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By TT Shaka,

South Sudan's Looming Handshake: What are the expectations?
South Sudan leaders, Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar Teny greets during the last meeting(photo: file/supplied/nyamilepedia)

Sept 28, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —-Those who have read my articles in Liberty opinion coloun since I started to write must have realised that I have repeated certain information over and over again. This is because you can’t suppress people indefinitely. There comes a time it will explod.

The agreement that has been claimed to have being signed  is just a fuss. It is never different from the first one which was dimental by Kiir himself before the implementation even started.  It is unfortunate that in both agreements, the talks were centered on dividing powers than focussing on what the future of South Sudan should be. Was this the root cause of our problems in south sudan for the ilit to give for themselves jobs leaving the rest of the nation in cold? May be for Kiir and Machar’s groups it make sense.

I don’t think I am wrong to say, IGAD,UN, Troika, AU, and other bodies don’t know the root causes to our conflict and solutuions to a permanent peace in South Sudan; aparently they do but  played fool of the Southerners.They know power sharing can never be a solution but without hesitation they went on to support the government of Kiir even when the right suggestions for a lasting peace were tabled.

What good reasons are there for a government to deviate from a a suggested system that brings about permanet peace in the entire country possibly for generations to come?. How does it pain someone when it was suggested the three main regions eg Greater Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr El Gazal could be the bases to structure our country and from these three regions,  future States could be created depending on the resources of each respective state and to manage their affairs? What about rotating Presidency in the three Region if we are serious to solving our problems?

No one needs to be a party member to agree on the right statements that come out  from other parties for the establishment of a good and viable nation.May I remind those who think have signed an agreement and can implement it all alone that a body is incomplete with any missing part or parts.  This means, without those members of our society who agree to disagree with the agreement signed, should never be brushed out. I am please that the majority of the SSOA think more of a change characterizing a nation than possitions. We have not and aren’t a nation since South Sudan came to existance and are trying to find a way to creat one but this agreement will impede that process because it is  far from the direction we should follow.

I don’t expect Pagan Amum to give up Federal System just because of a promisse position when he knows no position will last without a good system.I love the firm ground Thomas C Swaka of NAS, Hakim Dario and others hold  standing for the people of south Sudan too. They are building history for the future readers and nationalistic spirit.

Incidentally,I don’t belief the position agreement will be implemented and if it does start, there may be no pilers to support it. Why it that we still hear deaths when cease fire agreement has been signed long ago?

Kiir and the Jieng elders don’t understand the meaning of a nation. If Kiir was to love South Sudan and its people as he claimed earier to have fought for, he would have not changed his shirt but would have washed out the dirt.  If kiir left, may be; I say may be because the damages he and the Jieng Elders have caused to the South is enormus to forgive and forget in a relatively short time. At any rate, anyone with all the fuctional five senses could have given up to pretent to be a leader without backbone.

The author is a concern South Sudanese, he can be reached through his email at hicksambira@yahoo.com

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