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The Supremacy of Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) in South Sudan

By Gabriel Gadet,


Members of Dinka Council of Elders meet with President Salva Kiir(Photo: file)
Members of Dinka Council of Elders meet with President Salva Kiir(Photo: file)

14th January, 2016 (Nyamelipedia) —- After South Sudan has been recognized by the United Nations General Assembly, International community, the country gained its independent in 9th July, 2011, thus people were busy struggling hardly to fix every piece together in order to form a model nation. Despite the country has never witnessed total stability yet breathe of ownership have been enjoyed by the citizens. This long awaited self-government was a reward of pride to each and every individual; South Sudanese in particular and other peace loving nations in general. The world on the other side was pleasant and felt a joy of victory as it has finally brought an end to the longest civil war Africa had ever witnessed.

To define Jieng Council of Elders (JCE-45 members from all Jieng sections); is a body which was deliberately form with target objectives, the main objective was the killing of the Nuer civilians and the inconsequential objective was to loot the public resources. As soon as the war has engulfed the country after a coordinated and organized massacre on the Nuer civilians in Juba the capital city of South Sudan 15th December, 2013. The Jieng Council of Elders had acquired a further mandate snooping into the country’s governance affairs and become legitimate body than the National Legislative Assembly, and above the Judiciary system and all others institutions in the country. They reject or propone any decision taken by the president and is on power to rubber stamped parliament and its yes members.

To make it worst they were in position and participation to series of peace negotiations held in Capital city of Ethiopia “Addis Ababa” since inception of dialogue in early 2014. Their voice was heard, respected and influential by both government delegations to peace as well president himself, the fact that was acknowledged by several adjournments to final decision that could be taken by the duo.

The body (JCE) has set impediments during peace negotiations and likewise internally at government level, i.e. they were and still to be ones setting policies, plans and objectives of the current civil war, despite the fact that peace has been signed 17th August, 2015 they were behind acceleration of war to other parts of the country; for instance the assaults carried out in Greater Equatoria were miserably incited, driven and provoked by JCE in way or other and rather encourages the systematical incursion of GES’s lands by their native pastoralist in Maadi land, Miridi and Mundri. This precedent has never happened even during the north colonization (Jalaba). Trespassers had occupied every piece of grazing pastures, water resources and forests, leave alone human gross abuses inflicted on indigenous citizens. They killed, raped, looted and burnt down any village or town they would enter.

On the other hand in Greater Upper Nile they supported the armed militias of; Apadang, Bull Nuer and their tribe men from Greater Bahr Alghazal. The group have committed unbelievable war crimes against humane such as burning of children, elders and castration of male genital organs of young boys (in Unity State).

The JCE initiated and have upper hand in creation of newly 28 states, a unilateral decision taken by the president; nevertheless peace deal was signed on basis of former existing 10 states. However the main objectives behind creation of this states was basically on tribal basis, to sack all the country’s resources and have majority of members in the National Legislative Assembly that would maintain their domination and prove “Born to rule’’ concept of foolish majority; quoted from their kinfolk. The decision if not revoked will definitely place this country to square one and a likelihood of imminent war to take place.

To conclude JCE is to be blamed on these mockery moves which indicate their supremacy policy. Above all going ahead with 28 states will jeopardize peace implementation as persistence in such direction would complicate formation of states transitional governments, ascend tension between various tribes that are neighbors and claimed of land grab on favor of others. However, South Sudan will never see peace if JCE haven’t elevates their thinking above personal and tribal mindset. God have mercy of us.

The writer is a South Sudanese citizen living in Uganda and can be reached through his email: riakwonbil45@gmail.com

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Khot Malieth January 15, 2016 at 4:59 am

The reasons behind why the Dinka feel they are important than other tribes after we have gained our independent while we were in the same boat when the Arabs treat us the same is very illogical and absurd; the problem of Dinka people is very big because their intellectual elders have those absurd logic of supremacy over the other tribes in the country. If the intellectual Dinka think they are important than other tribes, then their primitive and illiterate Dinka people will behave like animals and act irrationally. We want the younger Dinka generation to work together with other tribes and feel we are the same people who share the same nationality ( South Sudanese). Please, advice your outdated elders that we are the same people .

Gabby January 17, 2016 at 5:41 am

It has been apparent from day one that our brothers Dinka were hiding a termendous and a serious agenda toward other tribes of south sudan.Peace signed in 2005 immediately some sort of strange movements surface into horizon of the new country viz..domination of all government institutions in Juba GOSS by then, Padang mobilizations against Shulluk in Upper Nile through recruited malitias from both Maluet and Renk 2009..Murlei brutal and ruthless killing, Lou Nuer unfair disarmament that led to killing and perish of many lives 2010, followed by Wau killing of civilians 2012 and finally but not the least massacre of the Nuer civilians in Juba 2013.All previous mentioned points spotted out how Dinka were committed to challenge and silence whoever would raise a finger at their faces. However south sudan is vast land that could accommodates all of us with population of 10 millions and an area of 650thousand Sq km.Gluttonous and covetous attitudes would take us no where..lets share the little bless we had and live peacefully..Because in war no winner and this mean perish of lives, resources and everything we built.lets unite and reconcile as people of one nation and embark on new developmemt and reconstruction of what we had devastated by our hands…for now let each be implemented on basis of our previous 10 states so as to avate further clashes..as long as the land and people are not running away.We could later on initiate a public referendum and asks whether we all need new states or not.Youth should avoid firece and abusive words rather advice elders to refrain wagging complicated living style.


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