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Unpredictable Security Situation In South Sudan, a Reality That Couldn’t Be Denied

By, Gabriel Gadet

Kampala, Uganda.

Civilians in PoC in Malakal during confrontations, groups of Shilluk rallied and marched in the Malakal camp (Benedict Moran/Aljazeera).
Civilians in PoC in Malakal during confrontations, groups of Shilluk rallied and marched in the Malakal camp (Benedict Moran/Aljazeera).

20th Feb, 2016(Nyamelipedia) — the looming security situation in South Sudan is apparently realized by every living thing inhabiting that portion of land. The country has been succumbed to unrest, instability and havoc caused by various rebellion movements hoist due to unqualified/poor governance system, corruption and tribalism along ethnic groups. However, since signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2015 between Sudan government and Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army, an agreement that has ended the longest civil war ever witnessed in African continent. The war has claimed 2millions lives and many hundred thousand were forced to   immigrate to America, Australia and others western countries. Nevertheless the country has never seen any progress in manifold aspects; poor infrastructures, weak government institutions including the judiciary systems, security, health and education. Beside such facts a corruption, nepotism system has been the characteristics possessed by the government.

Existence of weak Judiciary system has promotes impunity, increase of crimes and hence elevates the insecurity in the country as a whole. On the other hand poor infrastructures for instance taking roads as an example; have caused and remain to be major challenge to linkage/connection between states capitals, counties, payam, and Boma. A result that have encourage, roads bandit, cattle raid, escapees from legal judgments, all collectively participated positively to hefty incidences of instability/volatility in most parts of the country.

In the areas of service delivery institutions nothing tangible has been made, lads/pupils have only access to good schools in foreign countries; Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Egypt, etc. Agriculture in its all sectors of Irrigation, Animal husbandry, Fishers, Forestry and Rural development have been abandon/neglect absolutely due to dependency on oil money that constitutes 98% of country’s growth development product (GDP). Health as a vital institution didn’t survive malpractices and nepotism whereas incompetence cadres are being employed with respect to their background; ethnic group, friendship and other kinds of public institutional corruption, leading to unscrupulous imports of medical materials, poor diagnostic services, and imminent subjection of citizens lives into danger and an eventual death incidences, only few to mention. Water and water sanitation, I believe states are better off than capital Juba, where people wash, drinks water delivered by trucks, shamelessly left for the foreigners to carried out the business that is as from 2005 to date (declining curve), Juba used to have water network before coming of SPLM/A, very unfortunate indeed.

Moreover, defense and security sectors are no exception to this deformation and defiling system; in Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA), soldiers are recruited and given imaginary ranks, someone coming from a village would got recruited in a rank of captain, while he has never seen a person writing or reading a book, absolute primitive and illiterate, because he is a relative to a certain commander. The same is true in all organized forces and national security of South Sudan, a procedure by itself mounted to typical creation of insecurity.

All these reasons have made South Sudan a country where you can die at anytime, as far as security is concerned and unpredicted. To make it worst the current civil war which erupted in 2013 and still ongoing has added water to the mud. Its negative impacts, rampant killing of civilians, human right abuses, destruction of infrastructures, collapse of economy, immigration of people, and abject poverty are key elements to realized typical instability, ruin and failure of the regime.

Furthermore, bamboozled government which has no vision and utterly tribal governed constitutes insecurity to well being of the state. A government guided by group of an illegitimate body “The so-called Jieng Council of Elders (JCE)” is worth mention to be led into hell.

However, paralysis and ruin of the regime is to be delineated in the following alarming indications;

  • Involvement and interference of JCE into the government’s affairs, plans, policies and executions.
  • Creation of 28 states which were created on tribal basis, to expand Dinka powers, domination of resources, mass presence in National Legislation Assembly (NLA), and to jeopardize implementation of peace deal (JCE initiative).
  • Economical situation that is completely collapsed because of decline of oil production and prices in international markets, pound of devaluation, depreciation and become valueless in all monetary systems.
  • Continuation of war in Western, Eastern Equatoria States, and Upper Nile States, despite signing of the peace deal.
  • Loss of external policy at both regional and international levels, since the regime is wagging a senseless war, tribal government serving interest of a particular group, exploiting national resources in order to achieve objectives set by one ethnic group on expense of other 63 ethnic groups.

Therefore, government resistance, refusal to implement peace deal in good faith, would setback state’s security, stability and eventually if not resolve in time may probably leads to another breakout of the war between rival factions.

The writer is a concern South Sudanese and can be reached through riakwonbil45@gmail.com

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Lotara Charles February 20, 2016 at 3:51 pm

We shouldn’t complicate things by writing an article which causes suspiciousness amongst the citizens. Okay, if I may ask, which Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed in 2015 to end the longest period of war between the government of Sudan and Sudan People Liberation Movement/Army?

Gabby February 20, 2016 at 6:38 pm

The suspiciousness between /among citizens is already there and is a real.PCA 2005, CPA2 (2015). , is only a typing error, and you should have realised it since mentioned to be sudan and spla/m.

somere991 February 21, 2016 at 7:48 am

The cowerdish acts from western equatoria, malakal unity and wau are planned by the jeing council meant to spoil the peace on progress, so i tell you that , this council has really done a very great damage to bah r El Ghazal. every community in south sudan has understand fully how the end may justify,
the people of bahr el ghazal and some bor communities are going to deerly pay all the atrocities their committee of naked wizards have inflicted to this country, the end of their reign lay upon the suffering community at the moment.
the tide will soon turn to give light to the visonary southerners spearheaded by the Chairman of the IO followed by representatives from the tribes of south sudan where ever they are,
kirr and his region shall come to the line of the current ordinary and suffering communities of south sudan, they are likly to die in slow and painfull deaths which shall end kirr and his region, they will go down to grave and welcomed to the kingdom of the death for the 2nd and everlasting hell, anyway sorry in advance

pete S. Gach February 21, 2016 at 3:58 pm

The situation in South Sudan where Nuer are victims will end base on the leaderships of the SPLA(IO)
the four battalion’s orders by Mr. Kiir to reinforced Nasir and processed to Pagak was ambushed. Those were
sent in order for the new governor to come to (Kuany-Lual thuan) after their last the best way is to attack the UN
I want the Nuer to be patient our today generation is killed & the international community is very happy for it
thank you

Bol Gatjang February 21, 2016 at 9:41 pm

Iam personally from Kuan lual Thoan, and in all honesty I hate that appointed governor. He became gossips and perpetrator with blood of our brothers and sisters,mothers, fathers and children in his hands. He is not Nuer any longer, let’ him go to warrap as a fucken governor.The man is lover of money was only his admiration and so he became apathetic decease period.


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