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South Sudan Leader Regrets The Hard Won Independence Of His Country

President Salva Kiir wipes his face in public with a pink handkerchief(Photo: file)
President Salva Kiir wipes his face in public with a pink handkerchief(Photo: file)

Nov 3, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Speaking in Sudan during his recent visit to Khartoum, South Sudan’s leader, President Salva Kiir Mayardit, regrets that the overwhelmingly celebrated independence was just an idea of a few politicians who fought hard to see the country divided.

According to Mr. Kiir, South Sudan’s independence was not a choice of everyone contrary to what was demonstrated through a peaceful referendum on January 9th, 2011.

“In response to the good will that you have shown, we have no better choices [than begging Bashir], the fact that INU South Sudan broke away from Sudan was not really the most choice of every body but INU the majority what they decide in a democratic situation people have to go with it” President Kiir assures Bashir.

For records, 98.83% of South Sudanese voters voted in favor of separation but President Kiir believes that many South Sudanese did not mean to vote for secession as indicated on their ballots but were forced to conform by the euphoria of independence which galvanized the world’s most underdeveloped and war-torn nation.

Though the SPLM/A broke into two major factions in 1991 and fought itself along the visions of Unity, which was led by Dr. John Garang, and Separation led by  Dr. Riek Machar, nearly all South Sudanese voted for Machar’s vision in 2011, however, people like president Kiir may have inked the ballot paper without intending what they indicated.

His recent remark in Khartoum, although it may sounds like a confession, President Kiir is one of the SPLM/A leaders who stood against the idea of separation for nearly 40 years.

Mr. Kiir, who trained as a security agent for Khartoum governments and was deployed in modern South Sudan before joining the SPLM/A in 1983, was accused several times by some of his colleagues for spying on SPLM/A activities from within.

Since the independent of South Sudan Mr. Kiir has employed majority of NCP allies, who just returned from Khartoum and diaspora, as replacements for his colleagues who fought with him during the war of liberation.

President Kiir has stood bold against John Garang’s royalists, also known as Garang’s boys, and Riek Machar’s camp for what many believe is an attempt to maintain status quo in the country which led to 2013 conflict.

In his short speech, Kiir accused Sudan of supporting SPLM/A-IO and promise that he will do anything if Sudan stop supporting the armed opposition led by his main rival, Riek Machar.

President Kiir welcoming Sudanese president in his country(Photo: file)
President Kiir welcoming Sudanese president in his country(Photo: file)

Kiir acknowledges that he supports Sudanese rebels but promised that his government will stop supporting them[rebels] against Bashir government as long as Bashir’s government does not supports SPLM/A-IO.

“We have listened to your voice of advice that INU we should not allow any political grouping to be harbored by South Sudanese against the government of the Republic of Sudan, we will not do that.” President Kiir struggles to put his point across.

Kiir calls on Bashir not to support South Sudan rebels because many South Sudanese have ran to Khartoum.

“I believe that INUU the same will not happen here because this is where South Sudanese have ran to. They have ran to Sudan in great numbers.”

Kiir also said many South Sudanese have ran to Uganda and when his government bring the refugees back they will solve the problem “once and for all”.

“Another country that INUU is hosting a great number of South Sudanese is Uganda but Inu all of these [referring to South Sudanese in refugee camps] we believe that inu we will bring them back to our country and so that INU we solve the problem once and for all”.

It was not immediately clear what the South Sudan’s trouble leader was referring to but he believes that his visit to Khartoum was “to really put a final decision on all the agreements that have been signed since 2012″

“…Your Excellency, my coming to Khartoum today in response to your [Omar al Bashir] invitation is to put a final decision on all the agreements that we have been signing starting from 2012, up-to this moment.” The South Sudanese leader speaks.

Observers believe that President Kiir was indirectly seeking military support from Sudan to fight off rebellion led by Dr. Riek Machar and many other small factions, however, they are no immediate assurance from the North that Juba will be supported in form of weapons.

While in Khartoum, Kiir’s delegation pushed for support from Khartoum to open common border and routes leading to Juba, something that has proven extremely hard for Kiir’s government to achieve on its own as Machar’s SPLM/A controls most of the routes in Upper Nile region.

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Stephen Dak November 3, 2017 at 5:35 am

Dear ones, Yes, I read of your reaction on South Sudanese president talk with Bashir on Wednesday in Khartoum. You may have a good reason to disagree with president and that is perfectly reasonable. I made a comment yesterday which you may not come across concerning this two presidents issues. The things I will say, you cannot imagine because you are short sighted. Not mean to say it in negative term but if you ask yourself a question like, do I know this? the answer will be no you don’t. Let me get back to the point South Sudan and North Sudan as I said in difference location, they are heading back to the leadership that never happen before since Sudan was founded and that they will be lead by someone who united them both although there will be separate administration. That one will be head of the government in the South and in the North as well. But he originally come from South. It never happen before in the history of Sudan. You should believe that the world is shifting. But you will not believe until you see it happening and that is human nature I wouldn’t argue with on that your eyes are your witness to any possible reality. The reason I am saying this is because I know the fellow I am referring to on this writing but he is still to be revealed when he is known all people will realize, until then keep that in mind. The word is first before eyes see the result. Hear it first by word before you see the person and the reality of it.


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