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By Ambassador/ Professor David de Chand,

Dec 31, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — For the past decades I have been involved historically; economically; and political; sociological; spiritual; morally; methodologically and philosophically thinking for what motivated the Jieng led regime to target its own citizens in the way that the Nazi targeted the Jews as an ethnic and religious group for extermination on the face of the planet-Earth prior to and during the WWII (1939-1945). The Weirmarer Republik exterminated more than 6m Jews for no apparent raison d’etre except that they were an ethnic and religious group in which the socioeconomic problems in the Germany were lumped on them as such in only in Germany, but throughout Europe and termed them as collaborators with the North America for the domination of the world ecological wealth for the domination of the world. This was then, the viewpoint of not only Europe and the British Isles. 

It was common and (still it is) Europeans practiced anti-Semitism that is equivalent to its anti-Black race that its inculcated so many symbols of hate including the Cross of Saint George that was given to all British gentry who served in the British colonies of the demise British Empire with a with a white Angle standing on the top of the Black man to make the Black inferior and below the standard of the White race. It was also was used by the Slave owners who Slaves and mistreated they pleased in the antebellum southern United States when it socioeconomic growth was fueled and ignited by Slavery. The above-mentioned situations happened on the death of the African-American George Floyd’s when his killers put their feet on his neck and pleaded with his killers, “please, I am choking, but his captors could not let go off him until he met his fate in the hands of his captors.(May his soul rest in peace).

The death of George Floyd’s triggered a worldwide anti- Policing, racial justice, and demonstrations against the United States worldwide that attracted attention of has been going on in the US for the past generations and still remains alive and well. George Floyd’s death created a very strong movement known as” Black Live Matters” social revolution or social revolution against systemic racism  and the paradigm shift in the USA that ordained itself as the champion of human rights and other basic freedoms enshrined in the US Constitution.

Personally, as a “New American” of the first generation who landed here as a war child seeking for refuge, it was surprised for me as a Sudanese towering 6ft 7inches tall weighing 185-195 lb. (2.2lb= 1kg).  As a Sudanese, I could not be different from the rest of the people of colored to experience racism, racialism and xenophobia, constant social discrimination, suspicion of being negatively considered as being a bad guy, and constantly could become a police brutalities in the streets of America. My experiences in the US are similar to what many African-Americans, and émigrés or immigrants do experience in the USA. Although am an émigré ,veteran, highly educated more than my white brothers that I have no grudges against practicing hate transmitted to from generation to generation, I have developed a policy of toleration, peaceful co-existence. As Black intellectual, I could not find my niche in academia, corporate America like the rest of fellow immigrants. Even though one has the Naturalization Certificate as a US Citizen, I have like others discovered that when you go to the bank to seek loan you would be denied because of what the business termed as “Credit” rates and particularly it’s race that has turned from the plantation Slavery to socioeconomic slavery that has destroyed the African- American and the Native Americans or the First Nation in particular.

Whenever a person of color qualified for a lucrative position that he/she knows qualified for via competition, the recruiter would talk to you differently compared to White candidates and would tell you “we would contact you” that never materializes or if they do they would reply, “sorry, you are overqualified” that was an excuse, but no excuse at all, because no one the planet-Earth is overqualified to do any work or jobs that he/she qualified.  The real issue here, of course, Whites do want to color corporate America and the Ivory towers as the last ditch to keep them remained White lilies or a symbol of the most important flowers of the Christianity. It’s a symbol of Virgin Mary’s purity. It’s the symbol of the Roman myth that White lilies came from the queen of the gods. Conclusively, it represents the systemic racism, racialism and xenophobic and racial in justice exhibited y the racists and continued racial injustice.

It’s a social disease in Thok Naath (Nuer language (jeiu mi ca caak E teiny ti boor) by White the racists and the basis of what happened to George Floyd’s death in the hands of captors in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been the showcase of the European colonial atrocities and genocide inflicted against the Afro-Asian people and the African-Americans and the First Nation and other people of color. To make the story short, its real economic racism that has replaced slavery. In all-in-all, systemic racism is still alive and well in many media of American society and this is the weak point of social character worldwide. We have educated so many, but they are underutilized, underemployed or unemployed particularly if you are members of the colored folk communities. For the readers, I would like you to know that I am writing about my experiences in the USA, but am just giving you glimmer of hope for what I am going to write about my biography in America as a first generation émigré and a well-self-educated persona or character that’s in contrast with my anima that’s my real inner-self like anyone else on the Planet-Earth.

South Sudan government buys tanks and missiles every year only to use them on their own people. Now U.S. has decided to lead arms embargo on South Sudan to safeguard South Sudanese interests and reduce follow of weapons into South Sudan(Photo: file)
South Sudan government buys tanks and missiles every year only to use them on their own people. Now U.S. has decided to lead arms embargo on South Sudan to safeguard South Sudanese interests and reduce follow of weapons into South Sudan(Photo: file)

In the case of South Sudan that am obliged to write this article about,  in my capacity as a historian, political scientist or political economist and international law and public affairs, a diplomat and an academic, I have been undergoing cross-self-examination on political, sociological, historical, methodical and socio-psychological quandary as well to find an appropriate socio-political and philosophical metamorphosis or a striking alteration in appearance or character, or circumstance amicable politico-legal solution from  the non-transformative South Sudan leaders on the war crimes, crime against humanity, genocide… defined in the UN Charter as the worst crimes against humanity, in other heinous crimes against humanity in South Sudan on December 2013 and still goes on the  in which the international community, the European Union, African Union,  ecumenical councils my New Country the United States opted to remain silent to assist us “We the people” of South Sudan to believe, to conceive and to achieve our dream to bring pressure point to bear on the despotic, dictatorial, genocidal and one of the world’s must brutal regimes ever existed on the African continent and the world at large. 

We urge and appeal to Western leaders from the outgoing incumbent US President Donald Trump and the incoming Biden Administration to the UK PM Boris Johnson, to the French President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron to President Putin of Russia, including all Western European ex-colonial authorities that were Administering Authorities curved out the modern states system in Afro-Asia contributed to the ongoing  un-revisited neo-colonialism inherited colonial questions during the decolonization period in Africa. They have created institutes to deal with the last vestiges of colonialism and neocolonialism have failed. We warn the Western powers to wake and not to ignore prevailing problems in Africa like in the past.  We could have another Rwanda in South Sudan because the populace has been impatient and angry with the regimes and things that it has done, which it ought to have done retrospect to the split in 2011 from the mother country-North Sudan. All the conditions that happened in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide have ripped in South Sudan and could erupt into real action now that United  Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (UNMIDRC) would be able to contain at all. 

The UN Rapporteur Mr. David Sharer who is a demagogue or rabble-rouser or tub-thumb or incendiary has been in collision with the genocidal, corrupt, murders of women and children has already wanted the UNMISS to be withdrawn from South Sudan similarly equals to the UNSC ordering the withdrawal of UNMIR force of 2500 force to be withdrawn in face of the 100 days strategized plan and execution of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. Hence, any moves to withdraw UNMISS from South Sudan could aggravate the situation to become chaotic on both sides, thus, producing war with catastrophic consequences this time around for everyone like what happened in the 1994 Rwanda and in the 2013 Juba Genocide in South Sudan when Salva Kiir’s ordered his personal militia or terrorists otherwise known as Mathiang Anyore on December 15-18, 2013 to go from estate-to-estate in Juba to  forcefully entered every Nuer ethnicity estates to kill civilians’ population that  had nothing to do with political mess that arose within the Marxist-Leninist ruling party that the Jieng fears like rattle, African King’s Copra, and the African Black Mamba deadly tropical snakes by the (Jieng) Dinka (Dink) tribesmen in particular; and the Hutu renegades against the Tutsi that described them as “Cockroaches” and “Tall trees” that needed to be chopped down. 

The Jieng also had  grudges and historical animosities against their  Nuer cousins the  similar to the Hutu vs. the Tutsi behind the scenes against the Equatorian tribes, the Nuer-Dinka speakers or the Naath arbitrary annexed to the Jieng homesteads by the UK colonial power and still maintain the Naath (Nuer) language and culture that could be easily assimilated, but assimilated many jieng within the Jieng or Monyjieng (the son of Jieng) within the Jieng society, but preconceived not as the son of a person of a person (ram mi raan) in accordance with the Nuer (Naath/Nadth) (people of the people) traditional griots,-that’s members of traveling poets, musicians and storytellers who maintain tradition and oral history in the Naath/Nadth faith-based egalitarianism (Kondial)- means (to pull togetherness or in Juba Arabic sawa-sawa) and the basis of social equality, kinship, kin and kith amongst the Naath/Nadth (Nuer) traditional historians, folklorists and ethnographic writings that exist throughout West Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Central Africa and in Southern Africa and the world’s communities at large as well. When I was child my Dad and ex-Volunteer like other Nuer volunteers in the British Army against Benito Mussolini’s forces of occupation in Ethiopia and East African King’s Rifles.

The Jieng do not have only one enemy-the Naath/Nadth (the Nuer) to deal with this time around, but many in the land. They have committed mistakes, oppressive, domination, exploitation, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing on every ethnicity in South Sudan with emphasis with non-Jieng minority groups dwellings in their midst in the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazel region.  The scares inflicted by the Jieng goonies or the “Dings” a slang for the Dinka power elites still remain fresh in the minds of many, visible and no matter what happens would not be erased and could neither be forgotten nor would pass without revenge or avenge. The Nuer ethnicity was caught off-guard, pre-emptively was targeted to be genocide in the pattern that Hutu renegades targeted the Tutsi’s that the Hutu’s sarcastically called them as “Cockroaches” and the “Tall trees” to be cut down and were not prepared at all, until the regime committed the crime of genocide against the civilians’ population for genocide that borne cognitive dissonance (confusion) that occurred within the ruling Marxist-Leninist party in the first few days of the tribal warfare that was perpetrated against them to create fear against the Nuer folks. In brief, there was no fear, but retaliatory measures were designed, implemented effortlessly the intended extermination of the Nuer similar to Holocaust in Nazi Germany and Tutsi by Hutu in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.

Historically, no Jieng ever defeated the Nuer folks and would never ever defeat the Nuer nationality.  Actually, the Nuer and the affected groups by the reckless Jieng Genocide and ethnic cleaning blood thirst are waging a stiff opposition against the regime and are determined and motivated to overthrow it no matters the cost and how long it takes to topple the concurrent despotic, dictatorial, tyrannical, de facto and brutal regime in Juba. Succinctly, its days of continued existence are numbered. Those illiterate dumb ass idiots that presumably assumed that the Jieng defeated the Nuer, have been the greatest liars in the contemporary South Sudan political history in the 21st century. If there were those individuals that misread history, let them revisit the Anglo-Nuer resistance against the British colonial rule. So let the Jieng think twice or thrice about this idea of defeating the Nuer that the Jieng called as the Black Germans or simply to recant it. They must be crazy and kidding themselves. 

The Nuer was the only ethnicity that was not colonized by the British. It was ruled through the policy of “indirect rule” developed in the Northern Emirates of Nigeria in the 19th century by Lord Henry Lugard and the pre-existing Native Administration and the Nuer traditional customary law.  If the Nuer could have resisted the British colonial rule poorly equipped and was not defeated what powers does Salva Kiir have the guts and gusto to defeat the Nuer in the 21th century? This is a Jieng fantasy and wishful thinking, groundless, baseless, and does not hold a pint of water. We should also make it known to the Jieng. they have not seen anything yet. 

Specifically, the war was mishandled by Dr. Machar who has co-opted and succumbed or surrendered to Salva Kiir compared to what he (Dr. Machar) did in 2004 by co-opting himself to rejoin the late John Garang. In addition, for those perpetuated this tribal warfare with tribalism as its religion, Therefore, the Jieng are the most hated terrorists and unremorseful humankind in South Sudan. The Western powers could no longer bully Africans and African leaders particularly, those seeking to disseminate and promote the ideas, ideals, universal values of democracy and democratization process, social equality, race relations, social justice r, human rights law, human rights protection, constitutionalism and the rule of law and international humanitarian law as well amongst many others universal values for humankind development and progress.

We asked for activities that same above-mentioned have intervened around the world since the end of the WWII (1939-1945), followed by the East-West ideological confrontation and Containment of Communism in Afro-Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Southern Europe as well resulting from corruption, election frauds and its citizens sovereign voice protected by their constitution has been grossly and systematically violated. This clear and present danger in Africa’s youngest failed or hijacked state by its non-visionary, most corrupt, genocidal, despotic and the most brutal and gruesome killers of their fellow citizens, women rappers and genocidal that any humankind with self-consciousness, pride, kindness and religious ideological believe could tolerate. This is the basis of our appeal to the outgoing Trump’s Administration to take a micro-macroscopic look into what goes on now in South Sudan.  We South Sudan-American we would not keep quiet any longer.

We Sudanese- Americans as a small conspicuous community and contributing in the political economy and other services vital to US international relations and in its domestic racial justice for all regardless of race, color, gender and its future for all of us in this” melting pot” with a Motto inscribed in Latin “E Pluribus Unum”-that means out of many One or One out of many. We shall follow through our votes and where they go in the local, county, states and the federal government like Asian-Americans, and Latino Americans. Though we are a small and newly arrived conspicuous “New Americans” minority like a small fish in a big pond, we have already tested, smelled, and experienced racial biases and prejudices, social discrimination in employment and not Affirmative Action, because we are well-educated people either in Africa, the Middle East, including Israel, Europe, the British Isles;  France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, the Nordic Countries [Scandinavia], Russia, and  North America (US and Canada), India and Pakistan, Latin America with emphasis on the Island nation of Cuba. 

Nevertheless, in spite of our higher educational and professional achievements  and work experience, compared to other minority groups and women in the United States (all women groups) we have been blocked out to advance to par excellence to achieve the American dream like others before us in the US.  Our fellow Sudanese-Canadians are living better in Canada at our northern border. For example, the other day I had an emergency and went to my bank in downtown Omaha, NE, to apply for an emergency small loan for solving my kids’ school tuition in Khartoum, Sudan. I was declined by the Bank even though I had now debts of any kind by alleging that I do not have a high credit rate. I do my banking in the same bank that I applied for a small loan which they denied me the loan by virtue of lack or the absence thereof of credit rates.  Of course, as a well-educated immigrant, I do know of the historical past in the United States particularly when you happened to be Black or a person of color. If they knew this, why did they have to deny me a small loan for an emergency? I had to swallow it and feel ashamed and humiliated ever since I landed in the United States of America.

As an intellectual, academic and a veteran of the US Army and as a human being, I could not have been treated that way I experienced in my bank. Can we dream to achieve racial equality and social equality in this land of the braves and the free? I am not going to let go this incident that, without informing the  Office of the Governor of the State of Nebraska, The Office of Mayor of the City and the federal authorities that it’s bloody wrong to deny any Americans the right to make a small emergency loan regardless of his/her ,credit status in American society.  Thus, I conclude that life without experience is no life at all and as Otto Von Bismarck said he, that “What we learn from is that no one learns from history.” I believe to conceive, to believe and to achieve even our creator has a special providence for fools and drunks in the USA and elsewhere on the planet-Earth..

As a highly qualified academic with pretty high experience in academia, government and international affairs and diplomacy, I should not have been treated the way that I was gruesomely treated by my bank to borrow a small loan for an emergency that I could pay at the end of the month. It’s sad, stupid and demeaning to say the least. I walked out of the Bank and went elsewhere to search for an emergency help. Like many émigrés do experience daily such problems in the United States of America. When I made some reflection as a veteran in the US Army, cleaned and hardworking “New American,” a father of eight children with some of them studying in colleges/Universities in Africa, Australia, and in North America and more would follow; a husband; and a professor, and an author, I should not have been treated as such by the bank.

I feel disappointed and conclude that this is not America that I landed on its soil, served in its armed services to disregard me and like fellow Veterans for what we have done for America. What can America do for us [the veterans)?  I hope America will not leave us behind and that would be sad indeed and gross systemic racism and social in justice as a child of war and worked so hard doing odd jobs of like other minorities people of color in the United States regardless of what we do, social inequality still exists, has it had been and would continue to be so in American social class cast system like India, unfortunately. We hope the incoming administration of the US President Biden Administration should become conscious and inclusive of all Americans with emphasis on émigrés on the land to have opportunities and not by Affirmative Action, but compete for positions. We have the abilities and educational backgrounds in all fields to compete to work and to assimilate in the “melting pot” a land of many different people of cultures, but One inscribed in our national Motto “E Pluribus Unum”- that means out of many “One” in Latin.

The U.S. have helped many nation-states  around the world like to be true American  trusted friends and allies and instrumental in time of need to come help the United States. Now South Sudan in dare need for the policy of regime change to topple the de facto Marxist-Leninist regime and to be replace with a democratic de jure government that would guarantee democracy, federal system under the good auspices Professor David de Chand comes before you to address the issues said below in finding solution(s), and put United States in a very good logistical advantage in event of conflicts.

I am in dire need of help to free my people from tyrant who opposes America in favor of Russia and China as evident by the said external powers acquisitioned of Naval Agreements with Sudan that has just let of the hook on the blacklist of US Department of State in nearly two decades because of the allegation of charges of supporting international terrorism  that has been preconceived to have obstructed the US national security interests and  that of its Western allies in North Sudan’s  Port of Sudan’s on the Red Sea and the landlocked South Sudan. The removal of North Sudan from the US State Department Blacklist of the Northeastern African nation, does not mean an end to internal and external terror against the US and its NATO allies. It could increase the threat than ever before because many of Egyptian Muslim Brothers followers of the late President Morsi’s could either increase tremendously or to reduce it miserably, thus, could give the US a realistic political advantage in this volatile region otherwise known as the Horn of Africa  in geo-strategic and geopolitical studies similar to the continuous strives between the Arab-Israeli conflict retrospect to the birth of the state of Israel and no beam or glim of lights in the tunnel in the Middle East.

As political realists, unless the Arab-Israeli conflict is politically and legitimately resolved the entire Middle Eastern Region, including the Horn of Africa remains a real political dilemma or quandary for years ahead. It could cause a bloody war in the region if the Palestinian Arabs could be allowed to have the right to statehood. I do envisage the way forward in the Middle East is the establishment of a two-States solution as proposed by the US Senator George Mitchel, the UN Resolution 242*, the Oslo Agreement and Camp David Accord and other agreements brokered by other world’s leaders. Given, my expertise as an academic expert, former Ambassador of Sudan, the Israeli leadership must and ought to re-examine their hardline attitudes towards co-existence of Palestinian and Jewish States as good neighbors. This is the bottom line. 

The recent initiatives on foreign policy strategies undertaken by the US outgoing incumbent Trump’s Administration have failed from their inception in the White House. Reckoning, that the Trump’s administration spent most of the 31/2 years without appropriate foreign policy rapprochement has left a dent on American foreign policy strategies that  made many people to have already lost trust because of acute systemic racism, racial justice and police brutalities are not good omen for the USA. We believe that the incoming Biden’s Administration would have to labor harder to restore American democracy, its image, systemic racism, racial justice, reduction anti-immigrants knowing that all Americans of different kinds with the exception of the First Nation (Native Americans) could be the only ones to ask every American, including me as a Sudanese-American about my roots and national origin. 

The problem in the Middle East is not Iran. Some countries are working day and night assassinating scientists in the field of Nuclear energy development for peaceful purposes and research in accordance with the UN Charter (Article 5 (1). We hope the incoming Biden’s Administration should rejoin the Nuclear Treaty known as 5+plus 1 that the US withdrew from it. It’s too late to Isolate Iran, but we have to work harder to remit it to the community of nations as a legitimate member of UN member states.  We people of South Sudan are not happy with Israel’s policies of Benjamin Netanyahu’s deportation of my people from Israel and said that “They do belong to Israel.” Many Sudanese went to Israel as Refugees and Political Asylum Seekers and they were denied by the Netanyahu’s regime in Tel Aviv and deported them to a dictator, genocidal absolutist, and brutal Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba and the rest to Khartoum wherefore many were arrested by authorities, murdered and/or disappeared without any trace and remained unaccounted for.

Most importantly, Israel has supplied the regime in Juba with arms and equipment that the guerrilla forces captured so many of them from the SPLA as the weak link in South Sudan. I know that the current Israeli regime has done it to my people and as a Veteran Sudanese-American in the US Army it was wrong and shared by many Israelis. I am planning to go to Israel to meet face to face with Israeli leaders and would urge and appeal to American Jewish friends to know that despite what happened it was done by one man and not Israeli people. The Israeli politicians that preceded Netanyahu’s were eager for a two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, but such golden opportunities were dashed off by the hawkish Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

As this quandary unsettling nightmare awakened me on many countless nights to penning down these few words and thoughts. I reckon that people are being genocide and ethnic cleansing, including other heinous crimes committed against humanity by the de facto regime in Juba by the irrational, visionless, non-transformative leaders and ethnocentric (tribal) leaders with tribalism as its religion. In addition, the continue persistent political instability and insecurity in this young Africa’s failed or hijacked State, there  are also other calamities such as hunger from disease, Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic, flooding, gross and systematic social injustice, human rights violations, genocide defined by the UN Charter as the worst crimes against humanity. The civil war or the tribal warfare began on 12 December 2013 and still goes up to now. 

I should be blunt about and nothing to hide for the UN Security Council, the superpowers who are also Permanent members of the UNSC, the international community and the NGOs and the ecumenical council and South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) gave it benign neglect to the crisis as well  of the current gruesome, horror and grisly politico-military instability and insecurity and a blatant blind eye compared to  the most gruesome and horrific 100 days grisly and horror of dead corpses littered the streets in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide wherefore Hutu’s  targeted  the Tutsi based on the inscribed Tribal Identification Card (ID) introduced by the Belgians during the colonial rule in Rwanda in the Great Lakes  Region .

When Uganda Dictator-for-Life and the U.S. President Barak Obama gave the green light to intervene in South Sudan domestic affairs which resulted theft from the present regime in Juba from the kindness of United States via bipartisan lift of Humanitarian Aid valued over 1.5 Billion unaccountable USD into Juba’s deep pockets. Had I that opportunity availed to me, just with fractions I can change the present despotic de facto government into a Constitutional Republic Form of government. Give me $100 million USD your investment would return three fold and more. As an American Veteran and citizen, I open my arms to the United States as the De Jure President of South Sudan transformation in the United States of Sudan (USA) way.

President Obama miscalculated his act of intervention in South Sudan, because, the aftermath resulted to genocide that targeted the Naath (Nuer) civilians on December 15-18, 2013. The Western powers knew very well what was going on at that time and to this day and hour in the year of Our Lord 2020 AD and such utilitarian opted to remain silent as if nothing happened in South Sudan. For the past seven years of tumultuous social upheavals in a sudden change that is compared by Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic and already ongoing economic slums and other like upheavals in the international financial markets in 1929 Depression and 2008 Housing Bubble in the USA left millions homeless as the same fate in South Sudan. 

Thus, the ongoing crisis in a failed State of South Sudan perpetuated by designs and gross systematic intervention of Obama’s Administration, the lobbyists on 23rd Street in Washington by inadvertence could be legitimately termed as the Obama’s War.  We would challenge anyone to dispute what is stated within the body of this document.  We would be prepared to rebuttal it in my capacity as an academic expert of the US foreign policy in the Africa / Middle East crisis. Conversely, South Sudan is willing to become an ally with America for logistical and building strategic reciprocal policy rapprochement to secure its existence of global dominance as a solution at hand. This is the last-ditch attempt to cement relations between  the League of Arab States (LAS) or al-Jamah al-Dwal al-Arabiyya could become defunct in due course because no appropriated study and research has  not been conducted for the past 3.5 years of the Trump Administration in prioritization of LAS-Israeli relations in Africa / Middle East, including  the  Conventional Movement Alliance and South Sudan Revolutionary Movement for Regime Change (CMA/SSRMRC) in Opposition  against  Juba welcomes  the United States of America with joyful  smiles, friendly and with open arms. 

The South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) kept silent and absconded themselves instead of being at the frontline like-clergies and ambassadors of peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, and men and women who have dedicated themselves to serve God’s given humanity with resistance  to man’s made ugly events such as genocide, ethnic cleansing, creating divisions on tribal or ethnic lines of issuing State Identifications (IDs) based on tribes like what happened in Rwanda introduced by the Belgian as the colonial and imperial powers and other bad policies  that emanated that from Salva Kiir’s, and with its partisans support from lobbyist on 23rd Street in Washington to Oslo, Norway, and to Johannesburg, RSA, and to the UK as well.   All IDs issued in South Sudan based on tribal lines would be abolished as soon as total political change has been achieved. South Sudan and its people constitute one nation, one people and one destiny.  

President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia said to the people of Zambia that “Zambia is one nation, one people and one destiny.” This should be the spirit of a heterogeneous democratic state that emulated the idea of unity in diversity, cultural diversity and multiculturalism. “We the people of South Sudan” know only one tribe- “South Sudan” and South Sudan IDs should contain no mention of no  any tribes thereof, but only the name of the ID bearer and South Sudan citizenship and no weeping no more on the issue of tribes that would be ever determined to be eradicated  from our mindsets. Our aims of abolishing the current IDs system based on tribes is discriminatory to all and the best alternative would be to drop it and to be replaced by inscription like the US Motto “E Pluribus Unum”- that means out of many One. South Sudan is a “melting pot” like America, Britain, Canada, France, Belgian and Germany and Italy and ID them with the nation they come from rather than their tribes that are obsolete.

We believe that the people of South Sudan should ID themselves as only “South Sudanese” and the tribe is the State of South Sudan, should be concerned only about “who we were” and “what we are” and the right to self-preservation of our cultural diversity  and heritage as One-entity. The Western powers supported Dictator-for Life Yuri Museveni of Uganda per orders from the US President Barak Obama Administration instigated the problem in South Sudan. U.S. lobbyists led by former President Obama and their colleagues knew firsthand that USAID and the USAID Officials assigned to South Sudan were well aware of the situation, but failed to inform Washington, London; Paris the EU; and the African Union as well as to their covert involvement, otherwise there would have been African awareness of international collusion on exploitation from the adversaries by strategic sophisticated designs. 

This may sound like a conspiracy theory compared to the conspiracy theories attributed to Attorney Powell’s theories on the US Presidential Elections that she asserted that the outgoing incumbent President Donald Trump allegedly won the elections, but was robbed of it by the left or the democrats. The Lobbyists had only one ulterior mission to cause chaos in Rwanda, they were all anti-Tutsi as Roger Winter said he that “his mission in Rwanda was over and that he would focus on South Sudan.” The NGOs and the lobbyists were brain washed and deceive badly about the Nuer (Naath)-meaning “people of the people” that the Jieng fear the most and considered them as their archenemy compared to the idiots and stupid Hutu’s that called the Tutsi’s as “cockroaches” or Blattodea and termites, but not as humankind. We do know all the characters that instigated, fueled and ignited the ongoing war that the Jieng could not win and can’t govern without the Nuer majority based on the Fifth Sudan Population Census in 2008.

The people of South Sudan should be certain of one thing and only one thing only-that’s Salva Kiir’s days are numbered and diminishes everyday. There’s a new perestroika (restructuring) and glasnost (openness) or the new paradigm shift in South Sudan that’s going to happen sooner rather than later before the idiots in Juba realized it that it has landed on Juba like Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic without a cure yet on the planet-Earth yet. We call on all the people of South Sudan to unite their ranks and files to overthrow Salva Kiir’s as an ultimatum to step down or face the consequences of his actions. 

 In my opinion, from a very dear friend an elder brother in God (Kuoth) and to my fellow Americans, such adverse action by design to exploit the weak and same to politically exploit under the guise of humanity is counterproductive to Political Entrust. Political Trust can be revived, resurrected to de novo. Through CMA/ SSRMRC, and other organizations as part and parcel of the Conventional Movement Alliance (CMA) within my command can and will bring lasting peaceful conflict resolution under the de Jure Constitutional Republic voiced by the majority by way of Constitutional Movement Alliance (CMA), the American way! Wake up everybody and to stop sleeping in bed, stand up for your rights, God’s given legitimate, legal and spiritual rights that no idiots could take them away from you without your consent. We shall organize and united for change and the war effort and we stop procrastination, but to effortlessly active in the cause. Forward, backward, Never. Remember, “United We stand, divided we fall”. A Lutta Continua.  In this time of crisis, we should all stand up in unionism to fight like the Great Frederick the Great of Prussia remembered for having said “l’audacite, l’audacite  tojours”- meaning “Audacity, Audacity always.” Or in Nuer culture of war it goes like this “Boum ke Boum niciang e tie pany.” that “no idiot can’t mess around unless you let them do it.”

Many assumed that s can mess around such a statement was utterly good for South Sudan. But, I as an academic expert who studied and taught in the U.S. institutions of higher education, taught at the U.S. Universities, I know very well that Mr. Roger Winter, and company had a mission or a strategic plan to encourage with support of Communistic indoctrination of Marxist-Leninist to SPLM/A in order to destroy people by way of genocide and politico-military create fear of the SPLA throughout Sudan that anyone who does not comply is viewed as the enemy that must be eliminated.  I knew their plans before Sudan split into the paradox of two Sudan’s (North &South) through a referendum on January 9, 2011. They rejected the Khartoum Peace Agreement signed on 21 April 1997 between the NCP and Seven Southern Sudan Liberation Movement led by de facto VP Dr. Riak Machar. When the split occurred on 28 August 1991 in the aftermath of the fall within the once invincible Marxist-Leninist Movement into two factions known one-hand has the Torit factions of Marxism-Leninism and the Nassir factions that advocates political independent from the North Sudan of federal system and democracy with all its universal freedoms, social justice, social and gender equality and the rule of law in South Sudan immediately.  


I have been involved in the peace process retrospectively to 1994 as one of the negotiators on the peace process on the North-South Sudan peace and conflict resolution through the IGAD process, but failed to yield fruits or did not come to fruition. In 1996 the former South Sudan Independence/Army (SSIM/A) that was unilaterally dissolved by Dr. Machars to rejoin the late John Garang, thus, made Dr. Machar’s left his people headless. In 1996 SSIM/A signed the political Charter with Khartoum that was a prelude to the Khartoum peace Agreement (KPA) that became the mother of all peace agreements in Sudan’s creeping conflicts. In 2000, Dr, Machar’s to Bonn to attend a conference, but at the end of such a conference he did return to Khartoum. But he flew out from Frankfurt to Nairobi to make pre-arrangements with the late Dr. Garang to rejoin him without first sharing such a plan with the leaders of the movement. He did everything unilaterally. The unprecedented premature actions and decision-making undertaken by Dr. Machar’s were truly and essentially true marks and signs of failure. As I observed, Dr. Machar’s is a loner who likes to work alone prior to his colleagues and such moves were signs of dictatorship, tyrannical, despotic, absolutist and brutal decision-making.

 Moreover, It clear that  the man called Riek Machar is a dictator of the third kind and created a pretty notorious cognitive dissonance (confusion) naivete and stupidity of the third kind if not idiotic or derelict disease borne by most educated intellectuals or systemic racism and tribal politics whose it religion is tribalism or sub-tribalism to say the least. To the story pretty short and succinct, many people these days are excruciatingly anticipating and wait for effortlessly for nothing sophisticated rapprochement and in the process. In other words, for those so- called good guys determined the Nobel Peace Prize at the expense of their kin and kith in South, lo and behold, they have been deceived to be waiting for the implementation of an already flawed Peace and conflict resolution are just wasting the time and energy because it, per se or persona, still remains too far away in the Galaxy. It could take a decade or so to return unless the populace wakes up now like what happened in the Arab Spring or the Arab Streets in the North African nations of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt and encroached into North Sudan and eventually creeping into Africa’s youngest failed or hijacked South Sudan.  

We have to be pragmatic or blunt about we write herein for posterity that neither the de facto, illegitimate, illegal and genocidal President Salva Kiir and SPLA-IO remained at the helm of power at their adorned fortress in Juba to forget wagging their tails like dogs waiting for bones from their master’s or some kind of welcoming him/her home from work or travel or shopping from the supermarkets.  Most importantly, any negotiated peace deal under the auspices of Intergovernmental Authority and development (IGAD) should be declared as flawed from it inception and takeoff or comes to fruition at all, but should be affirmatively be declared failed from its inception and does not still have a long, long and long way to materialize or to return to our beloved country South Sudan. Nevertheless, “We the people” have got to wake up to stand up for our rights or take matters into their own hands to wage a populace social renaissance or social revolution or armed revolution to kick out the tyrannical regime’s leaders, cronies and sycophants or crawlers, or toadies to become like naked emperors wherefore the international tribunal  like the International Court of Justice (ICJ)or the  would-be African Hybrid Court if it were fairly to be staffed by the fair, impartial judges compared to the ICC that has become Europe and the UNSC Guantanamo Bay. Again any attempt for a further peaceful negotiated settlement with the regime in Juba could become futile as long as Salva Kiir’s remains as the de facto leader in South Sudan.

Without the shadow of a doubt, the United Nations, the superpowers, and the international community in South Sudan retrospect to the North-South war for social justice, freedom, social equality, representation and participation in a secular heterogeneous, with unity in diversity, cultural diversity and multicultural State in South Sudan. The international community should know underscore that continued ignoring the clearing and present danger in South Sudan crisis is a perfect assured way to prepared this failed or hijacked and the most backwards and genocidal, with extreme tribal rule with tribalism as its religion, could plunge it further into a bloody civil war or tribal warfare that could real systemic volcanoes in many parts of the world, including the Rift Valley in East Africa and beyond. Well, all the chain of events occurring in South Sudan could be termed or summed up as the New Paradigm shift in politically tumultuous failed and hijacked states and the most backward state in the world.

With such preconceived grandiose dream from the lobbyists that were there only for the sake of money loans to South Sudan borrowed from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the siphoning of South Sudan’s ecological wealth through bribery and extortion and systemic fraud that they did neither gave proper intelligence feasibility Studies nor appropriate report to the US Congress that assumed  that it was presumably or ostensibly or putatively, sponsored by U.S. government in their involvement in South Sudan and in Rwanda alike. 

The problem in Sudan as a whole could be traced and attributed to colonial powers and the Non-governmental organization and Churches that philosophical framework is to practice divide and conquer or to divide and rule  by the prominent lobbyists  we know by names and we shall keep their names secret and confidential for their  persona protection and incriminations. They should know that nobody wanted them any more in South Sudan for they have plunged into infinite war crimes, and bloodshed resulted from genocide. There are also other organizations in Washington, DC, and throughout the U.S, Western Europe who participated in promoting inter-factional, inter-ethnic and intra-factional warfare from 1991-1995 which led to ethnic cleansing.  

In 1993 I was amongst those who sought for reconciliation between the miserably divided leaders in South Sudan that was fuel and ignited some Jieng (Dinka) who never fought a war and live luxuriously in the Western world focusing all their works to humiliate the Nuer ass the only ethnicity or nationality that was not colonized by the British in South and throughout Anglophone Africa and beyond. The anti-Nuer expressed the Jieng against their cousins the Nuer had not been digested well by the Westerners that had contact with Jieng. Wherever a Jieng goes the preconceived enemy is the Nuer. Any story they told and Westerner is about the Nuer nationality that has advanced traditional federalism, democratic under the guise of the homegrown Nuer concept of Egalitarianism –that means ‘Kondial’ or self-help in every aspect of life that translates to spiritual, moral and social togetherness for community self-help events, e.g. fundraising  or development activities(pull together) (wane ne kiel)  (kulna ma badth)or in Juba Arabic “sawa-sawa” that is a quasi Nuer homegrown religious and philosophical socialism like African socialism or Harambee (pull together) in Kiswahili based on faith-based beliefs, kinship, social equality, fairness, respect, kindness and effortless kindness as a moral duty  for every Nuer person to extend moral and human kindness to all God’s children regardless of color, create, gender, creed, or national origin, race or color because the Nuer religious believes that all men are  created equal and to be treated with respect and dignity to all creatures on the planet-Earth such as mammals, and all other creatures of  different kinds deserved the right to live in peace and in the Pursuit of Happiness or as it’s inscribed in the State of Nebraska that “Welcome to Good Life” as on the State Motto in Nebraska-Iowa State’s  Bridge in the Midwest within/without the Nuer Community. This is the basis of the Nuer God. You can’t believe in God if you can’t effortlessly relate yourself to your neighbor and your fellow man that you can talk to; to see and to touch him/her before you can know about God our creator. To the  Nuer people per se, God is the one before you and you have a responsibility to do them goods that you do to God, This is how we assimilate immigrants to be assimilated like in the North America, the UK, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and other former European colonial powers in Africa and South Sudan in particular. Working as a team we “South Sudanese)  and our American friends we drafted the Washington Agreement in 1993 that was specifically to cement reconciliation as the way forward between the late John Garang de Mabior who was a colleague of some of the lobbyist at Iowa State University in Des Moines, Iowa and their British educated Engineer Dr. Riak Machar. During the inter-faction, inter-ethnic and intra-factional warfare, the lobbyists were funneling money, arms and equipment and uniforms from Somalia, Djibouti, Rwanda for the SPLM/A to defeat the Nasir faction that became known as the South Sudan Independence Movement / Army (SSIM/A) that they hated them.  Fact, the SSIM/A was not disseminated as planned by the lobbyists and Eastern African governments that I had the opportunity to have with some of the in the IGAD and during my tenure as an Ambassador/Director of Peace and human Rights Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conjunction of with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) in despite of the support of the Dinka (Jieng) led Torit faction, it made no headway. Most of the arms that were funneled to the Torit faction  Mogadishu, Somalia, South Africa, Cuba, and the former Eastern Europe to the rise of the paradigm shift were captured by SSIM/A. Many SPLA soldiers fled the war front to go settled down in Kakuma Refugees Camp in northern Kenya and many more fled to Uganda known as Ajiomi Refugees Camp. It is realized in South Sudan inhabitants favor of the United States Constitution as opposed to Communism and/or otherwise.  


The war perpetuated by the late John Garang since October 1991 following the fall of the Derg the Marxist-Leninist regime in Ethiopia led by Colonel Mangisto Hale Mariam and John Garang became weakest point amongst the Dinka tribesmen and his long dream of constructing a Jieng Dynasty to rule was dashed away. The Dinka did not like him because was not a son of a chief in an ultraconservative society that resisted  sociopolitical change compared to their counterparts that is now the largest nationality in South Sudan based on Sudan Fifth Population Census in 2008 AD. This the Jieng (Dinka) imaginary so-called Majoritarianism in South Sudan has been displaced and gave the Nuer an edge as the majority in the land. The Nuer also had an traditional advanced system that is based on Federal-democracy and Egalitarianism- meaning “Kondial”(togetherness) or Kiswahali a language of the people in the Great Lakes Region of Africa known as “Harambee” that believes in social equality, fairness, freedoms, social justice, kinship, religious believe, good governance, against any denial of social rights to anyone on the land.

The  gross and systematic  human rights violations by the British colonial rule was the epitome of the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) that  the UK  was compelled to use the Royal Air Force (RAF) biochemical warfare such as Mustard Gas and the Nerve Gas against the Nuer nation as a means of forcing them to surrender to the British suzerainty after it was tested against the Anglo-British Troops in India, and the Nerve Gas against them at the end of the WWI (1914-19) against the Nuer nation and its people. It was not conquered or defeated by the British colonial authorities. It was the only nationality that was not colonized by the English in Sub-Saharan Africa. When the British failed to subdue the Nuer to the British suzerainty in the 1930s, the colonialists conceded to govern the Nuer through the “Indirect Rule-” A system of government of one nation by another in which the governed retain certain administrative, legal, and other powers. ‘This policy of indirect rule left local political arrangements and traditions largely intact.

It was developed by Lord Henry Lugard in the Northern Emirates of Modern Nigeria. Another source of the Anglo-Nuer War was the importation of the Anglo-Indian law to become the new legal system to negate the Nuer Customary Law and its criminal procedure. The UK committed genocide, ethnic cleansing, massacres, and random killings that the UK collected and put all the documents into big crates compared to what happened to the Mau-Mau  Detainees in Kenya in the 1950s-1960s that many Gikiyu folks were  genocide, murdered, put in Concentration Camps  wherefore so many of them died  or perished because of starvation, tortured, and many more were castrated in the process under rule of the British Governor-General Sir Evelyn Barring that was no different from what they did to the Nuer of  Southern Sudan; Zulu of South Africa; Yemenis of Yemen; Malaya in Malaysia and Borne; and many other places to mention only a few. Africa is the Killing Field primitive compared to the Wild West.

Conclusively, the Nuer, the Dinka and the nomads of Baggara and the Miseiyra native of Saheel Africa- that is the eco-climatic and biogeographic realm of transition in Africa between the Sahara to the North and the Sudanian Savannah to the South were the first to pay Taxation without Representation. It was the crux of the American Revolution against the Crown on 4th July 1776 followed by the Connecticut Compromise in 1789. Perhaps the Connecticut Compromise in 1789 was the lingering fuel and ignited to the American Civil War 1860-1865) with bloody catastrophic consequences. The readers should know that the root causes of the American Civil War (1860-1865) were not about the abolition of Slaves, but it was about the preservation of the Union when the Confederate South wishes to secede from the Union to retain their previous Sovereignty outside of Federal control to become an independent State. Sovereign States can enjoy economic growth and wealth without paying taxation in question. Nevertheless, Abraham Lincoln did not want such an incident to happen and because of this, it was a God’s sent opportunity for the Slaves to fight alongside the Union forces at ranks and file because they saw the war was an opportunity to gain their freedom, social justice, and equality and the rights to be American citizens since they (Africans) arrived first in the New World prior to the Christopher Columbus’ lived (1492-1506 AD). 

Indeed, to say that curses in disguise is a blessing otherwise for the strength of Union not divided for protection of the We the People same to the We the People to United Sudan of Africa (USA) will be free with open arms to you. Within this document of import is to inform the global government to take proactive role as oppose to remain dumb and silent. This is a human constitutional issue and to plead as an excuse from self-incrimination? Is this conduct a way to shield acquiescence? Otherwise, to be dumb and silent is ignoring the current catastrophic situation with dangerous consequences of future political trust.

To revisit  the1994 Rwanda Genocide that the UNSC, the White House, USCIA, U.S. State Department, United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Belgium and all ex-colonial power that introduced  the concept of ID Cards to control and to identify people by ethnicities. The European Union (EU) knew well that genocide would happen and they too remained dumb or silent in the matter to happen in Rwanda and Belgian, persona, as the Administering Authority in Rwanda should take the blame in the Rwanda Genocide. All herein and above-mentioned had firsthand knowledge of genocide and ethnic cleansing by and through ID Cards, such plan predicated the desired result in South Sudan. At present there are two alternatives, either U.S. support me in this endeavor for long lasting benevolent intervention, or continue supporting the de facto government under the guise of humanity with negative results, for We the People will be free from alternative interventions. One fact that has not been touched on is why continual peace failure events happen? It is because CMA was being ignored as a part of its majority inhabitants. De Facto government in Juba wants to eliminate all of not the same tribe constituting CMA as de Jure.

In my capacity as the leader of the South Sudan Revolutionary Movement for Regime Change and the Constitutional Movement Alliance (CMA /SSRMRC), we are determined and motivated to bring about social renaissance through social revolution change as a paradigm shift to a new beginning of Constitutional Republic in the new United Sudan of Africa (USA). Our objectives are to replace the tyrannical, dictatorial, absolutist, genocidal, and brutal regime in Juba as de Facto, to be replaced by the governed (We the People) to promote transition the acceptance of the mirror of the US Constitution framework for amiability purpose. 

Failed peace has come to a virtual standstill because Salva Kiir’s is anti-America, anti-peace and wants to rule  as Jieng’s Dictator-for-life with or without the United States, if not Russia, if not that then China. They will go anywhere to achieve their diabolical agenda that “We the People” would rest assured every segment of our society that this is not going impede or impact our earnest demand for the establishment of pluralistic heterogeneous state with the of a few kleptocratic rulers at the expense of the silent majority to guarantee their political power over the defenseless citizens.  We believe, to conceive and to achieve our objective to overthrow the tyrant through a systematically organized violent revolution as the best alternative conflict resolution because the Dinka dictator is committed to the art of war that he lacks the skills and manpower to retain political power in the land. What do you call South Sudan in exile and in North America, Europe and the World Under (Aussie)? With your help we can achieve agricultural revolution (The Green Revolution) to feed South Sudan, North Sudan, and to export to the world surplus production for hard high to meet global demand, enjoy ecological wealth from humanity and for humanity. 

We urge and appeal to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan not to make attempts to withdraw from the Juba to the masses in UNMISS camps to be victims of the brutal and unremorseful Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba. We would to reiterate it to the international community, the United Nations Security, the USA and its NATO allies and the EU never again to repeat the experience Lt.-General Romeo Dallaire’s Commander of UNMIR experience in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide in South Sudan. In the case of South Sudan Genocide, London knew it firsthand because it was a retaliation that it received from the Anglo-Nuer War (1900b-1930) resistance  against the British colonial rule that the UK suffered its defeat in its colonial adventure in Africa like the Italian defeat at the Battle of Adowa (Adwa) on March1, 1896) Ethiopian forces. 

Lastly, but not least, whosoever engineered the Jieng Genocide against the Nuer, my Jieng cousins should know history on records that the Jieng never defeated the Nuer nationality. We will defeat them and they know that well and their place in South Sudan. There is a Nuer saying that anything that is done by a Dinka whether it’s war, driving a tank, a boat, airplane, or fighting behind a machine gun is nothing, but Jieng.” If the Jieng were men with guts and gusto, why did they bring Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), Kenyans, Burundians, Rwandese, Somalis, and Mercenaries-the White Waters comprised of former US Servicemen to fight for them? Of course, many of them died a horrific death, many were captured or died in vain without a probable cause to die, some drove their Q-ton trucks, Tanks and lorries (Troop Carriers) into the Zeraf River and the White Nile and never to return alive. Salva Kiir’s knows this politico-military reality and his legacy will continue to haunt the Jieng in South Sudan. They should be held fully responsible for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. The Jieng copied the Hutu’s did against Tutsi’s in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. 

The peace process has been doomed, failed and the AU and d IGAD have become sitting ducks whilst the thermometer I of social renaissance or social violet revolution is on the rise and could explode once the Fahrenheit (1 F= -17.2222 C) has surplus te boiling of 212 degrees F is above the required  the maximum limit in this backward, but  potentially one of the richest countries in Africa with emphasis on the Nuerland as the oasis of Sahara Desert or the hub of South Sudan in terms of strategic critical resources, ecological wealth and natural resources in abundant. The international community should have faith to keep hope alive and pledge ourselves as a covenant and a promise that “Never Again.”  We are determined more than ever to bring about the policy of regime and it does not matter how long Salva Kiir’s remain power he reckon that the days are shrinking every day and should just prepared himself to step down peacefully or violently or face the consequences of his actions but the choice is his and not anyone else to make it for him. We the people of South Sudan  that “We the people” do hereby Declare that the international community  should exert maximum pressure points, economic sanction superimposed by the outgoing incumbent Trump’s Administration to remain in place until further notice when the policy of regime change has been achieved. We the Opposition  from within and in exile we have issued an ultimatum to Salva Kiir’s and his wicked, genocidal, ethnocentric (tribal) regime with tribalism as its religion should without any quid-pro-quo or preconditions to step down or face the consequences of his actions. We reiterate that as long as Salva Kiir remains on the helm of power in the land, peace would not ever return, but would remain far away in the Galaxy for so long and more revolutionary bloodshed could occur at any time throughout South Sudan. We believe, to conceive and to achieve our goals and objective would be to overthrow Kiir’s regime and any South Sudanese that would resist this process shall be sidelined as the premier enemy of the people’s social revolution or social renaissance.  

In other words or to put it succinctly, the Opposition would soon form a flexible federal system based on ten (10) States that would be the legitimate and legal de jure government of South Sudan  in exile. We have got nothing to fear except fear itself. Presently, the so-called kleptocratic regime in Juba is a de facto and failed regime that exists to give opportunities to those willing to bring about democratic change, social justice, social equality, and socioeconomic development, political stability and security within the state of South Sudan. The sociopolitical change  that the populace is demanding in unionism is what we called as quest for paradigm shift  like in the perestroika and glasnost in former Eastern Europe, including the former Soviet Union followed by the tumbling down of the Berlin Wall in the late 1990s -2000s and beyond, the establishment of democratic institutionalism, infrastructure, sustainable development and government under the control of the people, to respect human rights, international humanitarian law and the rule of law that institutions or powers that would  stampede  all basic God’s given rights, freedom, religious freedom, speech, assembly, the right to criticize sand to petition the government without any  harassments, hindrances, and that no  leaders or powers or to pocket such demands or to halt  arbitrary without the consent of the governed and could find themselves in real political quandary in South Sudan. We urge and appeal to all citizens of South Sudan to unite their ranks and files  to believe, to conceive and to achieve and to enjoy the fruits of the Arab Spring or the Arab Streets, the American Revolution (1776) against the Crown (British Parliament), the French Revolution (1789) to proclaim their government from the philosopher kings or the bad guys and defunct Bolshevik Revolution  far left, radical revolutionaries Marxist-Leninist faction founded by Valdamir Lenin and Alexander Aleksandrovich Bodganov in Russia in 1917 and was derailed by the people’s demand for perestroika (practice of restructuring or reforming the economic and political reforms) and glasnost (openness and transparency). 

We would like to emphasize that Kiir’s regime and its cronies days are numbered and would sooner rather than later become things of the past, history, statistics and fairy-tale (disambiguation). They should sooner rather than later become like the naked emperors in South Sudan Democracy qua democracy and all its universal values would prevail in Africa’s failed and hijacked State We urge and appeal to all South Sudanese folks to reunite for the essential social revolutionary or social renaissance for change.  Our leaders have failed us and our hard won revolution that together, we can and will revive for the good of the majority without any distinction. The survival of South Sudan would be to search for its morally lost soul, mind and spirit of working together (Kondial) would be the only way to achieve our national dreams, socio economic development, respect, kindness that is everything in life, “Trust” in our leaders, eradication of corruption, nepotism, kleopcraticism, immorality vs. morality, openness and transparency as well in our motherland that we have more to unite than to divide. Think about these words or food for thoughts in your own conscience and ask you inner-self or self-person, which is better: war or peace, togetherness or dividedness? For me I’d prefer the former. The above ideas, concepts and dreams and visions are the ones that uplifted my soul, mind, and spirit ever. I joined the political revolution for the right to be freed and passed it on to my off-springs and yours as well. I know that no home, now wife Son, and mothers that have not lost their loved ones and kin and kith in the war for political independence in our motherland. The dead are our patriots, lost and our martyrs and our history to determine our essence as civilized humankind. 

We urge to put away hate and replace it with kindness to everyone every day and the only best way to disseminate ideas, friendships, love and democracy that the golden key of human advancement and tolerance. We should select leaders that would meet and care our basic needs and pleasures for self-aggrandizements as it now exists in South Sudan that makes us what were and who we are. We have to have dreams, ambitions, education for change and human development, hardworking for socioeconomic success in our endowed land with so much and abundance compared to none in the world. So wake up and learn to stand up for your rights and in unionism we should loudly with fear, bias or prejudice to say openly, enough is enough that Salva Kiir and his gangs must and out to go and to give us back our government or we the people take it away from them by any means necessary. United we stand, divided we fall. Forward backward, never or our Nuer traditional war engagement and culture goes like this “Thiele louc jok ka wane nhiam”. We could not agree more with Frederick the Great remember for his words “L’audacite, L’audacite tojours” (Audacity, Audacity, always).

In summation, we have got to be pragmatic that the regime in Juba is de facto and we in the Opposition against that Satanic or devilish regime would do everything humanly possible  that  de facto regime be removed and to be   democratic government replaced with the de jure because we represent the majority will and consent. We would rest assured all the civilian population regardless of tribes or ethnicities, let’s Unite to defeat the enemy from within and the loyalists that failed our hard won revolution that we have sacrificed or lost more than 2.5-3.5million comrades in one-half of century of war for political independent to become sovereigns state with its own jurisdiction in South Sudan.

 Second, the regime disrupted our comprehensive nationalism, national unity, democracy and democratization process, social justice,  social equality, egalitarianism (Kondial) (people of the people)-that’s the Naath/Nadth) (Nuer) concept that all people are created equal and deserve equal rights, opportunities and the authentic Naath/Nadth translation means (“ngath ko hoo nieydial parke ka teke ke cuong ti paar kene guathnidial”), freedom and all basic human rights protection and the international humanitarian law, honesty, “Trust” and kindness to be extended to all people everywhere and every place without any exceptional. Secondly, peace has failed and already tossed into file number 13 or garbage.  

Third, the regime must and ought to be overthrown. This is an ultimatum from the silent and de jure majority in exile. 

Fourth, there could be no authentic and lasting peace negotiations without their present as the de jure Federal Government of South Sudan in exile and in the Bushes of South Sudan. We can only negotiate peaceful transfer of power to Ambassador/Professor David de Chand as the true choice of the people to lead them to victory. We are in the process of declaring a representative and participatory government in exile that would be recognized as the de jure entity. We can only negotiate as a government to a government (G-to-G) and anything else would be termed as in three letter word “Nut” as the US Brigadier General Anthony C. McAuliffe told his German counterparts during the Battle of Bulge during WWII (1939-1945) when he was told to surrender and replied he, “Nuts” and within a few hours later on the Germans surrendered to the American Army. Fourthly, Both Salva and Dr. Machar has an agenda- that the delaying tactics to illegally and illegitimately maintain power at the expense of the silent majority. 

Fifth, the criminal and genocidal cronies and sycophants would one way or another would be defeated by “We the people”. Sixth, we would demand to return all the stolen public coffers or purses from the Central Bank of South Sudan to be returned to that entity without any qualms.  Seven, the Notorious General Paul Malong Awan is a wanted man dead or alive for the crimes that he committed against humanity. General Awan, Salva Kiir and D. Machar have all been criminals that deserved to be locked up in jails until death. We do not believe in death penalty, hence, they should spend the rest of their lives in jails and all their stolen private properties should be confiscated or to seize (Private properties) for the public treasury, especially as a penalty for wrongdoings and to be returned to the people of South Sudan. 

 Before I conclude my thoughts, I would like to say how sad I am when our leaders live luxurious lives that they do not deserve in a pretty poor, backward, destabilized, insecure and failed state in South Sudan. They are full of lies and counter-lies, deceptions, manipulations and maneuverings of the masses on everything that can be and cannot be. What the heck is the problem with idiots, anarchists, genocidal, murderers, rapists, thugs, hooligans and visionless humankind in Juba? Well, in the last few days the so-called leaders assembled in Juba from the so-called crockett leaders hosted or attended a pretty  expensive and extensive musical shadow for the Tanzanian artist that they raised more than US$3m plus. Let’s flip the coin  to the other side to understand my point of discontent as a humanist, political realist, historian, political economist, a diplomat and an academic, how do many of you think when I jotted down the experience in Juba in the last few days. It’s utterly shameful, shameful, and shameful indeed that a South Sudan leader could do that in face of their going hungry folks. Why can’t they do that for the hungry throughout South Sudan? The international community, the UN, the Western powers should wake up about what goes on in South Sudan now before it is too late to quench the situation that’s as volatile as the Arab-Israel conflict and could plunge South Sudan to become another Rwanda.

The revolution is brewing faster and unless Salva Kiir steps down from the helm of power from this ultimatum, all hell could break loose or to become the real McCoy that could make the Nile red or bloody. I believe, to conceive and to achieve that they days running out for revolution against and his gangsters are nearer and Juba and other plotted strategic areas plotted as the killing fields could start pre-emptively at any time of the day and month pre-determined by the huge guerrilla forces or rebel forces to simultaneously launched attacks against such strategic areas to weaken and to demoralize or paralyze the regime instruments. Enough is enough, thus, it has to go to be replaced by a Transitional Government of National Unity (TGONU). All South Sudanese should wake up in unionism to rebel against the regime to be toppled. Can and will do it like the Arab Spring or the Arab Streets like in the North African nation-states of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

 My point of contention is that our people do go hungry and suffering from pain, suffering and mental anguish from the orchestrated civil war or tribal warfare that has deeply divided and created a deep mistrust in the soul, spirit, body and mind of our state that could take irreparable generations to restore hope. Why couldn’t our so-called wise men of knowledge wisdom leaders assembled our local artists to do concerts for our dying people from floods, Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic, hunger and diseases, gastro-intestinal water diseases, Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic, and the newly harsh strain variant virus outbreak in the UK and South Africa that has already spread worldwide caused quarantined on many people traveling to and from the UK to other neighboring countries and the world at large?  I am not anti-social or against talented artists trying to do good for themselves and mankind.

Nevertheless, I love listening to music when I am to read and write and I love listening to Classical Music to refresh my soul, spirit, and mind in my constant quest for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing, but the truth of knowledge and wisdom. I wonder how many of our leaders feel now in the aftermath of the concert held for the visiting Tanzanian artist to this failed and hijacked state through corruption compared only to Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya combined in accordance to international financial institutions and African business groups. The point that I would not be obliged to leave with South Sudan leaders is that “Charity begins at home”. South Sudan politicians should  have first and foremost of all, should have  full responsibility to take care of their people before seeking pleasure for the sake of pleasure. 

Given the poor and suffering from pain and mental anguish, shelter, food, medicine, vaccinating them from Pandemic, and giving them food and teaching them the techniques on how to fish would have been the greatest effortless duty to serving them. This is not only a Chinese proverb to give food and then teach them how to fish for self-reliance, self- sufficiency and food security, but a universal philosophical idea and ideal of all mankind. I would like both Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar and the so-called five (5) VPs a pretty strange arrangement in Africa’s intergovernmental relations ever experience amongst nation-states public policy and public affairs in the world. It’s indeed a shame, shame, shame, and bloody shame for South Sudan leaders and the audience to have spent that $3m and more in one night or a few hours concert whilst they have failed to feed their suffering people from impediments affecting their lives. I hope they would have done doing goodness sake for the people that they professed to be governing. For my dear friends, brothers and the people of Tanzanian artists, we could phrase your visit with you fellow artists and ours like Gordon Koang and yea said tri-colons phrase that “Veni, Vidi, Vici” in Latin- that means in English language “I came, I saw, I conquered” that was a famous phrase to have been spoken by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar (100-44BCE) in a bit for stylish of bragging by orators, academic, politicians, statesmen and the likes that impressed many of the writers his days of his time, the days before us and transmitted to us and beyond. I am pretty sure the artists came, saw, and conquered the will and suffering of the people in South Sudan. It’s a real political tool or bullets that Salva Kiir’s shot him-self on the foot and he will never forget forever. 

Specifically, the visit was arranged not to encouraged the joy of the season by the combined South Sudanese-Tanzanian artists that were used as ploy and cover up for what Salva Kiir is looking for to do secretly- that’s to say he wanted to use the Tanzanian Sea port* to illegally, and secretly imports arms from China because Mombasa has been locked down on the Radar by the Western powers that have been putting a tough surveillance or closed observation on Salva Kiir’s importation of arms and Machetes from the People’s Republic of China to the Jieng who are blood thirst to commit another genocide and ethnic cleansing like they did in December 15-18 Juba Genocide. He has mortgaged the ecological wealth of South Sudan to China for this purpose and only this purpose. I think the guy is a real born killer and pretty Satanic or devilish calculation. However, he should realize that the 2013 has been forgotten, it remains afresh and well in the minds of the victims of the crime of genocide defined in the UN Charter and other human rights charters as the worst crimes against humanity. 

We the Opposition has prepared our people to undergo catastrophic retaliation against Salva Kiir’s gang and militia that if they attempt to come to the Greater Equatoria and the Greater Upper Nile, there would be no electrical gates that would prevent the opposition to marshal its forces to go to Warrap and Aweil the homesteads of both Salva Kiir and the notorious and savage killer and murderer Paul Malong Awan in Juba town in 2013. I hope the stupid and idiots Jieng leaders would not commit themselves to do this foolish idea. If they have got the guts and gusto, let them start it whenever they wish to do so and let them feel the heat this time around. We restrained many people whose loved ones who were genocide by the Dinka (Jieng) in Juba in 2013 and beyond. We feel that enough is enough and let all hell break loose and no one that would take blames, but the Jieng foolish leaders and their followers should that this time around there could be serious catastrophic consequences that could surpass what they did in 2013 and the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. We the people squarely blamed and counter-blamed Dr. Machar who h-as co-opted himself and becomes a traitor and a “sales out” against his own people. We are ready when the Slava Kiir’s gang starts the show and we are ready when they are. There would be nothing to hide. I would not hesitate to quote Otto Von Bismarck who said in the 1900s that “That the greatest questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions, but by Iron and blood”. Again, Otto Von Bismarck reiterated that “What we learned from is that no one learns from history” and “The main theory is to make history and not to write it.” 

In my own historic political analysis of the civil war for one-half of a century, the pretty high war that cost us so much so soon is that we have learned nothing from history. I do believe, to conceive and to achieve that Almighty Providence or Kuoth [God] has a special Providence for fools, drunks and south Sudan that we bravely fought for freedom and at the end threw into the Garbage and we left nothing with , but butchering ourselves like bulls in the slaughtering Plan awaiting their for their be moved into the machine for its final breath on the planet-Earth or a man/woman awaiting for the lethal injection in the prison ward for his/her word and rites in the United States criminal justice system.  Surely, lo and truly, the Jieng leadership has messed up our revolution for their own vested interests, embezzlement, self-aggrandizement, corruption of the third kind from Salva Kiir to the Kaffir or the door keeper or butler and targeted the Nuer ethnicity and Equatorians folks for genocide like the Jews were done so by the Nazi Germany, the Ovaherereo (Bushmen) by German Empire under Kaiser’s in 1904-1908 the first genocide recorded in Africa in the 20th century. We would like to inform the people of South Sudan that we have reached a critical point of explosion of hate, tribal lines and we have learned. This is the bottom. Likes Lu Taso said more than 3000 years ago, you lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. The people call on Dr. Machar to get the hell out of the way and let’s settle the old scores with the Jieng idiots, cannibals and unremorseful humankind.  Who are the Dinka to try to fool other nationalities in South Sudan? Even if there would be no war, The Jieng should know that they are still in the woods for the things that they have done, which they ought to have done in 2013 AD and beyond.

We would appeal to you to organize a concert for the ongoing pretty bad politico-military, sustainable governance, disunity, tribalism and social difficulties that you saw in Juba and without the shadow of a doubt, the worst were hidden for you to see with your two eyes. This is the specific raison d’etre that we the intelligentsia have gone Brain drain because fear of being killed, murdered, or poisoned with poisonous Gases like Helium  and others imported from Israel  and China by the notorious National Security men like the Notorious killers and murders like General Thomas Duoth Guet and General Akol Khor  collaboration or linked to the Israelis Mossad and Uganda Intelligence Apparatus to import poisonous Gas or biochemical weapons and gases to murder or kill  their opponents in cold blood and their opponents of the de facto regime in Juba, South Sudan. We urge the international community to exhume and to undergo posthumous autopsy or post Morten (after death) of a body to determine the cause of death; the stiffening called rigor mortis one postmortem change. 

We should think of what goes on in   Putin’s Russia that constantly murdered its opponents like the Russian scientists and security men targeted to die by Putin’s KGB in London, the UK. The UN should Intervene in South Sudan now to prevent another 1994 Rwanda and South Sudan Genocide like in December 2013 Juba Genocide and still goes on now as I am drafting this work. If the international community, the superpowers, and the UN failed their mission, we will not fail to take matters into their own hands to wage war against Salva Kiir’s cronies and his gangsters in Juba and could become pretty dirty and catastrophic, unfortunately. The victims of 2013 Juba Genocide are running out of patience for the world to act, but drastically failed us and the survivors of this worst crime against humanity. “We the people” have pledged never again and that this is now the time that Salva Kiir must go one way or the other and to pay sufficiently for the deeds that he has done, which he ought not to have done.  Peace would return only when we apply “Hammurabi Code-”well-preserved Babylonian Code”- that’s the origin of Islamic Code. This is the bottom line.


 We do know that peace agreement has been brokered and was to e implemented to end the crisis. However, Salva Kiir has been cunny and deceptive about it. Hence, peace has stalled. Dr. Machar was punished for what he did not do y the IGAD a conspiracy that plotted by Uganda Dictator-for-life Yuri Museveni as a means of extorting huge sum of cash from Salva Kiir. We believe, to conceive and to achieve that no matter what happens, peace would not return unless a comprehensive and inclusive peace convention is designed to be comprehensive and inclusive so that everyone to have their say. We the people issued an ultimatum to Salva Kiir‘s regime to step down from the helm of power or face the consequences of his actions. We urge and appeal to the UNMISS to up-grade it contingent in South Sudan for the protection of civilians’ population in the UN Camps and other camps soon to be fortified for the civilians’ population likely to be disrupted by war. The rebel forces as part of the population would not in any way that could hurt the civilians’ population in harm’s-way. They should out in the contested areas and they do everything humanly possible to be abided by the rules of war engagement stipulated in the Geneva Conventions and all their three (3) Amendments thereof of the said Conventions. The rebel forces would not do what Salva Kiir’s Militia did against the Civilians’ population in 2013 AD Juba Genocide. We can rest assured that our commanders, NCOs and the Enlisted men and Women would exercise caution and not to shoot and kill the civilian’s population that is not our objective to deal only and only the loyalists to Salva Kiir’s brutal regime.

Happy Merry X-Mas and the New Year and do not in despair to heat the bottle, but to keep hope alive. God bless you all, Malmigoa.

Ambassador/Professor David de Chand is the President of South Sudan Democratic Front Party (South Sudan Democratic Party (SSDP), Chairman of the Civilian Militias Army (CMA) and the South Sudan National Revolutionary Army [SSNRA] in Opposition [CMA-SSNRA-IO]. He can be reached through his email at david.dechand2015@gmail.com.

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