Opinion: A response to Juol Nhomngek on his Article titled “Dinka Majority who are blindly supporting Peace Destroyer”

By Choldit (Chol Kiir Dau),


Chol Kiir Dau, author....
Author, Chol Kiir Dau’s past profile, 2017….

Dec 17, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Raan Gok Arol Kachuol, we as their neighbors know that our relationship between Nuer, Shilluk and Maban is important but it is them who don’t know how important it is especially Nuer and Shilluk  who are our close neighbors.

And to highlight to you how important we know our relationship, we never attack them or even have a thought of overlooking them. But for them they never know the importance of the neighborhood relationship. They just attack randomly, especially Nuer and Shilluk.

Such Manners can not be tolerated any longer. We have had enough of their barbaric characters. They have been abusing our hospitality in our territories for a long time and our past gone generations have forgiven them.

This is my generation and I will not allow and give Barbaric manners a Space just like the way my forefathers do. ALL over across, from Ngok Lual Yak down to Abilang in Renk and further to Alor Kur Kuot in Biem nom, Ruweng State. Our generation is in Control, it is no longer the Old folks who used to tolerate them.

So Nuer and Shilluk especially those who are our neighbors and are not valuing the importance of our relationship with them, must now choose their words and actions carefully because they are dealing with the well contemporary  generation ready to Contemplate your uncouth Charisma.

If Nuer and Shilluk talk Politically and don’t turn around to attack and kill us then go further by claiming some parts of our territories then we don’t have  issues with them.

But that is not the case. The problem is that they only want to use Political issues as a tool to achieve their Social need in our territories which is so wrong. So let them focus on Political issues then to Meddle in our Communal Social territories.

Finally Juol Nhomgek if you can prove my point as right, you may get it from the question to Why do Nuer and Shilluk randomly attack us over Salva Kiir deeds who is from Bhar El ghazel? Yet if  there is anything that happened in Juba done by Salva Kiir who is from Bhar El hazel, they must not involve us if they know that there is a neighborhood relationship which they value as important as we do.

Instead they just see us as part of that Salva Kiir of Bhar El ghazel and this is because they have already neglected the importance of the  neighborhood relationship and see the relationship of Bhar El ghazel and us as more important than our neighbors relationship. And for such reasons it is them who don’t value our relationship as important.

So the who case now is not longer about the relationship  but rather to put pull stop to their uncouth barbaric act which they have been practicing all along in our territories with tolerance from our side. If their issues are Political as you cited it, then let them not Socially attach our Communal boundaries.

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