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SPLM/A-IO Accuse South Sudan Government of a “Negative Propaganda” To Beg Support From Uganda

South Sudan Police Inspector General, Makur Maruol meets Ugandan Police Inspector Kale Kayihura in Kampala to seek for military support(Photo: File)
South Sudan Police Inspector General, Makur Maruol meets Ugandan Police Inspector Kale Kayihura in Kampala to seek for military support(Photo: File)

Oct 25, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Responding to South Sudan’s Inspector General of Police, Gen. Makur Maruol, who claims that Ugandan nationals are kidnapped in South Sudan, the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition accused the police general of coining a wild propaganda to solicit some money from Ugandans in the name of “ransoms”.

“I suspect that those of Salva Kiir’s senior police officers who lied about this to Ugandan authorities while in “Kampala” could be making the propaganda as a sort of lucrative project to get money from in the name of “asked” fake ransom somewhere. Or they could be the ones holding Ugandan nationals hostage somewhere.” Said James Gatdet Dak, the press secretary of SPLM/SPLA-IO Chairman.

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Alternatively, Dak believes that Salva Kiir government could be making such claims to get military support from Uganda as they did in the past but he fears that a military supports to fight rebellion is a direct violation of South Sudan sovereignty.

“Or the rogue regime in Juba could be making the claim as a pretext to try to persuade Uganda to deploy its troops into South Sudan again, which would of course be a direct interference in the South Sudanese internal conflict as well as an automatic serious violation of the sovereignty of the Republic of South Sudan and a suspected intention to violate its territorial integrity in the future.” He continued.

Dak reiterates that the SPLA in Opposition is well disciplined that they do not arrest civilians or ask for ransoms from anyone.

“SPLA (IO) forces have not kidnapped any Ugandan citizen, or any other national, or allegedly asked for money as ransom in order to release them. This is a negative propaganda by the rogue regime in Juba.” Dak said.

“SPLA (IO) forces are well disciplined and have never detained civilians or used them for ransom.” he continued.

He is confident that Museveni’s government may not listen to such “desperate lies”.

“We would expect the Ugandan government not to listen to such desperate lies from the regime in Juba.” Gatdet said.

In 2014, SPLM/A-IO temporarily arrested government officials, including a Brigadier General and UN employees, who faultily landed in their territory, however, the officials were well taken care of as they later confessed when they arrived in Juba. They were all released and chartered to Juba within 72 hours without preconditions.

The SPLM/A in Opposition controls wide areas in the three regions of South Sudan. Most of these areas are accessible to humanitarian assistance.

Compared to government held areas where humanitarian aid workers and journalists have been killed or arrested, areas controlled by the SPLM/A-IO have registered less cases.

Since the resumption of the current conflict in July this year, insecurity in Equatoria has sharply increased, however, more than 5 armed groups claim presence in Equatoria. In addition to SPLA-IG and SPLA-IO, Taban Deng Gai, SSDF and Arrow Boys also claim to control some areas in Equatoria.

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