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South Sudanese doctors started learning Chinese language

Juba, South Sudan, June 7th, 2021 –

The South Sudanese medical doctors have embarked on learning Chinese language to “ease communications” with Chinese health professionals.

South Sudanese doctors commence lessons in Chinese language
South Sudanese medical doctors take lesson in Chinese language at Juba Teaching Hospital (photo credit: Xinua News)


This comes one month after the Chinese language was officially introduced at the Juba Teaching Hospital to break down the so-called language barrier.

At least 50  health care workers have been trained in Mandarin Chinese language at Juba Teaching Hospital to improve verbal communication between Chinese and South Sudanese doctors.

Speaking to the media, Joseph Wani Jada said, he appreciated the Chinese for the job well done in terms of providing medical assistance and training medical workers with their language to easily communicate with them.

“Chinese doctors are doing a lot of things here. I would like to thank the Chinese government for providing us with medicines and now they are going to teach us the Chinese language”, Said Jada adding that the Chinese government has been continuously supportive of South Sudanese in terms of medical services.

Dr. Ma Tanta of the Chinese medical team said the training will focus on the Chinese language and he also stressed that it will be twice a week.

In a statement seen by Nyamilepedia, one of the trainees identified as Basso Matrevor said he is very interested in learning the Chinese language because he believes that it will make him understand the Chinese medical procedures and medicines.

“It is my pleasure that among those who joined the Chinese medical team, there is big a change although it has been slow but will help us in the future,” he said.

He added that he can at least communicate with Chinese counterparts with the Chinese language, especially in obstetrics and gynecology as well as other departments.

Two months ago, South Sudan and the Chinese government signed a developmental pact for the expansion and modernization of the Juba Teaching Hospital to improve medical services.

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