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SSOMA-Malong calls on SSOMA-Cirillo to show political will to dialogue

Nov 20, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The outnumbered faction of the divided South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance(SSOMA), under the leadership of Gen. Paul Malong Awan and Cde. Pagan Amum Okiech, announced that the leaderships of the two SSOMA factions are holding dialogues in attempt to work out their differences but more so depends on General Thomas Cirillo

Oyai, Malong, Pagan and Cerilo meets in Nairobi (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Oyai, Malong, Pagan and Cerilo meets in Nairobi (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

In a statement extended to Nyamilepedia on Wednesday, the SSOMA leadership under Pagan and Malong calls on SSOMA-Cirilo to show political will and comprises to resolve their internal differences.

In addition to their unity, Pagan and Malong pledge that the SSUF/A and R-SPLM should work more closely with Thomas Cirilo’s party, the South Sudan National Democratic Alliance (SSNDA).

“South Sudan Opposition Movements Alliance would like to inform its supporters at large, regional and international community as well as the media houses that several SSOMA-Leadership Council meetings were held on the 31st October, 7th and the 14th of November 2020 whereby the leaders resolved to call for reunification of SSOMA and express readiness to engage with South Sudan National Democratic Alliance (SSNDA) for SSOMA to reunite” Reads part of a statement signed by both Malong and Pagan.

“that will contribute to the unity of the people of South Sudan as well as strengthen the chances to address the root causes of the conflict in South Sudan.” The two holdout SSOMA leaders emphasized.

According to Pagan and Malong, the Liberation Council of SSOMA is taking the initiative to engage the leadership of SSSNDA to reconsider its position in the best interest of unity of SSOMA

“In pursuance of the articles of The Hague Declaration of Principles, which was signed on 30th August, 2019 by SSUF/A, R-SPLM and SSNDA, and given the recent developments during the last Rome Talks facilitated by the Community of Sant’ Egidio, that saw the Alliance negotiating separately, the SSOMA-LC has taken the initiative to engage the leadership of SSSNDA to reconsider its position in the interest of unity of SSOMA.” Pagan and Malong reiterated.

“SSOMA-LC believes in the spirit of comradeship and working together as a strong united Alliance, which is the best way forward to achieving a lasting peace for the people of South Sudan.” The formerly powerful politicians added.

The SSOMA-Malong & Pagan, which is made up of two parties, the SSUF/A of and the R-SPLM of Pagan, “opens its doors to welcome back” SSOMA-Cirillo which is composed of siz parties  to reconcile and unite as per The Hague Declaration of Principles.

The two leaders expressed their patience to wait for a positive response from Thomas Cirillo and his group.

The two formerly most powerful Chief of Staff of the SPLA and former Secretary General of the SPLM found themselves cornered by General Thomas Cirilo who holds both military advantage on the ground and political tyranny in Rome after Pagan tried to save Gen. Malong whom Cirillo’s group wanted dismissed for brewing chaos within his party and also with SSOMA.

The two leaders were dismissed from SSOMA before the October Talks that were facilitated by the Roman Catholic Mediating Community Saint Egidio; however, both factions were given a chance to negotiate with the government delegations and Cirilo’s group signed a Declaration of Principles with the government delegation.

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