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Updates on Ateny Wek’s sexual scandals: Eyeglasses and lawsuits

Dec 26, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan president’s press secretary, Ateny Wek Ateny, who has been involved in a series of sexual scandals over the last few months is threatening to press legal charges against the women who have taken the matter to social media.

The press secretary in the office of the president has been trending on social media after outspoken media women activists exposed scandals linked to how Ateny Wek tried to sexually harassed them in exchange for hotel accomodation and food.

We don’t have drive through McDonald’s in Juba but we have drive through room for Prostitution in Palm Africa, a room that government is paying for Ateny Wek Ateny to have sex and he will pay you money that belongs to the nation.” Said Daniella Valentino Wol

“I can confirm President is inform of Ateny wrong doing because he slept with his colleagues wife’s when he was jailed for corruption and President was told and he got very upset with Ateny but kept him as press secretary of orphanage young girls and widows of Murs” Daniella added.

Mr President Ateny is using your office and public resources to destroy women of South Sudan and your Presidential image. No women’s should be sleeping with Ateny in order for him to give them money to feed their children. I know he has told you many lies about me but he has left out the truth about his fighting against me which is simply my body. Land mark hotel is Prostitution place for Ateny Wek Ateny.” Awut said.

Daniella Awut Wol has been going live on Facebook for the last two days but she is not alone, other women that include Akuach Wol has gone Live on Facebook on the same topic several times within the last 4 days.

Since these accusations continue to file up, young South Sudanese intellectuals are calling for investigation stressing that it is not only these women but more could be suffering in silent.

Ateny Wek Ateny, the press secretary who is trending on social media for sexual scandals(Photo credit: courtesy image)
Ateny Wek Ateny, the press secretary who is trending on social media for sexual scandals(Photo credit: courtesy image)

“She is not the only woman complaining about that man yakuana. The top leadership should set up an independent body to investigate this matter. There has to be contact tracing for women who had already visited J1 and those that have been denied entry.” Said Beny Marek.

“This man has to face justice, keep advocating for women’s rights” Said Nyang Tong Majok.

“Ateny Wek, must love bad bitches. Every Dinka social media freak woman claims she has a history with him and they can back it up with evidence in their inboxes.” Said Manyok Maroun Monydhot

“I appeal to you Mr President to ask Ateny to respects women of South Sudan and it’s not in your best interests to keep him working for you. Mr President you are indirectly supporting Prostitution and suffering of Women who don’t see an others ways to feed their children, Ateny is using public money to destroy women of South Sudan” Daniella Awut said.

The Press Secretary, who has reportedly lost his eyeglasses in these scandals, is reported to have five wives and one of them has responded in defense of her husband blaming the women for going to her husband’s hotel room.

Ateny has threatened to persue lawsuit against these women; however, the victims claim to have recorded evidence and messenger messages but it remains to be seen if the court will hear the case.

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