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Yei River County Confirms Defection of 4 Government Officials To SPLM/SPLA-IO

Yei, South Sudan.

Yei River State Governor David Moses Lokonga and his deputy Abraham Wani Yoane appointing his officials earlier this year. Some of these officials have now rebelled the government(Photo: file)
Yei River State Governor David Moses Lokonga and his deputy Abraham Wani Yoane appointing his officials earlier this year. Some of these officials have now rebelled the government(Photo: file)

Oct 28, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- State Information Minister, Stephen Lado Onesimo speaking to Nyamiledpedia press on October 27 confirmed that four state officials defected on October 22nd night.

The information minister confirmed to Nyamilepedia that Yei County Commissioner, Hon. Bidali Cosmas Wori-Kojo, and three other officials have declared allegiance to Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the leader of the armed opposition.

“Hon. Bidali Cosmas Wori-Kojo, Yei River County Commissioner and three other officials are Peter Amaja, Godwill Wayi and Burhan Muhammad Diko have defected to the armed opposition under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar, the state government authorities has confirmed,” Lado said.

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Minister Lado says the defectors ran away with three Government cars but the state security forces managed to recover one car back.

“I am describing the defection of Yei Commissioner and other officials as personal decision, which has nothing to do with their relatives or friends,” Hon. Lado said.

Hon. State Minister Lado says he is appealing for a dialogue with the armed opposition to end continuous suffering of civilians.

He said Yei River state authorities still appealing to those who have taken up arms to respond to the presidential amnesty.

On Sept 20, Nyamilepedia press reported that Brig. Gen. Abraham Wani Youne Bondo, the Former Yei River state Deputy Governor defected to SPLA –IO armed group.

“For this reason and more other not mentioned, I therefore tendered my resignation as a Deputy Governor of Yei River state from this day, and I have now decided to join SPLA –IO under Leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny ” the Former Deputy Governor said.

Wani stated that since those in power only understand the language of guns, the youth all over South Sudan must join hands together to change the regime.

In his press release, the Former Deputy Governor narrates of events which forced him to resigned from his position as Deputy Governor of Yei River State.

“One of the worse was in 2015 to 2016 when ten states were made to be twenty – eight states, to my dismay I was appointed as Deputy to junior officer who is their puppet. Not only that there was an attempt to kill me on a Sunday while I was going for prayer, I am quite sure that this was done by Yei River state leadership with the knowledge of their superiors,” He said.

Wani added that “in any army where I was one of the most senior officers, promotions were done on tribal bases; those of us who really fought from South Sudan to Eastern Sudan remained with those ranks we got from 2004-2005 until today while junior officers were promoted above their seniors”.

Wani was the second deputy governor to defect after July fighting but many officers have also defected within the last two months.

The defection of senior commanders reached its peak last month with defection of a Deputy Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Bapiny Manytuel, who resigned and declared to fight for his Nuer community.

Since the defection of Lt. Gen. Bapiny, speculations from Unity State’s Mayom County fear more defections from former rebels.

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For the sake of peace .south sudan should have machar and kirr working as brothers


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