can and stop setting on the side lines. Please keep on reporting on these issues. Regardless of ones location, they are someone’s child. See: http://ourshores.org/2014/05/16/boko-haram-is-not-just-a-nigerian-problem-many-are-in-the-caribbean-the-u-s-and-other-countries-in-disguise/

Goweng Torbaar March 7, 2015 at 5:26 am

No need for evident to put Johnson Olony under terrorist list


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