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SSWIF to Award South Sudanese Women, seeks public nominations

By Roger Alfred Yoron Modi

Juba, South Sudan,

 June 07, 2021 – The South Sudanese Women Intellectuals Forum (SSWIF), a global non-profit organization founded last year, is calling upon the public to nominate women for its various categories of the SSWIF South Sudanese Women Awards for Peace (SSWAP).

SSWIF to Award South Sudanese Women, seeks public nominations
South Sudanese Women Intellectuals Forum

According to the Director of Health at SSWIF Dr. Anne Pita Lomole, the South Sudanese Women Awards for Peace is initiated to recognize achievements of South Sudanese women that impact on Community and ensure the progress of women while promoting peace.

The SSWAP awards categories include Excellence in Leadership Award; Civil service and Activism Award; Business and Entrepreneurship Award; Excellence in Healthcare Award; Youth Award; Excellence in Journalism Award; Gender and Human Rights Award; Science, Technology and Research Award; Environmental Award; Excellence in Education Award; Lifetime of Service Award; Humanitarian Service Award; Innovation and Creative Arts Award; Recognition Award; Diaspora Contribution Award; and Unsung Hero Award.

“We came up with the initiative because we know that for a long time, the contributions of women to our society and our nation in South Sudan have not been recognized, and they have been largely ignored,” said Pita on the latest episode of Sawa Sawa Network’s program The Weekly Review. “So we hope that these awards will be able to bring to the forefront some of the achievements and impact that the women of South Sudan have had in various sectors. We hope to inspire many other women to aspire to excellence, especially our youth who at the moment lack mentors and lack people to look up to.”

So far, according to the latest list published by SSWIF, women who have been nominated for the SSWAP include H.E. Rebecca Nyandeng; Hon. Anne Itto Leonardo; Hon. Mary Ayen Mijok; Hon. Jemma Nunu Kumba; Hon. Aya Benjamin Warille; Hon. Betty Achan; Ms. Achu Jervase; Ms. Nyachankuoth Tai; Hon. Awut Deng; Hon. Deborah Akech Kuocnin; Hon Angelina Teny; Hon. Sophia Pal; Hon. Woda Jaqo; Hon. Rebecca Okwaci; Ms. Mary Achiro; Hon. Victoria Adhar Arop; Prof. Pauline Riak; Ms. Loma Merekaje; Prof. Pauline Riak;  Ms. Nunu Diana Alison; Ms. Nonoya Aguil Tong Akeen; Ms. Akuot Sarah Dut;  Ms. Joy Lado; Ms. Estella Malek; Ms. Chichi Loki; Ms. Anthonita Pascal; Ms. Abiong Kuol Belake; Ms. Rahose Akuta; Ms. Akor Achol; Ms. Safa Osman; Mama Zahra; Ms. Regina Abut Moses; Dr. Pawil Arop Yor; Nurse Tereza Dabi; Dr. Joy Luba; Ms. Catherine James; Ms. Betty Achan; Nurse Mary Enosa; Nurse Reioicetina Migie Kumbobakiri; Ms. Akuot Sarah Dut; Ms. Esther Soma; Ms. Jeniter Jopute; Dr. Emily Koiti; Ms. lbasi Patricia; Ms. Dark Skinned Ajak (Maura Ajak);  Ms. Lily Nelson; Ms. Veronica Lucy Loda; Ms. Hellen Ikuse; Ms. Priscah Akol; Ms. Jackline Nasiwa; Ms. Nyagoa Tut; Ms. Rita Liyo Lopidia; Ms. Stella Lomeling; Ms. AmjDit Nyok; Ms. Aluel Manyok Barach Atem; Ms. Christine Nqbaazande; Eng Ajuek Chan Malual; Dr. Grace Juan Soma; Ms. Nyamach Hoth Mai; Ms. Rose Mchael Tawil; Prof. Dr. Julia Duany; Ms. Alith Cyer Myar; Prof. Pauline Riak; Hon. Nagomoro Bridget; Hon. Grace Apollo Musa; Ms. Catherine James Nalana; Ms. Adeng Agany; Ms. Jocelyn ltorong; Ms. Modi Mbaraza; Ms. Achai Wiir; Dr. Madelena Monoja; Ms. Akuot Sarah Dut; Ms. Betty Asha; Ms. Winnie Godi; Dr. Akuot Acol De Dut; Ms. Christine Debu; Ms. Micklina Peter; Ms. Chol James; Ms. Adhieu Ngoth Chol Majok; and Ms. Dora Poni; with some women nominated to more than one category.

As for the “Recognition Award,” the SSWIF says, is reserved for institutions and individuals working in those institutions.

The SSWIF encourages the public to make their nominations through the Facebook Page of the South Sudanese Women Intellectuals Forum or their email address ss.womenintellectuals@gmail.com before the deadline of June 19th. They also request nominees to send their CVs and relevant information to the same email address.

Pita, the Director of Health at SSWIF said the Award Ceremony will be held on 10th July in Juba and virtually, where winners will be read out and awarded.

According to SSWIF, the Committee to decide on the Award will include representatives from the National Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare; National Ministry of Peace; Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development; UN Women; UNMISS; NNGOs; Youth-#anataban; Women-led organizations; Diaspora and SSWI.

SSWI says it is “committed to realizing a free, just and equitable society and drives change through online dialogue, and community mobilization, to help solve some of the challenges facing South Sudanese women in South Sudan and around the world,” and the Awards are going to “include women from various fields and various regions of South Sudan and therefore promote national unity.”

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