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SPLM/A-IO in Warrap State distances itself from SG Tingo’s resignation

Sat, Nov 14, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Senior politicians, who are loyal to SPLM/A-IO in Warrap state have distanced themselves from the resignation of Cde. Tingo Peter, the former Secretary General of the SPLM-IO.

SPLM-IO deputy chairman, Henry Odwar and Secretary-General Tingo Peter arriving at Juba airport from Khartoum(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
SPLM-IO deputy chairman, Henry Odwar and Secretary-General Tingo Peter arriving at Juba airport from Khartoum(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

Speaking on behalf of the SPLM/A-IO leadership in Warrap State, Hon. Adhar A. Chol, the former Governor of now defunct Lol State, criticized SG Tingo’s decision to resign at a time when the party is the crossroad.

“In recent but not surprising development in relation to resignation of erstwhile Comrade Tingo Peter from Secretary General position, the third powerful and most significant position in SPLM/IO, we the members and leaderships of SPLM/IO in Lol Area in particular and Warrap State in general, are hereby reaffirming that we remain committed and resolute to the political ideas of SPLM/IO and it able leaderships.” Hon. Adhar said.

Despite his defection, Adhar acknowledges Tingo’s contribution to the SPLM/A-IO; however, he calls him a failure for his inabilities to guide the movement when he was the Secretary General.

“Not to discredit his contributions to the People’s Movement entirely, Comrade Tingo has served on numbers of positions since he joined the Movement but he was always extremely timid and afraid to initiate ideas or make decisions.” Adhar said.

“His leadership was characterised with lacking of confident, inabilities to diagnose issues and a massive lack of flexibilities.” He continued.

“Simply, by oath he was the source of a failures to many of our party issues.” He added.

Adhar defends his chairman, Dr. Riek Machar, saying the allegations that were raised by Cde. Tingo against Machar were baseless.

“The false cry allegations against the leadership style of Dr. Riak Machar the First Vice President, Chairman and C In C of SPLM/A-IO as he alluded to in his resignation are categorically ludicrous and cannot be simply taken seriously as Dr Riak is not a new-comer to the South Sudan public affairs.” Adhar said.

The former governor of Lol State believes that Cde. Tingo gave up because he relearized his own weaknesses.

“Thus, Tingo’s resignation is nothing much than a mere personal and not of political, as his failures became a common knowledge to all our members, perhaps he finds it pretty much hard to face them but rather easily to use his false cry resignation as a pretext to cover-up his failures.” Adhar said.

“His departure remained to have a zero impact on People’s Movement effectiveness in delivering our ultimate reform agenda.” he concludes.

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