How A Coordinator Allows Himself To Be Held Hostage By Propaganda and Divisive Agents  Rather Than Unity Processes?


By Duol Lual Wuol Tel,

Oct 8, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — Why would any one respect opinion that is  filled with misleading narratives such as the one written by Mr Changkuoth Both although he could claim that he is entitled to his opinion. We are appalled by your poor judgement, illusions and misrepresentation of information. We as general-assembly recently has been briefed by the chairperson, the  representative and the coordinator that Victoria chapter received appreciation from leadership of the SPLM- IO movement and C-in-C and chairman, Dr Machar Teny, back home when they visited and met with him and his leadership. The leadership has been impressed by different events and task carried out during the current term among and these includes interruption of meetings between National dialogue committees and the so called Neur Intellectuals forum. Those recognizable works are indications of good leadership .

Members of South Sudan's SPLM-IO Victoria Chapter(Photo: supplied)
Members of South Sudan’s SPLM-IO Victoria Chapter(Photo: supplied)

While you question performance and integrity of Victoria chairperson, what do you call those achievements that caught attention of the leadership? We believe our leadership in Victoria has outperformed its capacity. Mr Changkuoth, your position is nonsensical, baseless  and just ill-intended pinch targeting character assassination. Using  Common sense, I believe you failed to attend all or most activities which should have educated you on the magnificent performance our chapter have had without any doubt.

Let me inform our readers that Victoria Chapter with in constrains of time and engagement had successfully conducted three fundraising functions, two advocacy rally (release of chairman and political detainees) and two commemoration events( December 13 and J1 incident) and one advocacy meeting with other agencies one of which was with consulate of influential Country organized by women league formation, election of delegates to the national convention and assisted in organizing youth league national convention. Those occasions were carried out by the Victoria under leadership of the chairperson Mrs. Nyajany Dei Wal towards implementation of missions and visions of the movement.

Our chapter over this short span of time has seen unprecedented number of activities which drew huge number of participants and made leadership place our chapter at the top of performing chapters.

Moreover, majority of our general assembly, intellectuals and respected members of the chapter stand behind leadership of Mrs Nyajany Dei Wal and commend her ability and hard work as well as of the executive. So many times participation of members has been overwhelming contrary to Mr Changkuoth concocted deceptions. It is a duty and a call for every member to participate in party events, why would you, Mr Changkuoth, blame anyone for your poor commitments and lack of attendance to the said functions? You should instead appreciate what our chair lady has done. Since your candidate lost the race to Victoria leadership your contribution dwindled. Do u want to serve individuals or the movement?

We all know the resilience, team work spirit, ability and honesty of our Victoria chairperson. Many members bestowed their trust and respect in her and as you have witnessed during the General Assembly in your hiding places she continues to work with majority of the executive members (4) except 2 who defected and all executive council members with exception of one. Can readers see how Mr opinionated misrepresents truth by saying chairperson has only remained with one executive member? Now who lack integrity? Isn’t he the one who is not sincere when it comes to fact? In addition to yourself, the other most dishonest people are those who feed you with untrue tales such Mr acting  coordinator, secretary General and deputy chairperson of Victoria.

Another lie concocted by Mr Changkuoth that we would like to correct is that the recent general assembly was attended by hundreds and not only by 65 as you said and the resolution agreed to was to form two committees and not (4) as you claimed. First to investigate your candidates Mr. Musa Abraham and Eako Ayama for membership money they failed to hand over to previous treasure during and after elections as  they had promised. Second, a committee to draft  general assembly appeal to C-in-C and chairman, Dr Machar. In fact there is no question about finances in the current office.

It is worth mentioning that the chairperson is a learned individual with track record of steadfast standing in representing our political organisation and she is very well aware that our affiliation is based on believe in the mission and vision of the movement and not just mere following of our community descendants. She has no reasons to call Ulang members as followers of Hoth Mai because we are here as IO Members. It is very clear that your opinion is divisive and childish but non of our intelligent community members will lend an ear to this lie. We are aware your agents In Khartoum whom you know tried a lie in the same line of manner but he was unsuccessful while the coordinator attended for questioning by the leadership.

Mr Changkuoth , you should start to learn that your strategies are nonsense starting from advocating falsely that a member was removed from the meeting by Police. The individual who was involved or removed was not an IO member. The individual tried to trespass an exclusive members-only meeting and therefore he was politely asked to leave, however, he insisted to interrupt the meeting. At the end he left the meeting venue when he was pressured by the general assembly to leave. He was not escorted out by police. In regards to his membership everybody is aware he is not a member and any forgeries such as fraudulent receipt shall never make him a member.

It is true that the master of breaches, violations to the constitution and code of conducts in the whole diaspora is the coordinator Mr Keak Kiir whom you and your support team continue to wrongly advise. This is compounded by the fact that he believe he is the head of the party in Australia. He is not aware or he doesn’t follow directives that are already in place that require him to be subordinate to the representative. This gives him some difficulties when it comes to subordination or accepting directives from the mission office. He is now your hostage and of division agents called “support team”. These are architects of the defected group called IO United -as referred to By SG Mr Thuok Luol in one of his warning spills. The group had contributed to disruption caused by former Coordinator Mr Yien Machar.  The current situation is a continuation of the splinter group’s divisive agenda.

Mr Coordinator tends to misquote and misinterpret articles of our constitution. It was apparent when he issued unconstitutional suspensions of Victoria chairperson in disobedience to superior directives that advised him verbally or were issued in written form. In all those instances, about six (6) times, he has been at fault in applying the constitution and code of conduct. So he proved utterly incompetent and he need to be constantly kept at check.

We the  proud members and supporters of great work of SPLM-IO Victoria chapter Under leadership of Cde. Nyajany Dei Wal accept the challenge of swallowing grudges, embracing reconciliation and unity among executive and assembly members. With this we call upon leadership of SPLM-IO entities in Victoria to work towards realization of this goal.

Mr. Duol Lual Wuol Tel is SPLM-IO Victoria member of state council, he is reachable reachable via this email: duolwuol@gmail.com

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