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I Pray that the year 2021 shall be a year of turning point in the History of my Country South Sudan

By  Dr Isaac Ayii Ayii(PhD),

Thousands of Southern Sudanese wave the flag of their new country during a ceremony in the capital Juba on July 09, 2011 to celebrate South Sudan's independence from Sudan. South Sudan separated from Sudan to become the world's newest nation.(Photo credit: ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)
Thousands of Southern Sudanese wave the flag of their new country during a ceremony in the capital Juba on July 09, 2011 to celebrate South Sudan’s independence from Sudan. South Sudan separated from Sudan to become the world’s newest nation.(Photo credit: ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

Dec 31, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — For the last three decades plus I existed in this world I knew of the years that ended with 1 as a turning point in my life and that of my beloved country South Sudan. 

In year 1981, I was in my mother’s womb, my first world in which I had everything at my disposal it was self-contained, my food, my water were directly delivered into my stomach via my Umbilical cord, my oxygen is inhaled in on my behalf by my mother, my toilet and Urinal where all together next in the amniotic fluids surrounding me in the placenta all in all that was the paradise where the Garden of Eden was allocated  but that year I spend six months and finally delivered into the second world , which is the real world three months later upon the elapsed of 1981 on 23 March 1982.

But as for the Sudan by then as a country I could not know what else happened as a turning point in the other years that were ending with 1 retrospectively e,g 1971, 1961 , 1951 etc. 

In year 1991, all of us the South Sudanese left Ethiopia for South Sudan after the fall of Mengistu Haille Mariam the President of Ethiopia by then, this happens prior to the fall of Soviet Union, therefore, we left Ethiopia in two different directions, those who left Itang, Bilpham, Gambelle etc Via Nasir Entry point ended up with the SPLA/M Nasir faction led by Dr Riak Machar Teny who later declared himself as the leader of Nasir SPLA/M Faction.

While the second group  comprised of those  who  came from Itang , Gambella, Bongo, Zinc, Damadolla etc to Pinyindo where they got us and we entered South Sudan Via Pochalla,  then the group of those who came from Dima and others from Bongo plus those who remnants of SPLA/M soldiers who were fighting alongside Mengistu  Haille Mariam entered South Sudan Via Pakok to Boma the Current head quarter of Boma administrative area all these group ended up being SPLA/M Torit faction Under Late Dr John Garang De Mabior, Due to this division at the time we have lost our stronghold in Ethiopia by then let to great suffering and hardships that we shall never forget in the history of Republic of South Sudan, but there was a one lesson learn we are weaker when divided but strong when United  besides the version of Self-determination for South Sudan became more clearer than the initial ideology of New Sudan that we possessed unquestionably prior to this period of  great tumultuous and set back in our liberation history.

In year 2001, another turning point happened in our foreign policy between the west and SPLA/M , it just started for the west to understand clearly under the former US president George W Bush when Osama Bin Laden, the alqeada terrorist leader bombed Twin Tower on 11th September 2001, Killing thousands of innocent American souls , this in turn shifted American Priority to fighting Terrorist group led by Osama Bin Laden, as that year being a candidate sitting for Uganda Certificate of Education(S4), ‘‘ I could read in most of news Osama Bin Laden the most wanted American Enemy died or alive”  as the saying goes  ‘’your enemy friend is your enemy “  Osama Bin Laden being trained and groomed by Khartoum regime automatically made Khartoum that year to be put on the list of countries sponsoring Terrorists in the World hence, becomes American Enemy and Bush revisit their American policy towards the SPLA/M who were fighting the Khartoum Regime ,  as such USA supported SPLA/M for Machackos protocol Agreement in 2002, Reunited Dr Riak Machar and Dr John Garang to have one strong SPLA/M in order to face one enemy in Khartoum , from Machackos Protocol culminated into  the Naivasha Agreement which gave birth to CPA (Comprehensive Peace Agreement) on 9th January 2005, CPA in turn brought referendum on 9th January 2011, that saw South Sudanese voting overwhelmingly with 98.3% in favor of Separation leading us into Republic of South Sudan .

 In 2011, the referendum was conducted on the 9th January the same year and later the independence of the Republic of South Sudan was declared on 9th July 2011 in response to the overwhelming voting results in favor of Separation.

In year  2021, I hope what is in store for us as a country is best known by our leaders but unlike this year we pray that we see ourselves in peace, love, unity, harmony and in prosperity comes 2021, at business level next year we shall opened our University gate with the college of Medicine and Health Sciences that will offer Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Laboratory, Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetic, Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Midwifery among others this will reducing expenses incurred by our people in studying abroad hence putting our economic in limbo and in moribund state. 

In the year 2031,2041 etc. We hope for more positive turning points in our individual lives, our projects and programs, That of our nation and the world at large

Authored by

 Dr Isaac Ayii Ayii(PhD)

He is an Associate professor, Executive Director/Founder of Juba Institute of Health Sciences and Founder of Ayii University.

He is reachable via his telephone number +211921720104, Email; ayiiisaac728@gmail.com,

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