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South Sudan: New Oil Company, SuDar, Pushes For Reforms in Oil Sector

An engineer points at the damage to an oil pipeline in a largely damaged oilfield in Heglig over which South-North Sudan blames one another for(Photo credits: Reuters)
An engineer points at the damage to an oil pipeline in a largely damaged oilfield in Heglig over which South-North Sudan blames one another for(Photo credits: Reuters)

Dec 23, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Speaking to Wol Thompson Thoan, the Executive Director of SuDar Oil Corporation Co. Limited, a new oil company that operates in the opposition’s held areas, Mr. Wol promises reforms in oil sector as peace returns to the world’s youngest nation.

Wol raises many concerns in oil industry that includes corruption, destruction of lives, properties and environmental damage in South Sudan.

According to the Executive Director, the oil companies in South Sudan which are mostly foreign, have been after “making quick money” without paying much attention to the impacts that such operations leave behind.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia executive team in Nairobi, Kenya, Mr. Wol pledges that SuDar and Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet) will make sure that Joint Operation Companies (JOC) operate within their mandates.

“The IGAD Comprise Peace Agreement that was signed has two to three pages of reforms. Those reforms have addressd the concerns specially in oil sector and Joint Operation Companies(JOC). Those JOC will make sure that, hand in hand with NilePet, we review their contracts. Whatever damage they have caused in term of environment, in term of human lost, in term of foreign trade or any contract that took place. We will review them all” Said the Executive Director

“We want to make sure those companies are operating within their mandates.” Wol continued.

Asked of what is likely to happened if some of the major oil companies violate their mandates and contribute negatively to the environment and local communities during their operation, Wol assures that such companies will be taken to EPSA arbitration to make them account for such violations and damages.

“Those companies, the JOCs, are guided by EPSA, which is an agreement on the oil and exploration. We will take them to arbitration of the EPSA for further review to make sure that if there is a certain damage, as representative of the people of South Sudan, we will make sure we tackle all those issues using the same EPSA agreement”. Said SuDar Executve Director.

In his last remarks during the interview, the Executive Director of SuDar assures his colleagues in oil industry of reforms that will address many of their grievances.

“I would like to tell my former staffs of oil companies that reforms are on the way, patiently. All the grievances that needed to be addressed are addressed; whoever got affected during what took place in our country we will fix them.” Wol said

“To all our people, this time around, we will work very hard to ensure that oil revenue goes to the pocket of our people, not the pockets of the foreigners or people of interest” he concludes.

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Wetangoot December 23, 2015 at 4:49 am

Stop beating the drum on issues related to Oil Production. I hate when South Sudan express their insufficient knowledge just to seek recognition. For your information, there are issues that rebels will be hugely blamed for.

In Unity oil and Northfield in Panrieng County for example, rebels caused so much destruction to oil facilities. This destruction has caused oil spill which has affected the environment in a number of ways. So talk about reform, you got to start from your self by not supporting any rebellions as well as educating your cohorts that oil facilities do not belong to the president, but to the people.

One more thing, if you have to reform anything, please start with Tharajath.

Good luck

Beek December 23, 2015 at 2:31 pm

Already occupied.

Beek December 23, 2015 at 4:01 pm

our friend like CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR.


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