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Government Gunships Killed At Least 10 Civilians and Wounded 35 Others In Western Equatoria State

Yambio | ROSS.

A government gunship heading to Jonglei state to fight white army in December 2013.
A government gunship reinforcing troops to face the white army in Jonglei state in December 2013. The well dressed but poorly trained SPLA was defeated until a battalion of Ugandan troops arrived in January 2014.

November 25, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from South Sudan’s Gariya Bongolo of Western Equatoria state confirmed that a government helicopter has killed at least 10 civilians and wounded at least 35 others in the today’s attack.

Speaking out after the attack, the survivors had no doubt that it’s the government that bombarded Gariyo this afternoon.

According to Roberts Swaka, who covered the events for South Sudan Liberty News and Nyamilepedia, at least 10 civilians are confirmed dead and 35 others remain in critical conditions in Yambio, the capital.

The citizens, who are evacuating the area confirmed that at least two jet fighters appeared from no where this afternoon and suddenly started dropping bombs at random on major scenes in the area.

They say it is the first time the government helicopters have appeared in this small village, killing innocent civilians and terrorizing the population in the region.

“Citizens where caught of guard buy two jet fighters appearing from nowhere and started to drop several payloads on the villages. This is a first for these places as this kind of Jetfighters have not been seen here before.” Swaka reports from Yambio.

“There was no warning sign others than the sky breaking sounds of the airplanes and the bombs they drop on Civilian.” he continued.

Eyewitness who reached our local and regional correspondents reports sceneries of carnage, chaos and complete panic.

“Who is behind this and why?” asks Khamis, a local school teacher, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to fear of his safety.

Within the last two days, two Ugandan Jet fighters  and a convoy of military trucks passed the border town of Nimule and headed back to Juba. A third helicopter was seen hovering over Pageri before returning to Juba.

Local population fears the government could be attacking them for fear of arrow boys in Western Equatoria, however, the citizens refute such claims.

“It is time for South Sudanese to unite, and Equatorian in particular, We are being killed without IGAD saying a word of condemnations, this snake has to be killed by us all.” Khamis continued.

Khamis further blames Ugandan president for fighting a proxy war of personal interest in South Sudan while leaving Joseph Konyi and other Ugandan rebels at large.

“Why would Uganda wage war on South Sudanese people in favors of oppressive regime when Musseveni himself had liberated his people of such oppressions under previous failed regimes in Uganda? Why does he wish failures for South Sudan by prompting Kiir and Killing South Sudanese?” Khamis wonders.

According to SPLA in Opposition, Salva Kiir’s government is torturing innocent people to induce fear in the name of fighting rebellion in the country.

This report was compiled by Roberts Swaka, a journalist who correspondences for SSLN in collaboration with Nyamilepedia, and edited by our staff editor.

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GatNor November 26, 2015 at 6:43 pm

I remembered when some Equatorian or those disguised as Equatorians using popular Equatorian names would say things lime You Nuers keep the war in your area and that Equatorial is peaceful and that any necessary changes will be made peacefully.

Remember this,
They came for Nuers you didn’t act because you are not a Nuer.
They came for the Chilluks you failed to act because you are not Chilluk.
They came for the Murlei you whete not ready to help because you are not Murlei.
Finally, when they came for you Equatorians, there was nobody left to come to your assistant because they had finished everyone while you coward and pretend you are peaceful peace loving societies. SPLM – IO is weak without outside foreign support, and all their supies they equired from the same enemy you are fighting through capturing and defeating the enemy taking their logistics. If Dr Machar would not release tools of war to defend his own destroyed village where he was from. I don’t know who will come to your rescue. Unless you called on the white army to come but they are Nuers and where chased out of Juba mass murdered in front of you without lifting a finger as a community. The approach would be awkwards I am sure. SPLM -In-OP should come to your rescue until Juba is contained to res PPP ext the signed agreement. I did warned you Equatorian that you are next and I am not even a ginius.

Opiombira Kiirendeazele November 26, 2015 at 10:35 pm

Gatnor, I am an Equatorian and It pains me to say your words are in place. This as you said did not require Geniuses to see through it! It was plain and simple that Kiir and his JCD ( Jieng Councils of Devils) were using Divide and Conquer but all the other 62 tribes slept including the Cholos at first!! Even Some Nuer clans fell for this the Bull Nuer in Particular! But I think the great awakening is happening as we see in Cholo lands and perhaps now the Bull Nuer but for sure the greater Equatoria! However the critical mass in Equatoria has not been reached yet but should Kiir continue to defy the peace then we shall for sure and soon reach there.

If you notice, they do not rock the Mundari, the Latuhos nor the Toposas!! How Devils these people are!! But what they do not know is every single ethnic group has a boiling point no matter how peaceful they are and i know it is about there!

Your words are painful but the truths! How I wish My people, the Euqtorians and even the left out Jiengs wake up and realize that the JCE and Kiir serves no benefits for them only hates and deaths from their fellow Southerners, if this does not come to an end soon unfortunately every tribe shall test a black December 2013.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ November 27, 2015 at 12:19 am


you need not to be neive, you must aknowledge that cde Alfred Lado GORE is a pure son of GREATER EQUATORIA. We know what is going on between us and the jenge so we do not need any advise from you. Go back to the history of South Sudan and find the fact by yourself. The first bullet for the liberation of this country was fired in GREATER EQUATORIA in TORIT in 1955 and that was before your father could think fucking your mother inorder to bring you to world. This can explain to you that we are people who do not need to be warned by you gat – pöt.

Please try to leave this war to people like Lado Gore and Riak Machar. They know very well what is the relationship between you the nuer and the people of GREATER EQUATORIA. You must stop talking negative about us. We know how to kick jenge out of our land. Do you know why Juba is chosen to be the seat of any administration of the people of South Sudan right from 1947 upto today? Because we people of GREATER EQUATORIA believe in both WAR and DEPLOMACY. During the liberation year, most of the towns liberated from from the arabs were in EQUATORA not in upper nile or bahr ghazal. We are not cowards as you believe.

We did not leave this war to Nuer alone as you claim. It was us people of GREATER EQUATORIA who hide some Nuers in our house in Juba when they were hunted like rabits in Juba. Right now we join the Nuer people looking for justice to bring the murderers to face trial. Some of us are working very hard to convince many EQUATORIANS who do not know the differenciate you the Nuer and the jenge. Because actually both nuer and jenge are cattle keep and the behave like cattle.

Please let us respect Lado Gore and Dr. Riak, let us look forward for better rule in this country and let us work together for FEDERLISM. Hope you get me fully that we EQUATORIANS do not like foolish talks and lies.

GatNor November 27, 2015 at 3:39 am

its liberating to have honest dialogues on these issue, believe me I have no funny ideas about Equatorians in general nor their contribution to the South Sudan as a nation. Admitingly, I have away of getting my point across in my writing and in the process calling you cowards. What is worst me implying that you cowardly hidden through out the main pace of the civil war or the fact that you cowardly came out of your hidings to join the liberation when you thought war was over and peace was signed. Alfred has no man power to command. The alliances you claim is mutually conditional, Juba is chosen for purely strategic reason as the capital Much like Pagaak and Maiwut are strategically preferable by most of our liberators. Big deal if the first bullet was fired in Equatoria, or at the separatists like those of Samuel Gai Tut, Kuany Latjor and many others. The first bullet could have been fired from at some places in the moon but the point is you give excuses attempts to justify your undecisiveness given today’s scenerio until you become a victim much like the Nuers instead of using preventative majors. Look at you now. Do you even know what time it is or you still believe that this situation will play itself out to some revelation as your inconsistent & annoying saying goes..time will tell or will revealed. If you don’t like the truth in my message too bad. Let the Alliance be sincere.

wedjuba November 27, 2015 at 10:41 am

Gat pöt,

You are reasoning like a baboon, you moron. You know the problem with you guys, you always look for conflicts and when the heat gets on you call others cowards.

Read the comments of “Dingit Na Tuggö” again, or get yourself some lectures about our history in Equatoria, you will find out that for decades JUBA was and will still be the spinal cord and the seat for Authority in South Sudan. This foundations could have never happened had it not been for the brains and cognitive reasoning of our pioneer politicians in Equatoria.

Ask yourself questions, why JUBA is such a significant spot of interest throughout all these years? We Equatorians have a different approach of settling problems.

I think Machar can be very smart to categorically avoid the likes of you around him. You who always spoil Nuer nobility by continuesly calling Equatorians names. There are decent Nuer in town.

Just like Machar, is our son Alfred Lado Gore, who with conviction refused to get submerged into primitive Dinka leadership, which since independence keeps dragging our country and the entire tribes to dead end.

To say the least, we Equatorians have difficulties distinguishing you from the real enemies the Jiengs, we can’t easily sort you out. You look alike, carry the same sounding names and sometimes even behave the same. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but you really need to show some good character and be different from the Jiengs, inorder not to get dumped into one basket. Character is the only splendid parameter that can lift you higher than Dinkas.

Our war for ORDER in our ancestral Equatoria has just begun, and we are already adjusting ourselves against the foes in our territories.

We need smart politicians to come out and lead the people. Individuals who know the true meaning of “DIPLOMACY”, the Rule of Law and Respect, harmonious coexistence, etc. Persons who are free from every confusing tribal chain and dominance. This is acutely vital for our multiethnic multicultural society South Sudan.

We need to keep the doors for governance opened, so that every competent and qualified South Sudanese can demonstrate fullest potentials.

Picking up a gun and assuming leadership is not LEADERSHIP, that’s barbarism. A leader should convince, guide, provide service and take responsibilities. That’s what we need.

I admitt Equatorians have not yet fully joined the movement but make no mistake, when this happens, the war in South Sudan will take a different dimension. It will be a total revolution!!!

So Mr. Gat pöt, take note and be wise!

Khot Malieth November 27, 2015 at 2:22 pm

Mr. Gatnor, it is not a good idea to alienate our Equatorian brothers and call them coward when we actually need them more to defeat the common enemy of peace and unity in our country that killed thousands of people in cold blood. It is not a blaming game that we need, what we need is unity between all citizens of our country even some Dinka people who have sense of nationalism and not backward sense of dominating other tribes in the country .Didn’t you know the language the Equatorians used to describe the Nuer came from our Dinka cousins who always call Nuer warmongers and uncivilized , but now we proved them wrong and show our fellow tribesmen that we are peaceful people and we don’t want to be dominated. I wonder when some twisted minded Dinka people will come to their senses that the country is for all of us and any abled minded citizens can run our country and abandon their quest for the domination of other tribes.

Loberito November 27, 2015 at 3:47 pm


Well said. Nuer and Dinka both try to provoke Equatorians to support them. Equatorians know where they want to involve and why? Patient and diplomacy is seen being coward by Nuer and Dinka but that is not true. They both know how Equatorians were winning in the war Zone.


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