War Recommence In Northern Upper Nile State.

Bilpam and Gojam Battalions celebrating their victories in Upper Nile / Nyamilepedia
Bilpam and Gojam Battalions celebrating their victories in Upper Nile / Nyamilepedia

August 19, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—Heavy fighting erupted once again this morning in Northern Upper Nile village of Khor Athoi  between two rival waring factions. In less then 74hours from the signing of the IGAD Compromise Peace covenant between the trio SPLM factions who split 20 months ago causing the young nation to bled more blood after decades in war with Northern Sudan.

Government troops have carried out a multiple attacks to the rebels positions under the overall command of Maj Gen. Johnson Olony commander of special forces, Brig Gen Joseph Gai Gatluak commander of Div-7 and Brig Gen Pouk Koang Kudier in Northern Upper-Nile town of Khor Athoi.

Capt. Pual Malith through Phone  call verified to Nyamilepedia editorial Team saying the government troops commanded by Lt Gen Johnson Gony Bilieu had truly attacked their position this morning at 4:00 Am but the attackers were repulsed and the SPLA-IO Forces are pursuing them toward Gabat which is 5km away from their headquarter of Wedakona.

“Military tanks were put at gun point, we are more than ready to capture Wedakona from them if they will continue violating the cessation of Hostilities” Said Capt. Malith.

However, Captain Malith Koang Riaw confirmed to our website that several dead bodies of government forces were counted from the battle field and more than 21 Machines guns and unknown Ak-47 were captured too from the attackers.

 “We call upon the international community to condemn the government continues attacks on our forces” Said Cpt. Pual Malith Koang Riaw 

In relation to the news from above, Juba forces were also reported to have attacked the rebels position in Pageri payam under Cdr. Martin Kenyi.

According to the spokesperson from the rebels headquarter, the attackers were also repulsed and the SPLA-IO Pursued them to Imatong and the rebels remain in full control of Pageri town up-to today while Nimule road got shutdown as per yesterday fighting.

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Goweng Torbaar August 19, 2015 at 3:53 am

Teach Them a lesson they thought that they could gain more territorial positions on ground before 15 days deadline

Deadmanmivo August 19, 2015 at 4:29 am

No wonder President Kiir refused to append his signature to be peace deal hoping he will crush the rebel forces! I pity the women and children dying of hunger because of this senseless war.

Chuolkhan August 19, 2015 at 10:39 pm

You are right Torbaar that is their thought if they will be not quite from their position hayayaya freedom fighters will take control of all areas before 14-15 days Waliaaaaaaaa

Monyjang August 20, 2015 at 3:36 am

Even a robber you called them your forces. By the way there is no rebels in Pageri eastern Equatoria.
Monyjang will defeat you nyagats and your Kawajats like we defeated you with Arabs.


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