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By Gai Stephen Mayen,

A crying child from war-torn South Sudan(Photo: file)
A crying child from war-torn South Sudan(Photo: file)

July 16, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Jalle is one of the five  payams within the Mighty Bor County of the current Jonglei state. It is such a fertile land that has given birth to a variety of children from all walks of life to whom some of them are serving as  generals and politicians  in the current government  stretching  from the state to the National level. It is  really  so pathetic for such a great land to attain this status quo where gushing of blood and mourning is the daily bread.It is what fills the sunrise and marks the sunset.It is a land being devoid of the infants and the elderly since they are the age groups that always succumb to such a deadly attack.seriously,which land has really ever  been owned without such creatures?.We need wisdom which  is attached to such a greyed hair and the neonate that shall develop such a fascinating space.It’s topographical appearance has been altered since the oozing blood and dropping tears are overflowing  the longest river in Africa and everywhere is being stained with blood.All it’s valleys have been filled up  with the bones and this has formed the bony mountains that has never existed.what a place…..!.

Bor has always been perceived as a low lying area but because of such political miracles, anything happens unexpectedly.If our great ancestors would be given a one -minute chance to have a quick look at it, it wouldn’t be surprising hearing them saying that they had resurrected on a different planet, Mars.                           

It is just a week since the South Sudanese celebrated the “slavery free day”.Yes, the independence day which was characterized with a humor of giggling, Jubilation, uncountable number of smiles hovering over the gloomy faces and a sense of happiness that had filled everyone irrespective of one’s political, social and economic status.All such things happened simply because of this 9-letter word called PATRIOTISM  that people had and still holds for the nation. Despite the fact that the   majority of the citizens went to their  beds with empty stomach, medical illnesses and worn rug that had clothed them up  and had been persistent with them earlier than  the night before the big day, they  well pretended to see the “Junub” ‘s air being filled with a forged excitement of joy, liberty and prosperity.It was like as if they had been in their comfort zone little was it known that it was the Nation that they had tied at heart that fueled them into such a pretense.

It was obvious stretching our ears to accommodate the so called Peace that has always been sung since the time when the Peace Icon, Dr John Garang made a breakthrough into the  bush  which later costed his life to earn us such a rare commodity in the name of our cradle land.It is now an old word  in my village because they are all used to it.The toddlers have been seeing planes flying over them to Addis-ababa, Dr Riek Machar Teny and H. E Salva Kiir Mayardit shaking hands in the name of peace just like the way it was recently done by the duo governors, Ismail Konyi and Philip Aguer Panyang in the eve of bringing the two states together but all is In vain.A noble writing prize goes to Justice Abel Alier for putting it that ” Too Many agreements dishonoured”.It is what is eating up such a land, my payam, my county, my state and My nation. Hands shall always be shaken and documents shall always be signed but blood shall never stop spilling off.

JALLE is neither an acronym nor a word that anyone can wake up in a bright morning and gives  it a meaning. Others might be  defining it  as JAL LE (to mean go away) but that is not what it is  intended  for.It is a continuous word that is pronounce  once, not in a split up kind of.

My understanding is always hit so hard when I do see such a tragedy happening and our leaders simply begun to eat a super glue, one’s sealing of the mouth that they can’t say  anything that can be aired out.

My attention is so much focused on the  leaders that were the beneficiaries of the fertility of Such land since charity begins at home.

I would be so much filled with joy when seeing Hon Dengyiel Ayuen’s, General Kolmerek (Hon Malaak Ayuen)’s and “Moch-Arep” (Hon Deng Kuirot)’s tears amongst the rest being converted into a long lasting peace that shall put people at rest.This is the high time to have starred the roofs of your buildings or else the sky to see the answers that put us at ease some my pain is deeply rooted into you and shall push all of you out of your comfort zones if at all you minds.

It would be so weird for one to assume a Juba’s seat in the name of representing his people who are perishing day and night.By the way, a massive sweeping of JALLE on the South Sudan’ s map  means a massive sweeping of a one’s job.

As I writes now,19 people are confirmed dead and  a bigger number is wounded since the number of Casualties outnumbers those deceased and the counting Is still on because the whereabouts of a quite big number of people Is unknown. It is the God’s grace to trace them.

I may not get clung unto the Juba’s government because the nation has failed to an extend that it is rotting in a dustbin since I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing.Everyone’s seen as a walking stick and you therefore deserves to enjoy your ride Mr president.

The Charismatic leaders at the county level :the likes of Hon Michael Makuei and Hon Kuol Manyang also deserves to get a sip of my bite for we have always been trusting in you but since too much trust changes what trust means.You need to visit the graveyards and revise your political principles if at all we need to keep save the last train.


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