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A Response to poor open letter to president Kiir by Wany Makhor to tarnish political image of DG Antipas Nyok Kucha

By Riak Lual Tiir,

Jonglei State Governor Antipas Nyok (decorated) gets bestowed by a cleric
Jonglei State Governor Antipas Nyok (decorated) gets bestowed by a cleric

June 16, 2021 —  Mr. Wany Bum published an unfortunate article on Nyamilepedia Press on 13 June 2021, titled: Removal of Amb. Antipas Nyok Kucha from the position of Deputy Governor Jonglei State. The young man who claims to be activist but not, outlined poor and baseless points: Missed Use Of Power; Acting Against President’s Directives And The Revitalized Peace Agreement; Incitement Of Communities Against Each Other and Sabotaging Government Projects.

Dear beloved readers;

The SPLM Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Ag/Secretary, JS SPLM Interim Chairman, JS SPLM Secretary, JS SPLM-YL Interim Chairman, R-ITGONU Signatories, IGAD, EAC, AU, Troika, Arab Leauge, all partners and stakeholders:

It’s my pleasure to address you that, we the citizens of Jonglei state are very happy with the leadership of SPLM under his Excellency Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit the President of the Republic of South Sudan for giving us the able, committed and loyal cadre of SPLM Cde Amb. Antipas Nyok Kucha as deputy Governor of Jonglei State. With the coming in of Cde Amb Antipas Nyok Kucha in a few months we have seen development in the state and peaceful coexistence among the people of greater Jonglei which we have been longing for all these times. Congratulations to your Excellency, the president.

Dear Readers, 

In response to propaganda and concocted allegations informed by an open letter addressed to Mr. President by the so-called Wany Bum Makhor; I want to dispute such allegations in my own capacity as a concerned citizen because it may cause harm than good.

  1. Missed Use Of Power;

According to the writer, he mentioned the following charges against Amb. Antipas Nyok. Threatening, intimidating, issuing unwarranted arrest and unlawful dismissal of some members of the party and creating internal chaos in the SPLM. These entire allegations are fake, baseless and fabrication because Cde Amb. Antipas Nyok didn’t even commit the above said allegations. He is a well known politician state, countrywide and the region. In order to highlight you further, Cde Antipas has only spent two months in the office since the state officials were sworn in. How do you expect someone to have all such accusations in less than 6 months¬? 

This indicates that the writer was politically motivated to level unfounded accusations against Amb Nyok.

  1. Acting Against President’s Directives And The Revitalized Peace Agreement;

In reply to this allegation above, the president’s directives were well received by the leadership of SPLM Jonglei state and are being executed according to the Revitalized peace Agreement. Instead, it’s the Governor of Jonglei State Mr. Denay Jok Chagor who had seriously violated the president’s directives by not cooperating with peace partners and for you to understand it well;

  1. The Governor appointed a SPLM member as town Mayor of Bor without SPLM concern or consultation. Despite the Mayor being a Civil Servant position, a respective political party deserves consultation.
  2. He also appointed an SPLM-IO member as Deputy Mayor for Land and Infrastructure without the knowledge of SPLM-IO (just to bring it to the reader’s attention).
  3. He again appointed the Secretary General of the State government without consultation from parties to the peace agreement_ Jonglei state. So in this case who is the violator of the president’s directives? ( it’s Hon. Denay Jock Chagor who has violated the directives of the president in the highest term possible)
  4. Incitement Of Communities Against Each Other;

Dear Readers,

The writer of this article is the one who is inciting the communities by reminding people of the past events which people of Jonglei had forgotten a long time ago, to the best of our knowledge, Cde Amb. Antipas Nyok is a peace loving person and a liberator who fought for the cost of the people of South Sudan; How come being accused of incitements and reminding his own people of the pasts while he recently developed a new slogan of togetherness known as KON DIAAL KEEL IN NUER LANGUAGE (MEANING, WE ARE ALL ONE). For the case of using Dinka language in some occasions that doesn’t mean he was addressing to incite any community against each other. Hon. Antipas speaks in local when he referred to Funerals, Weddings and other local community ceremonies whereby the audiences are from local natives (Dinkas).

  1. Sabotaging Government Projects;

In order to understand this in a sincere manner, the writer of this article is a social and political criminal who wanted to create havoc in the current conducive atmosphere. Amb. Antipas Nyok came to Bor officially as Deputy Governor of Jonglei State on date 11th –March – 2021. And on the 12th March 2021, the state officials were sworn-in to the office in the presence of Hon Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk the Senior Presidential Adviser together with other senior Government officials in the state. And that was the first official day in his office as Deputy Governor in Bor. 

Since then, there has never been a complaint of Dyke being broken either by the force of water or those criminals who used to break it according to the writer. Amb. Antipas has never sabotaged any Government projects in the state, instead he and his Boss the governor have been trying their level best in convincing the national authority to accelerate the dyke and internal roads construction which is now progressing very well and our state citizens are the witness.

In this regard, where do you regard Amb. Antipas sabotaging the state projects? While again the Minister in-charge of Infrastructure Development is a member from SPLM party headed by Antipas himself. Now the Minister with the help of other developmental partners had managed to bring in two big water pump machines to be stationed in the Southern and Northern sector of Bor town to pump water out of the town and its surrounding. CURRENTLY, THERE ARE ALREADY DIRECTIVES FROM MINISTRY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT TO BOR MUNICIPALITY AND LOCAL CHIEFS FOR DAILY SUPERVISION OF THE DYKE IN BOR TOWN, WHICH HAS BEEN PERCEIVED POSITIVELY BY CITIZEN OF JONGLEI.

  1. Insubordination And Disrespect To The Governor;

Dear Readers, 

In the light of the above mentioned Amb. Antipas Nyok, is a well-trained political cadre and Christian who knows how to lead and to be led. Since the formation of the state government, the two leaders never have time of working together, the Governor didn’t want to cooperate with his Cabinets in conducting government activities, instead the Governor himself decided to stay in Juba and beyond, and whenever he leaves the state he doesn’t even delegates powers to his Deputy as stipulated in the Revitalized Peace Agreement and Jonglei State constitution, this is what we call disrespect to the state constitution committed by the Hon. Governor not Amb. Nyok De Kucha. 

In other states, it’s very normal that, whenever the governor leaving the state he or she delegates state powers to his or her Deputy including the state flag. Which is opposite here in Jonglei? Because there was a day governor Denay Chagor was going to Juba and was officially escorted to the airport by his deputy and other government officials after he boarded the plane the Cabinet Ministers that were present expected the Deputy Governor to fly the state flag as the Acting Governor. But it didn’t happen that way simply because the Chief of protocol and the Governor’s bodyguards denied comrade Amb. Antipas to use the vehicle with flag, the event was witnessed by all the government organs presence at the airport which is very unfortunate and embarrassing in the eyes of our citizen.

In the case of the alleged appointment of Director General for the Ministry of Cabinets’ Affairs, according to the information we got from the reliable source, it was not the Deputy Governor who made the appointment of the DG but the concern Minister of Cabinet Affairs gave provisional appointment bases on his powers which was later put on hold by the governor without any clear reason.

On the issue of Dr. Agot Alier the Mayor of Bor Municipality as alleged by the writer, what is there, Dr. Agot Alier (Agotdit) was not removed from the post of Mayorship as the writer claimed. He was going to lose the position automatically because the post belongs to the SPLM party where he had already lost his membership. There is no justification that Amb. Nyok Kucha has been disrespectful to the Governor as cited by the so-called Wany Bum Makhor whom we believed to be a mercenary author. Another bitter irony was when the Governor was away for his own mission to the United States of America, in his absentia the State Loving son Amb. Antipas convened three consecutive Council Minister’s Meeting which was first of its kind in the State since the formation of the government; after exhaustive deliberation the Council Ministers came out with a resolution:

Formation of the amalgamations committee from the four defunct States with the objectives to consolidates all the civil servants into one payroll and the possible assignment of civil work force to various ministries, this idea was highly welcome and appreciated by the sons and daughters of Jonglei but unfortunately when he (Governor) arrived from the USA instead for him to acknowledges the effort made by his Deputy Amb. Nyok Kucha and Cabinet Ministers he dissolved the committee which was the only hope for the state government and he didn’t even reconstitute any committee while the state government is not functioning at the moment. 

Mr. Kucha, as a trained and experienced leader, despite all these humiliations, disrespect and undermining Amb. Antipas Nyok Kucha who was at the same time a leader of the majority party had never come out and talked publicly against his Boss the Governor of Jonglei State Denay Jock Chagor. 

Dear writer, Mr. Bum

What you have written is totally baseless and it doesn’t carry any weight as described above when his Boss Hon. Denay is running the State government without budget as a “One-man” government.  

In brief, who is Cde. Nyok Kucha?

He is deputy Governor and SPLM Interim Chairman in Jonglei State. Born in 1965 in Bor, South Sudan, he joined SPLA/M’s Koryom Division, Rhino battalion in 1984 and was commissioned to ‘’Shield Three’’ officers ranks and files and assigned as ‘’Signalist’’. Like his comrades and colleagues, Mr Nyok Kucha is over-experiences in political party, liberation and diplomatic mission affairs. 

Earlier 2005, he was assigned as First SPLM Secretary alongside Cdr James Wani Igga who was Caretaker governor to Upper Nile State Malakal by Cdr/Dr. John Garang De Mabior. 

In 2006, Mr Kucha was later appointed by SPLA/M Chairman Cdr Salva Kiir Mayardit as First SPLM Secretary to Jonglei State, ambassador to the Great Lakes region and deputy principal of SPLM Political School. 

Hon. Antipas Nyok holds a bachelor’s degree in Good Governance and Human Right in Uganda Martyrs University, diploma in Political science and Military at Isoke Institute of Political and Revolutionary War Studies, Shukudum, New Sudan.


At this political situation, I urged the government of the republic of South Sudan and Jonglei Senior politicians to politically intervened in this political turmoil in our state before it run out of hands since all us are very aware that the current governments across the South Sudan is formed base on parties and all of us are required to implement the peace agreement by all possible mean.

The security sector of the Republic of South Sudan and State as well are urged to closely monitor those who are trying to survive between bad and good (Government Gossipers, good boys, good girls) conditions in this country.

Urging the youth and leaders of Jonglei State not to use their own officials in creating misunderstanding in the system as recently done by Wany Bum who claims to be activist but in fact he is PRESS SECRETARY OF GOVERNOR DENAY JOCK (WANY BUM MAKHOR) who is also known as Gat Rami Keel. Lastly, we are calling upon the leaders and elders of this beloved state including our senior politicians to bring the Governor and Deputy Governor together for home ground solutions.

Thank you all.

The writer is a concerned citizen and researcher. He was a former teacher and former local government administrator in the defunct Jonglei, Eastern Nile and Central Upper Nile States. He is reachable via: lualriak@yahoo.com,

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