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Nov 20, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — In the onset of the current Civil war, the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) stated their goals clearly and publicly, first to take care of the Nuer then they will come and finished the easy job in greater Equatoria.

As the War slows down in Greater upper Nile regions, Kiir Intensified and escalated his carnage in Wondurba, where Woman and children are living in the bushes, young men are rounded up and many disappearing without traces.

In Western Equatoria, the Arrow boys and Civilians in and around Yambio and Ezo have never faced such constant onslaught than of recent days since the peace deal was signed into effect. In fact it is a mockery when Kiir declared cessations of Hostilities but yet intensified killings in Central and Western Equatoria.

Now to top it off, the last 48 hours, Kiir’s planted another coup, this time against the Civilians transport system with intentional targets of Ugandans and Ethiopian, so he can go after the SPLA-IO, Eastern Equatoria Divisions led by Gen. Martin Kenyi.

The Killings of the Ugandan and Ethiopian in the bus ambush was meant to cause the Uganda and Ethiopia authorities to turn a blind eye to Kiir’s Violations of the peace deal as he purports to go after those who kill their nationals. We must take our hats off to the JCE for having learned well and exceeding from their former masters the Jalabs. The sophistication of their evil planning against conational are torrential and dizzying, leaving us in disbelieve!

From the recruitment of the national guards, None Existent Coup, trick in the hat of the 28 states to this killings of foreigners in a bus ambush, many South Sudanese are caught off guards and do not realized a group worse than the Jalabas has taken hold of our existence.

Juba has returned to a full-scale war in Western Equatoria states and the last 24 hours, Kiir has opened a three front attack in Eastern Equatoria State, Magwi County. Battles raged from Ame Junctions to Ako Mountain and Pageri, Supported by Helicopters gunships and jamming of cell phone towers. Per reports from the battlefields, Kiir penetrated the base of SPLA-IO, to their surprise finding a well-prepared group with a whole day gun battles ensuing into the nights.

The exhausted Army sustained heavy loses and had to rely heavily on their helicopter gunships to give them covers as Nimule Barracks refuse to give reinforcements. Number of losses from both sides could not be confirmed.

We call on IGAD to rein on Kiir and to respect lives and by doing so means upholding the compromise peace deal.

The author is Justin Kwaje, you can reach him at: j.kwaje@aol.com
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John M Chol November 20, 2015 at 6:05 pm

Our problems is Nuer if we defeated Nuer there no any men have the guts tell us anythings

Legal Realist November 20, 2015 at 10:06 pm

No, John, you did not defeaeted them but you just woke up the beast — They are your worst nightmare forever!

Loberito November 21, 2015 at 11:46 pm


You are only in fantasy land.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ November 20, 2015 at 7:01 pm

Amazing News………………and if possible, we need to be a contry of our own if arian insist on 28 states, We need 3 STATES OF GREATER ONLY with its capital JUBA. And let the arian jenge find their own way back home ………………………HAHAHAHAAAA……………….my name is DINGINT NA TUGGÖ means only time tells, Enough is enoughm arian jenge are going home and might be they start to libarate ABIYEI……….OR THE MISRIYA TAKE THEM AS SLAVES AGAIN


United Naath November 21, 2015 at 2:16 pm

I like your opinion in splitting Greater Equatoria,but make sure that the people of Greater Equatoria must know to defense the region first. Then you be able to split from South Sudan nation.So with out committement by Greater Equatorian to stand up against Bar el Ghazal Region , no split at all from south sudan.

Opiombira Kiirendeazele November 20, 2015 at 7:03 pm

Kiir is truly bloodthirsty. He is power hungry. He and his JCE are bent to curve a nation for their people at the expenses and annihilations of other tribes. It is time to shelf this so called compromise peace and let us wage this war as Kiir and his JCE wants. No one is made of iron, even iron can melt. We all have blood to loose.

Gatdar.wich November 20, 2015 at 7:37 pm


You are absolutely correct, JCE carefully planned and executed the killing of Ugandan and Ethiopian traders so as to blamed on SPLA-IO or Arrow Boys. These treacherous and blood thirty individuals are worst than ISIS, AL Qaeda, and Nazis combined. At least, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Nazis, targeted or targets foreigners or not countrymen. So, the only thing to do is to disbanded and completely dismantled their Ethnocracy or Kakistocracy government period

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ November 20, 2015 at 8:13 pm

Nuer is not a problem only arian jenge the land grabbe is the problem……………i do not know who is john m. chol who does not know this issue

motapthiodiit November 21, 2015 at 12:43 am

you have to start the war, we shall finish you all, until you all run to Uganda, to get a country is blood shed all Equatorian do not went to Die, So to get the land of Bishop you are aiming with out war is like deeping the spoon in the blood bowl, and am sure you can not make more than two years in bush, as you are nyam nyam like to eat like grasshopper, if you wanted to be Ugandan that start war now, foolish Equatoria always dancing the tune they will not depend it, as we are all Jieng not united to see your problem but if you led us united than the country will be left to us alone stop barking at social media, we all know your bushes but you did not know our bushes, the war you are talking about will not be variable to you Equatoria

Boboya Godfrey November 21, 2015 at 1:09 am

Kenyi Martin should now not allow any minute for the jeng to continue like that but to call for reinforcement so that the plan of the evil is stooped, also let all the three fronts within Equatoria begin moving to juba, the nuer and the shilluk should divide themselves to live others in control of their region while the others have to reinforce equatoria and confront this cowered jeng, IGGAD and the thorokia nations need to give us a little bit of time before we come back for the peace deal, IGGAD Should know that we are marking their actions closely,so we need time to face this snake, there will be no time later but this is the time
and after these let there not be any thing called genocide of jeng because the AU did not call the mass killing of people of nuer as genocide

James Droma November 21, 2015 at 3:07 am

John m Chol, As dinka will never defeat Nuer.

Khot Malieth November 21, 2015 at 5:35 am

John M Chol, are you dreaming that you are going to finish Nuer and get the easy ones later? The land, we the Eastern Nuer have been living since we moved from West was Dinka , Anyuak and Burun ; we settled on your grandfathers land and converted many of you into Nuer tribe and become our people and many of Nuer people know that their ancestors were Dinkas and I don’t blame you for that assumption because the Western Nuers are being overran by Bul Nuer and their Dinka allied and I wonder what has happened to our Nuer brothers of Western Nuer and only the Bul Nuer subclan has the gut to fight like us in Eastern Nuer or because you guys have not been given any weapons to fight against Bul who have no shame to kill their own people because of leadership greed . Now the table is overturned against you because your Dinka allied decided to annex the rich oils areas of Unity state to their Dinka cousins and why your Dinka allied didn’t include into Paring state if your allied is not using you against your brothers :this is because the Dinka people have no gut to fight against Nuer people instead divide them and fight against each other like what had been done in SPLA when Gararang used William Nyuon to convince other Nuer people SPLA is right one instead of Nya Nya 2 and he used Nuer to fight against Nuer .What is wrong with us , Nuer people, every time the Dinka people have managed to manipulate our mind and use us against each other?

wedjuba November 21, 2015 at 8:11 am

There is no peace with the Dinkas, let this be clear to everyone.

IGAD and the AU Communities must acknowledge this fact, that Dinka leaders are the root cause of all the carnage and mayhem in South Sudan. Particularly this tribe Dinka never learnt to live in peace throughout their entire generations.

Leadership must be taken away from them inorder for South Sudan to have peace.

The peace deal that was signed last August has failed and will never work since Dinka government keeps violating agreements all the time by numerous attacks.

Therefore, freedom fighters must mobilise their forces like never before and face reality. Equatoria and Upper Nile must be liberated!

With Dinkas out of Power, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and even Sudan will be better off with their economies. So, it’s just a matter of time to change the equation.

The warm welcome of Mr.Kiir and his cronies to the opposition was a trick, and I bet Machar will never fall for that. This time Kiir will make sure that Machar doesn’t slip away. So Machar be warned of the trap.

Just think about it, how do you expect to sit down together (for the second time) with someone who determined to kill you by all means? The past peace negotiations have undoubtedly made it very clear that Jiengs are absolutely not interested in any peace in South Sudan.The JCE has also declared it publicly that they will never surrender to accept any peace.

Same people will be waiting in Juba and Mr.Kiir with now more executive powers will introduce the same Jieng policies which will again bring us to the same spot and same mess as of before 2013 till this day.

No, this circle of dirty politics must end. Liberations movements must gain momentum and continue until the oppressed are freed!

Pete S. Gach November 21, 2015 at 1:46 pm

I think the problem we are facing now is the lack of (SPLM IO). I means the Sudan People Liberation Movement In Opposition. I have said this because, the weapons that we might have, from four different agencies and three difference countries that do not need anything, until we wined the war are refused by the leadership.

What do you think about that point alone? I was also, inform that the leadership advisers are related to the leadership by blood or through marriage. This also, alone created what we called conflicts’ of interests. I will not prolongs my points
thank you

Beek November 21, 2015 at 3:02 pm

It seems like you are talking about a bottle of wine,wine bar or a wine glass. You should the different between a battle and bottle.

Beek November 22, 2015 at 2:13 am

So you have WINED THE WAR. Keep drinking bro.,but make sure that not everything in all bottles are fresh.
May be Water from Tape or Evian mineral water.

Lualdit November 21, 2015 at 4:34 pm

What a tragic that is unfolding in the South Sudan. Why do 63 tribes allow one tribe to humiliated and kill them like rats? Why do Bul Nuer allow themselves to used to destroyed their fellow Nuer? Why do opposition leadership become so blinded about why they are fight? Why why why? Civilians are being kills every single day. SPLM-IO is the stupidest name ever. Change that damn name to something different. Time for action my people. From equatoria, Bare zhal, & Uppernile to uprooted the evil in our country once and for all. IGAD-PLUS need to say something, or to hell with their compromise peace deal.

GatNor November 21, 2015 at 5:45 pm

Its taken you people on this forum 22 long months to adopt to my aggressive tone.

My reason for being aggressive is that logic made it clear that
– Kiir having committed the mass murder is the #1 reason to call for his removal by any mean necessary.
– If the mass murder of Nuer in particular was a tribal plan that too is a clear indication that the tribe that committed that mass murder has no future plans to unite with the tribe they have mass murdered.
– the other things like lack of equatsble wealth sharing are just bits of tell-tell signs of the grand plan cloak as a work of a government that’s rottened to the core. I am telling you please don’t fall for it.

How stupid or naive does one have to be to reasoned with such persons, government or such tribe carrying in their peace negotiation briefcases such dividing and supressive plan against others once understood as so.

The very aryiculate Nuer Military Historian by the name Kim Deng has forewarned you in his work tittled

“The Six stages of Jasng Kingdom”

The ides of the jasng’s 28 states has to be one of the stages. check it out and see how far or at what stage is the Jaang Kingdom .

South Sudan is reaching that state of going back to a full scale war but this time either side will leave nothing left standing and forget the hassle of carrying for any prisoners. There will be no prisoners of war period.

Most of the comments I enjoyed reading and thanks for coming back to your sense. The Jasng have taught you a very unforgettable lesson there is no denying that. though they are not done with all of you passive aggressive tribes. Yeah, there I said it, they are not done with you yet.

Gatdar.wich November 22, 2015 at 2:54 pm

There’s absolutely no doubt that the JCE engineered the killing and fabricated insecurity in Juba-Nimule highway for the sole evil intent of sending in their tribal militiamen, to commit massacres in Madiland period. These traitorous-Jenge, will not, and shall not stop shedding innocents’ bloods in South Sudan, as long as the 60 plus tribes are permitting them to do so

Kaluma Madigo November 22, 2015 at 7:30 pm

Justin, you have been a thorn in the side of this government, Thank you for keeping us informed about the inner workings of this government.

It is time for Riek Machar to declare Juba has violated the peace deal and we should all respond full scale against kiir as he has against us. Kim is no longer a brother, he is no longer one of us. he has become enemy of the state.


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