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SPLM/SPLA-IO General Killed In Helicopter Attack In Western Equatoria

Gen. Tito Biel Chuor sitting at his residence in Juba 2013.(Photo: supplied)
Gen. Tito Biel Chuor sitting at his residence in Juba before the conflict in 2013.(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Nov 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- On 24th of November 2015 at 4:00 PM, South Sudan local time, three helicopter gunships launched surprise attacks against the SPLM – IO’s cantonment position in Mundri County, Western Equatoria State, South Sudan.

According to credible sources, in one of the attacks, late Brigadier Gen. Tito Biel  Chuor [Chor], who spent the last two years at the United Nation based in Juba, and 18 other soldiers sustained injuries from the scene.

Brig. Gen. Tito Biel, according to eye witnesses, sustained an injury at the back and died six hours later at around 10:30 PM.

Some officers and soldiers, hit during the raid, also died while others sustained injuries.

According to the residents, at least 10 civilians were also killed and nearly 40 others, mostly women and children, sustained injuries from the gunship attack.

Multiple sources from Western Equatoria confirmed that Ugandan gunships and South Sudan helicopters have carried out attacks in Mundri, Pageri and Gariya Bongolo of Western Equatoria since Monday this week.

According to James Gatdet Dak, the Press Secretary of SPLM/SPLA [IO] Chairman, these attacks on their positions are clear violations of the recently signed Peace Agreement by the two warring parties and other stakeholders.

“The regime in Juba on Tuesday unleashed helicopter gunships and attacked our designated cantonment area in Mundri County, Western Equatoria State. The action is a violation of the ceasefire deal and the security arrangements signed by the two parties (GRSS and SPLA-IO). The attack on the cantonment area is an indication that president Kiir’s government is not committed to the implementation of the peace agreement.” Gatdet said.

Responding to the news, James Nguen, who speaks on behave of Dok Community Association in South Sudan and Diaspora confirmed the reports.

“We, The Greater Dok Community in South Sudan and Diaspora hereby confirmed the death of our BELOVED and BRAVE son, Brigadier Gen. Tito Biel Chuor (aka Gatnyawech Luth) in a coordinated helicopter gunships attacks by the Government of South Sudan Air Force and the Uganda Government Air Defence in a violation of the signed Peace Agreement on August 2015 by the Government of South Sudan and SPLM in Opposition.” Nguen said.

James Nguen, a South Sudanese-Canadian and the chairman of the Nuer Supreme Council (NSC) reiterates that “Gen. Tito dies in the lines of duty as a brave man defending his people’s dignity and right to life”.

“As a family, we are saddened that Brigadier Gen. Tito Biel died, but as a nation, we are certainly courage that he dies in the lines of duty as a brave man defending his people’s dignity and right to life and freedom against a ruthless dictator in Juba, South Sudan.” He said.

“Brigadier Gen. Tito Biel had a solemn oath to the people of South Sudan, when he took arms against Khartoum repressive regimes in 1984 that “people of South Sudan were destined to be free and I would die defending this freedom”” he continued.

Many other supporters, who went viral on social media, believe that Brigadier Gen. Tito Biel Chuor died defending the freedom of his country for which he will be remembered.

“Those of us with heart just like you for this Great Country and our Society will remembered you forever and you have die as a heroe in trying to save your Country from the current Tribal and Criminal Gov’t in Juba” Said David Mai Tang.

Gen. Tito Biel Chuor hails from Dok Community, a sub-tribe of Nuer ethnic group of Unity State.

He fought for the independent of South Sudan as a high-ranking commander in the South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF) during the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983–2005) that led to secession of the South in July, 2011.

Gen. Biel, who joined rebellion in late September 2015,  is believed to be the only Nuer general who remained in UNMISS camp during the 21 months conflict, and the first SPLA-IO general to be killed at the frontline by the government side.

The deadly South Sudanese civil war has claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced two millions others.

At the time of this report, the two military spokesmen of the two warring SPLA factions, Col. Philip Aguer and Col. William Gatjiath, could not comment on the news

J. Nguen, who contributed to this report, can be reached at jamesnguen@gmail.com

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Beek November 27, 2015 at 4:24 am

Why SPLM-IO had signed peace agreement if they still have interest in war. Youth should walk out from conflicts. Riek Machar just killing you for his interests.

United Naath November 27, 2015 at 6:47 am


You are an idiot. Yes, because you supportinga killer (kirr that )using South Sudan revenue to killing son & daughter of south sudan people, times come now for all the mercenaries primitive kirr use in cleasing nuer an others tribes in south sudan ‘ll not make south sudan safer plae for any one trust me on this.

Beek November 27, 2015 at 10:17 pm

Nuer in the Army were adored by John Garang because they were used as the killing machines. John Garang has used them to kill those who opposed him and now.

GatNor November 28, 2015 at 6:40 pm

You are finally starting to tell some truth. So proud of you. Your not a total meat-head after all. congratulations Beek,keep telling the truth it shall set you free from self imposed bondage of ignorance.

Beek November 27, 2015 at 10:36 pm

SPLM can’t survive with medicines alone because too much medicines are not good.

Loberito November 27, 2015 at 3:16 pm


Please look at South Sudan conflict critically. It is ok for you to support the President but you also have to critic the president constructively whether he leads this nation rightly or not. We have seen South Sudanese citizens who pointed out things that are wrong in this government but these people are being killed whether they are Dinka, Nuer, Bari, Didinga, and so on. If you think you support the President because he may come from your tribe, please support the President because he governance this nation fairly. Between the President and Dr. Riek, these gentlemen are human and they both have their own weakness. They both have good part of their characters and bad part of their characters. If you think that Kiir is a perfect human being than Dr. Riek Machar then our citizens like journalists who have been killed in Juba should have not be killed. The Nuer in Juba should not be killed by this perfect God of yours called Kiir. Neither one of these gentlewomen is perfect but South Sudan needs both of them.

Beek November 27, 2015 at 10:11 pm

Use Dinka if you want to gain highest position,use Dinka if you want to spoil them or use Dinka if you want to die quick and leave our wonderful world in peace.Actually what i have gain from government of South Sudan,my problem is that i don’t want our youth to join nonsense rebels in general because i have seen John Garang and his cronies in the past and that should not be repeat again. Our young will not help you. Please sort it out yourself.Right Wing of the EU Use Islam and Immigrants as the tools in order to gain support from general public and Nuer/ SPLM-IO use Dinka in order youth can join stupid rebels. Far Right are doing well in polling,but is not the point because they never talk about jobs.The Rebels need to talk about creating jobs than destroying economy. Please talk about work than bloody politics.

James Droma November 27, 2015 at 4:37 am

Information to all, Late Gen. Tito Biel’s son is arrested by Gov’t security agents by unknown reason and his name is Dol Biel Chuor.

chol y November 27, 2015 at 10:30 am

Riek Machar should be next.

Majokdit November 27, 2015 at 7:02 pm

This is the consequences of war don’t cry

Gatdar.wich November 27, 2015 at 1:59 pm

May almighty God rest your soul in peace!

We know your killers’ towns, birth places, and villages. In fact, they are our neighbors, and shall always be within reached from us.

Justice shall be imminently saved no matter how long it will takes period

Gatluak Bayak November 27, 2015 at 10:01 pm

RIP gentle man, your death is not simple as you die to save the life of your people.we will never forget you at all

Bentiu Ramaran November 28, 2015 at 12:06 am

Rest in peace Mr. Tito Biel Chuor, we will missed you forever. Might God rest your soul in eternal life.

James Droma November 28, 2015 at 12:08 am

Chol Y, Salva Kiir must die first, Machar stay longer and much longer.

Lo bari November 28, 2015 at 1:54 am

Am from Greater Equatoria between Killer Kirr and Dr Marchar ,it,s better for Salva to Die than Riek as he remains our only Future President any time from 2018 .But death to Mr Kirr and Lueth including the Jieng council of elders


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