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A Response to Jok Madut Jok on “the Real Elephant in the Room”

By Prof. Simon El Hag Kulusika,

Elephant in the room

Nov 13, 2020(Nyamilepedia)This is a message addressed to the Prof mentioned above regarding his opinion article titled :”South Sudan’s Situation and the Real Elephant in the Room”. This article was published by Nyamilepedia on 12 th November, 2020. I read it on the 13th same month. Apart from the phrase “the Real Elephant” that appeared in the title of the article, which requires a deep literary insight to comprehend it , I will assume it to be a metaphor that conveys the impossibility of coping up with the situation prevailing in South Sudan.

This Prof Jok has eloquently articulated And I concur with him on every sentence used in demonstrating how South Sudan drifted and continues to drift into abysses of oblivion. She can only be rescued by women and men who have a clear vision of how to get that real elephant out of that house to become productive like those elephants utilised by Indians,Thais or games parks authorities in South Africa, etc.

South Sudan is transiting through multitudes of troubles, troubles that I have written about on several occasions, that were and are made by those who assumed and still assume political leadership of South Sudan. I use the term ‘assume’ because our leaders have not made any impacts since the inception of South Sudan in 2011. 

They are unable to make such impacts due to glaring contradictions. For example it is said that a R TGONU has been formed. In that government some leading figures in it still called themselves ‘opposition’. Can such a government perform as expected of an effective government? The answer must be no, but subject to debate.

Prof Jok has given the readers most if not all the ills of SS. He also subjected those ills to scholarly analysis to provide sound conclusions to his many propositions about SS. A person who has gone through hardships under the successive governments of Khartoum would definitely shed some real tears when reading the article of Prof. Jok. For example, he wrote the “biggest hospital” in SS capital “cannot give oxygen to a child gasping for “bresth”. Somewhere in the article he wrote “This country does not even know which children were born or which citizens have died”. What a tragedy?

Prof Jok wrote that numbers of correct questions might be asked. But he was not sure that the answers would come from the government in Juba. It means they do not have answers for the troubles of SS. simply said there is no government in SS. Is this a drama or tragedy? God shall give us his mercy.


Simon El Hag Kulusika is a professor of Laws at Lusaka, Zambia. He can be reached through email at pa352128@gmail.com,

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