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In A Nutshell: Kiir Baptized SPLM Party With Blood As Mission to Rule For 100 Years Begins

By Chuar Juet Jock,

President Salva Kiir flanked by Party officials in a march during the SPLM Party registration ceremony in Juba (Photo: file).
President Salva Kiir flanked by Party officials in a march during the SPLM Party registration ceremony in Juba (Photo: file).

Jan 14, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- The typical African democracy has been inaugurated today with Mr. Kiir‘s new SPLM party even though the scenario of ruling South Sudan for hundred years was initiated several years ago. I don’t need to remind you of the typical African democracy where presidents stay in power for life, 30-40 years and where the incumbent president win election with 90% votes neither I need to remind you of how state’s constitution are amended and obstructed to allow our eternal presidents to make it to their 6th or 8th terms in the office with each term set to be not less than 5 years. That doesn’t need a reminder; it is the constant world of majority of Africans.

Well, this is what Kiir and his next successors who also will rule for another 100 years has initiated today, democracy of one party within a security/police state and that will always win in forged, rigged and fake elections and the examples are many in East Africa alone and most of our battered continent. But look at the puzzle itself, this is happening and when there is only one day left for the January 15, 2016 deadline given to the political parties to register so they can be eligible to participate in 2018 projected elections. Does that make any sense and while the SPLM-IO and other opposition parties are still out of the country and in a time where all efforts are being geared to stop the ongoing war and suffering of South Sudanese all around the country?

However, it is not that complicated what Mr. Kiir and his new SPLM party are up to and he already unveiled to us the true course and objective by telling his supporters to elect him in 2018, seriously? Well, I remember in the course of the debate surrounding this Dec 13, 2013 conflict, I once told Cde Muorter Majok and Cde Garang Gong that Mr. Wani Igga must not deceive himself that he will succeed Mr. Kiir at any given circumstances and I asserted that when the time comes, excuses and reasons will be made up as why Mr. Igga can’t be president just like they did to Dr. Machar. Well at all these, there is something good and clear about Mr. Kiir, that’s he has been telling people his true intentions to rule as long as he want and he is doing just that. The other intention is that he is a tribalist to the core that is committed to uplift his tribesmen on the expenses of other South Sudanese and he has spent vast blood and money on that, Period. Hence, it is up to those who still don’t want to get it right or fight it but not Kiir.

Well, learning of Kiir intention to run on 2018, I don’t know how our Vice president Wani Igga reacted today but I am so sure he heard it and loud as well but the man has been a true resilience through the period of liberation movement otherwise he could have faced the same challenges and opposition as Dr. Machar. However, Igga’s chances to stay as a Vice president for life are about to start. As for Dr. Machar and as I outlined in my previous “in a nutshell (7 points)” that he must not accept to be lured into a fake reunification where he will be dumped aside later in a doubtful democratic process that he would have no say at all. Well, today Kiir must have vindicated us since a group of opportunists within the SPLM-IO always manipulates our analysis and readings and quickly labeling us as traitors while we maybe the honest guards to the substance and direction of SPLM-IO. Anyway that’s politics, no regrets.


As for our suffering South Sudanese, I know you are a peace loving people who have been living in peace and harmony for centuries but our current president’s policies and actions can never pass without creating tribal wars and land disputes and I hope God won’t let us down. The future of next generation seem to be gloomy as well and with 51% of our children not attending schools, about 3 million externally uprooted and hundreds thousand internally displaced to UN compounds and depending on UN food assistance, mortality rate at its highest among young children due to acute malnutrition and hunger, I believe our president has proved that he is a person that may not need to be challenged rather than he may truly need a serious help and a different approach to save this country from real disintegration.

The author is a South Sudanese entrepreneur and PhD candidate based in Omaha, Nebraska – United States, he can be reached through chuar.juet@gmail.com

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