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By Dak Buoth | Chairman.

Kujiek Ruot Kujien (in white) flanked by other members of Congress of South Sudanese Patriots during media briefing at Alliance Francoise, Nairobi on 6th September 2015(Photo: supplied)

Kujiek Ruot Kujien (in white) flanked by other members of Congress of South Sudanese Patriots during media briefing at Alliance Francoise, Nairobi on 6th September 2015(Photo: supplied)

Feb 20, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- We still demand the swift revocation of the 28 States before putting in place the government of National Unity; and it is not too late for President Salva Kiir to do that which is desirable for the country.

Everybody is aware that the creation of the so call 28 State is incompatible with the Adisa Ababa convention that warrants the formation of coalition government; and it is also in contradiction with our current laws. We even don’t want more states ‘now’ apart from the 10 states provided for in our constitution. The creation of 28 states is clearly meant to take our people aback and put their lives in serious jeopardy.

We warn the parties not to violate the Agreement and claim to implement it at the same time. Let them choose one side instead of switching on and off like a drowning ones. If they avowed to abide by the Agreement, they should comply and implement it to the letter and spirit; and if they want to break it as they wish than be it. We’re no longer pleading but we demand them to act accordingly, and if they hesitate doing so, they should come to the fore and state their rejection frankly. The brave south Sudanese who are yearning for peace will not get extinct or exhausted as they expect, the remaining ones will continue toiling for peace and ultimately brings them to account for the atrocities they committed against us.

The unilateral creation of 28 states is recipe for further protracted conflict among our communities. We have rejected them and further call on other progressive forces to do the same. Vast majority had earlier vented their dissatisfaction mainly because they were not consulted. Several communities have had their lands taken from them, for instance, Malakal town which is the seat of the Shilluk Kingdom have been annexed to the newly created Eastern Nile State, and therefore it is untenable decision that ought to be withdraw.

If the said unity government is constituted before they nullify those states, they shall be burying their heads on the sand because they will only be forming ungovernable and unpopular government.

The government in Juba must retract and exercise utmost care in demarcating the boundaries; we know that land is an emotive issue which many South Sudanese had attached their values and customs to. If they continue paying deaf ears to our advice, it means they are playing with fire and dancing on the graves of South Sudanese

We are tired of their diversionary tactics that are peddled to prolong the war; and with a view to maintain their iron hold on power. We urge them to walk the talks so as to rescue the impoverished south Sudanese from the state of hopelessness and death.

The SPLM leaders have denied us the rights to choose leaders of our choice in 2015 election and we compromised, that is why they are there, so they should compromise as well and come to term with reality that we need peace now. Our priority is peace, healing and reconciliation and not any other agenda that inflame our emotions.

However, other than the call to nullify the 28 states, we also want the government to observe ceasefire agreement cross the country. We condemn with contempt it deserved, the continued attacked on none combatants in Western and Eastern Equatoria states; and the international community must take punitive action against those beating the drum of war.

We cannot form a Unity Government while they point guns on our heads. It must be based on the binding agreement and the free will of all parties rather than on force and fake agreement that will not last. War is an expensive phenomenon that has negative impacts even on those who wage it.

Bado mapambano mapambano

Best Regards.

The author of this article, Dak Buoth, is the chairman of the Congress of South Sudanese Patriots in Kenya. He can be reached at eligodakb@yahoo.com

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Beek February 20, 2016 at 11:41 pm

I think there is no need for Government of National Unity until those people who have been used as the tools by SPLM-IO come out from UNMISS Camps and settle in peace. Stop using innocent for top positions.Those people should distance themselves from politics and brainwash.

DINGIT NA TUGGO February 21, 2016 at 6:26 am


you still think, good. Just stay in Your dream of thinking. Remember that you have already surrendered to the galant SPLA/M-IO. You had wanted to form the government of NU by last Friday without the presence of Dr. Machar. the wise leader who loves peace but you were won by IGAAD and TROIKA not to do that. You said yes sir to IGAAD. Hhahahahahaa.

beek, you must wait until Dr. Riak comes to Juba. UNDERSTAND? hahahahahahha………..I am so happy seeing you giving in to the demand of the People. Reforms, reforms and reforms and FEDERAL RULE are what we want and you have to shut up your dirty big toothless mouth. Because you do not know what are we mean by reforms.

Bol Gatjang February 21, 2016 at 10:03 pm

I believe this kind of federalism is tricky to some simple minded such as Beek.You should to think that federalism is subtle since your education level is low.In many countries with federal State, citizens are barely think s of eroding their freedom in any cause. You have to know that it’s one of Dr.Machar’s first priority in the country to be stable.

Beek February 21, 2016 at 11:27 pm

Mind multi combination of Dementia and Alzheimer,make sure that there is no medications for those diseases unless Riek Machar sings or listening to loudly sound of music and sing to open his brains. He only watch and never open lips.


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